Anyone that can help it would be much appreciated, and I am sure it would help many others out. I am looking for a SIGNED for the Motorola Driod2

Every fails in recovery mode, and I have lost clockwork. Tried to flash a OG driod but error was -failed to verify whole-life signature-

If anyone has the DRIOD2 stock/signed or a link I would help me out so much.

Also I did copy the whole sd-card, to my pc and have the clockwork files. So if anyone knows how to make a using backs threw the pc I could try that and throw a cleaned d/l up. Searched all over the web, tried numerous's last resort before I go into Verizon for a swap. Anyone with a link or file to d/l

btw - rsdlite, hard flash, softflash nothing is working....I hear the only thing is that original stock or long route with andriod sdk


Would apperciated it greatly TY gl rooting and stuff.... : )

btw Kubuntu!!!!!!! & F*ck Apple!