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Thread: Help out Liquid and donate!!!

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    Help out Liquid and donate!!!

    Hey guys, it's been a wile since I've last posted here due to life but I've kept in touch with Liquid and he's hurting so if you guys could find it not only in your wallets but your hearts donate for all the hard work this guy has put into all of his ROMs that are now available for numerous phones. He deserves it! Also he didn't put me up to this, I took it upon myself to post this so any ill thoughts or posts should be directed towards me NOT him... goes for staff too. I know times are tough but this guys spends a lot of time improving our smart phones so show some appreciation even if it's only a little. Thanks for reading this and hopefully people show "Big L" aka Liquid some love.


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    Help out Liquid and donate!!! please refer to that thread for further discussion.


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