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Thread: Rubix compared to Gingerbread(rooted)

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    Jan 2011
    Droid X-Cyanogen4DX- >:-)
    From Twitter...

    Kicker22004 Richard Myers
    @drod2169 Are you done with roms on the DX. Would really like to see a GingyRubix

    drod2169 Derek Rodriguez
    @Kicker22004 if you followed my tweets.. you'd have an answer

    Kicker22004 Richard Myers
    @drod2169 i am following you .....must have missed it all i'm seeing is HTC latly so figured you are roming TBs

    jordanh08 Jordan Harrell
    @Kicker22004 @drod2169 I think he gave his dx to another dev. So I assume that means hes crossed over to HTC

    drod2169 Derek Rodriguez
    @Kicker22004 yeah. Sorry man

    Kicker22004 Richard Myers
    @drod2169 d*** i love your roms more than the others...so far they are the smoothest/fastest. Well the HTC communety will ENJOY! Thanks
    Ouch that stings oh well had one he@# of a run! Thanks Drod for everything!
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    Drod2169's work is amazing...was very impressed with Rubix nd now I'm enjoying his 1.5 ghz kernel on my tbolt..I think hes leaning towards kernels instead of roms now

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    Droid X
    Quote Originally Posted by EagleStrike View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by 13th angel View Post
    How is it a downgrade to go back to all the bloat and blur that still drains battery? Why is it a downgrade to have what we should be able to have already, a stock (as close as we can get with the bootloader locked anyways) rom?

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    Which is why freezing the apps gets rid of the bloat. Honestly, I have had really good battery life better than Rubix as well as Liberty ever gave me.

    Trying new things is never bad, just try it for a bit and it will grow on you, trust me.

    I agree, after freezing all the bloatware.. & getting my battery stats synced up, getting great battery life. Way smoother too.

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