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Thread: [GIVEAWAY] Win 1 of 50 Titanium Backup PRO keys AND one $50 gift card!!

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    [GIVEAWAY] Win 1 of 50 Titanium Backup PRO keys AND one $50 gift card!!

    This DroidForums.net giveaway is for all you people in Rootsville who still haven't purchased the PRO key for Titanium Backup!! This is a must have app and now is your chance to finally upgrade!!

    All you have to do is post in this thread why you decided to root. Whether it was because you wanted to be a cool kid or if you are a hacker by nature, just sound off here!

    If you are already a Titanium Backup PRO user, please say so in your post so only those who need the keys win them! We'll randomly be drawing 50 posts to send the PRO keys to. We will require your full name and email address to disburse the PRO key apk.

    AAAAANNDD also as a bonus, one lucky winnner will also receive a $50 Amazon Gift Card courtesy of DroidForums.net!!

    Winners will be picked on Memorial Day, Monday May 28th!! So be sure to enter ASAP!!

    Big thanks to Joel Bourquard, developer of Titanium Backup for donating the PRO keys!! Be sure to check out his other app in the Google Play Store:Titanium Media Sync

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    I have a Droid 2 Global (D2G), my very 1st Android phone. I got it about 2 months ago.

    At first, I was just fine using it the way it came. Having to kill off apps all the time because I tend to hate seeing my available RAM go below 10% and it always keeps going below that. Even when I've just force-closed all the running apps, my available RAM never got above 30%.

    At the suggestion of some posts here, I tried freezing the VZ apps and was OK with the results for a couple of days but I still had to kill off apps from time to time. Still too often for comfort, though.

    Finally, I decided that I want to root my phone and install a ROM. With a lot of effort and loads of luck, I was able to root my phone. A lot of effort because I, in my immense noobness accepted the 629 update which made rooting almost impossible back then. After a couple of days, luck struck and I found a post pointing to some guy's root method that works on 629.

    I'm currently running the latest D2G CM9 unofficial build by 13thAngel.

    Minor functionality frustrations aside, I'm really happy I decided to root my phone.

    I've never had to kill off apps using Task Manager apps anymore.


    Oh, I forgot. Nope, I don't have TB Pro. I'm using the free version. Poor me.
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    Did it because I could. Each device was rooted within 5 minutes of owning and being near a computer - D1, DX, Bionic, Gnex, and the latest has been Rezound. Also same went for the HP Touchpad...I bought that just to use as an Android tab, so mostly all of this has been just because I can.
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    I root my devices so I can have as much control over them as possible and being able to back up apps and transfer them to keep game progress on all devices is great!
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    The main reason I root my phones is so I can have max control and customization over my phone. I love being able to get rid of the bloatware, as well. And I get to meet interesting people on Android forums like this one! Oh, and because Android is AWESOME!!!!!

    Sent from my 3rd reincarnation of the ever-so-lovable Droid
    OG Droid: Rooted running Steel Droid V10.0 [Retired]
    Droid 2: Rooted running CM9 [Retired]
    Droid 3: Rooted running Minimoto [Active]

    I rarely use DF on the desktop and mainly use Tapatalk, so if I don't or can't see something in your sig, a vid, or a pic, don't blame me!!!
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    I root because it allows me to do whatever I want to my device.
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    I root b/c it allows me to remove bloatware that came preinstalled with my phone (yes i have a nexus but there were some apps i didn't use ex: google+), install root-required apps (such as titanium backup FREE version, setcpu, adfree), and flashing ROMs/kernels.
    "Setting a good example is a far better way to spread ideals than through force of arms." -Ron Paul
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    To get rid of the bloat!
    And wifi tether
    Like what I do? Feel free to donate Link

    Follow me on twitter for updates TP4BAMA
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    I didn't root (almost 2 years) because this is my primary communication device, and I expect it to do some basic things like proper backups, screenshots,etc. without hacking the phone, and I will bug the Carrier for those basic features.
    If I root, I will not be able to use Good for Enterprise, because the sysadmins consider that a compromised device to connect to their corporate network.
    I do have a ICS 4.0.3 WiFi Tablet that I might root pretty soon...

    Sent from my unrooted DroidX using Tapatalk
  10. Droid Newbie
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    Galaxy Nexus LTE
    I root mainly for real backups using titanium, custom roms and recoveries, along with ad blocking. I used to use it for screenshots and wifi tethering.
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