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Thread: Battery Consumption - Wifi, 3G & Bluetooth

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    Battery Consumption - Wifi, 3G & Bluetooth

    Which one uses the most battery? - Wifi, 3G or Bluetooth.

    I have pretty decent coverage where I am, so I don't turn on Wifi as much, but I'm wondering if my staying on 3G is consuming more battery life?

    Also, I love the fact that I can use the drop down and turn on/off Bluetooth. But, if it doesn't use any battery when its not connected, do I need to turn it off?

    I'd love some feedback. Thanks!
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    I will give you the best I can, since I use Settings Profile Full to manage WiFi and BT. Since you say you have decent coverage where you are, I wouldn't even worry about messing with 3g.

    I read and experience better results when I set WiFi to never sleep while it's on. I.E., it doesn't turn it off when the phone goes to sleep. (menu -> settings -> wireless & networks -> Wi-Fi settings -> menu -> advanced -> WiFi sleep policy -> "never" is checked).

    As far as BT, I don't have it turn on unless I'm in a situation where I would want to use it, i.e. only in my car dock. However I forget that there are several people who like to use their BT headset all the time (I always have to double check who the heck that person in the store is talking to, me or ????), so you're on your own pretty much there.

    that's all, good luck
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    Thank you! That was some helpful feedback.

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