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Thread: Phone doesnt turn off after battery dying

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    Phone doesnt turn off after battery dying

    Yesterday i flashed the miui/ics rom, so i wanted to see how long the battery would last, well it lasted roughly about 10 hrs, moderate to heavy usage. So, i let the battery die.

    nd now when i connect the phone to the charger,
    the charging port light comes on, nd it gets to bootloop nd then the screen goes blank,
    nd it stays black, i tried to do soft reset it, nd battery pull

    can anyone help me out?
    thanks in advance
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    If you run it dead, plug the charger in and leave it alone for a while before you try turning it on. Or is it turning on and bootlooping itself?
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    Quote Originally Posted by lizard View Post
    If you run it dead, plug the charger in and leave it alone for a while before you try turning it on. Or is it turning on and bootlooping itself?
    Most ROMs will not allow for charging while off, unless it's a blur ROM. CM7 literally just got the ability to charge while off a couple days ago, but most builds out now don't have that built in yet.

    I would say make sure that it's charging from a wall plug, not USB or a car plug. If you can get it into the OS, don't do anything for a while, and turn off the screen ASAP to let it get an initial charge. If that doesn't work, you may need to find someone else with a D2 or a D2G with a ROM capable of charging while off (like stock) and put the battery in their phone to get it an initial charge.


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