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Thread: cpu temp

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    cpu temp

    Running your ulv 1 ghz kernel is a cpu temp of 116f to high the battery was 109 at the same time, I was using my droid hard, like a rented mule, at the time. Sorry my kids would not let me search the fourm.
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    A temp of 116 seems extremely high to me. I would stop ASAP.
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    I'm not recommending this or anything, but I'm running ChevyNo1's 1.1 GHz LV, and here's where I have various actions set to kick in. These are CPU temperatures, not battery temperatures.

    • 45C (113F) bring up temp on the notification bar so I know we're climbing and can easily keep an eye on it
    • 50C (122F) automatically bring CPU down to 250MHz "performance profile" and show failsafe alert on notification bar -- this is when I should stop doing whatever I'm doing that is making the temp keep climbing
    • 55C (131F) keep CPU at 250MHZ "performance profile", show failsafe alert, and give audible notification

    I hit the 50C point now and again if I'm browsing something really CPU intensive and possibly other things in the background, and rarely will keep pushing it until it hits 55C. Pretty sure the highest I've ever gone was about 59C.

    I keep the Motorola "shell" (of the Shell/Holster combo) on my phone pretty much all the time and this exacerbates heat buildup. Maybe when summer is over I'll take on a little project to machine some cooling slots in the shell and see if it helps.
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    You shouldn't run the battery over about 125F or the CPU over 135F for extended periods of time. As such, I set my throttle backs to 44.6C for the battery and 50C for the CPU. These settings are approximately 10F less than the temperature "limit" so to speak, ensuring the phone is not damaged by heat. (Note: You need a kernel that support CPU temp monitoring in order to do the CPU temp profile.) I have the processor throttle back to at least 400Mhz if not lower and usually stop what I am doing at the time to let the battery & CPU cool off. I would highly recommend that you do stop what you are doing and turn off the screen to protect the phone as much as possible when this overheating occurs. If you really need to get something done leaving the screen on is fine but try to stay away from what you were doing that was creating so much heat. Hope that helps.

    Also, just an after thought. The CPU gets hotter much quicker then the battery does. As such, I would highly recommend you get a kernel that supports CPU temp monitoring as that is really the only way to insure that the CPU doesn't get too hot. Otherwise, by the time the battery reaches its temperature limit the CPU has been over its limit for quite some time. Not good.
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    What are good (safe) normal temp ranges for CPU and battery?
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    Here is my 2 cents worth.

    Unrooted Stock Froyo 2.2 via OTA.
    When I used my phone it got HOT real fast. Like it burned my ear or felt like it would burn my hand if I was surfing the web, watching you tube, watching a show on-line with Skyfire web browser or a movie I ported over from my PC. This was really aggervating so I went on the research bandwagon. This is where I discovered all about rooting and I was not the same since.

    Rooted Simply Stunning 4.7 Froyo 2.2 Rom with ChevyNo1 lv 1.1 Kernel.
    I setup SetCPU to min to 250mhz and max 800 mhz when using the battery. I noticed a big enough difference in the CPU Heat when I was using the the phone like I was when I was unrooted stock. I could not believe it it did not get hot as fast anymore. The most I saw the CPU Temp get to was 104. I setup a profile in SetCPU for "Charging/Full" where min is 250mhz and max is 1100mhz. Again still no huge difference. I used the phone more when it was plugged in. The CPU Temp was 104 when I looked.

    In conculsion being rooted using Chevy's kernel really helped solve my heat issue. I am amazed at this. I have even boasted to 1 of my co-workers when I asked him if his phone got real hot in a short time. I think it's just a short time before he sees the light and come to the dark side of being rooted.

    Of cource every Droid 1 is different and I can only speak to mine but I am loving being rooted.
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    I have experienced the same thing as above on my unrooted stock phone...it got so hot one time..it kinda burned my ear. I had a case on it at the time...since then I leave my droid naked.

    Im using chevy ss4.7 and chevy mv 1.0ghz kernel

    my cpu temps have gotten up to about 107 and went up to 111 during a stress test.

    my settings were 1000 max 250 min main

    throttle back to 400 max 250 min if temp >44.9C

    Im just curious cause Im new to monitoring all this...but what kinds of temps are normal for others...what wont damage the phone.

    my cpu temps regularly get up to 101-104 when Im using my phone..screen on. with 900 or 1000, but cooler at 800...so I left it at 800 for now.

    I havent had any issues...my battery temps are still like 98F and pretty much stay there regardless of my cpu temp.

    these temps are pretty much consistent with the 900Mhz setting on set CPU for me too..mainscreen

    EDIT: After a long phonecall...temps were 111...quickly went back down. I honestly dont see how that will hurt the cpu considering the human body temp is 98.6 normal. So...basically the phone has a mild fever. Usually electronics are rated for higher temps...I dont think it is a prob for them to spike to 110 or so. At least thats MY opinion. Hell...thats AMBIENT outdoor temps in Texas...not even heat index temps.
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