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Thread: Mr. Weird Issue Strikes Again!

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    Mr. Weird Issue Strikes Again!

    Ok, I know I come with weird problems that make people go "Huh??" but I can never seem to find mention of my problems. My last one was with my screen randomly going nutty, then moving insanely slow until I rebooted it. Well that turned out to be somehow related to the kernel, because I replaced the kernel and haven't seen it again...
    This next one, I'm not sure if other people have had, but can't seem to find it anywhere. I think it's happened on other roms, but it may be something I'm doing wrong. So I'm Chevy-5.2, Chevy's Kernel 1000lv, workin fine. I enjoy different auto killer settings, so I use that program on start up to edit them. Now here's the weird part. It works GREAT! Just how I want it... until near the end of the day, or after long use, the internal memory manager just seems to get tired and give up. So where as I normally have like 30-40mb free, all of a sudden it starts moving kinda slow and I check the memory and have like 9-15 free with a bunch of bologna apps not being killed (like widgets and other stuff that should be shut down with low memory). So my question is, why does it work for most of the time, then just randomly give up? Is that because I'm changing the settings? Or maybe because I'm using Swapper2? Whatever the case, I want to emphasize it works PERFECTLY for like 8 hours, then just gives up...
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    I normally reboot my phone every morning and it works great all day. However, I have seen what you are talking about. I check the "allow purging of assets" in the performance menu and it seems to work better. I've also found that if some apps like memory booster work well on froyo and stop working well on gingerbread I normally look for another app. I use Android assistant but there are more and more apps coming out. https://market.android.com/details?i...=search_result
    hope this helps
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