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Thread: A few discoveries made today.

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    A few discoveries made today.

    The first regarding vm heap, first i will say im not all that learned about the ins & out of tweaking the vm heap size, lately my droid has seemed to lost a bit of its responsiveness and lately i had raised the vm heap a few times thinking the bigger the better, then i came across a thread at another forum about adjusting vm heap & it got me thinking, so i lowered & & low & behold my droid got snappier, im nit a big multitasker & i dont use my droid for games, it gets used for calls, gmail, gtalk sparingly & txt sparingly, in my case lower vm heap seems to work better.

    Second thing i discovered by chance, i have heptic feedback enabled, & occasionally i have noticed the intensity of the heptic feedback seemed to fluctuate on the softkeys....today after flashing kernels i discovered why, it the clock speed....specificallt running at the 125mhz slot, dont believe me, run your phone down to 125mhz for ahile paying attention to the consistency of the heptic on the softkeys, then raise the lowest slot to 250 or higher & again use your phone a bit.....
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    I do love reading threads on discoveries, it helps the android experience! Thanks for the thread, I hope you experiment more

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    Cool man. I too rarely play games and usually don't multi-task unless I am jogging/working out.

    Mine was at 28 by default, gonna try 24 and 20 for a bit.

    Thanks for the results n testing.
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    Yea my phone does not like 125mhz. I keep it at 250 for the lowest slot and I've seen a lot of discussions on it about people experiences and about have say 125 doesn't work well. If you've never tried raising the lowest id try that. My phone straight dies when clocked that low and everything get very slowed down

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