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Thread: Thanks Chevy!

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    Thanks Chevy!

    I just wanted to say thanks to you Chevy for all the work you have done on your Roms. I have been using them since 2.2 and been happy since. The D1 was probably the first phone I wasn't ready to replace after 6 months, largely because of your Roms. Unfortunately I am jumping ship and hope to be jailbreaking an iPhone here in a few weeks. I am bummed I won't be getting a taste of your tweaks on Gingerbread. I know it will rock!

    Thanks again!

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    Thanks Peter! Sorry to hear you are going to the dark side
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    Yea I might be jumping ship when my contract is up this summer if Droid doesn't catch up to the iphone. There are so many more apps for iphone and the gaming on the iphone blows away the droid. We will see I still like knowing that if I stay with droid I know how to hack it inside and out. The jailbreak for the iphone and the ROM's seem kind of sparce compared to the droid. Apple comes out with updates often and then you have to wait for a new hack and a new ROM. Also I read you have to jailbreak your phone everytime you reboot, that right there kind of makes me not want an iphone. But we will see how the future of phones are in 7 months.... They are so close to taking over home PC's all they need now is docks for your phone so you can have a monitor, keyboard, and mouse. That would rock!


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