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Am I the only person who's still using BB v0.3? For some reason, BB v0.4 gives me problems with my GPS signal, for Maps and for Navigation.

With BB V0.3, the GPS pulls up my location instantly, whereas with BB v0.4 it keeps trying then finally fails/gives up.

I'm not using any overclocking kernels and have tried out Sapphire and UD, only to come back to BB v0.3 because of it's stability, battery life, and instant-GPS-location (main driver). Whenever I've tried out other roms (even within the BB family), I've wiped data/cache 3x.

My status:
BB v0.3
Stock Theme
Stock Kernel (600Mhz)

(As a side note, WiFi doesn't work with any of these kernels, and after reading up on both the droidforums and motorola users forums, have just given up on that issue altogether.)

Still using .3, never had a gps issue with it.