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Thread: Quick questions re: V0.4

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    Quick questions re: V0.4

    I'm a new rooter and just flashed BBV0.4 this afternoon. WOW, it is AWESOME!

    I have a few questions if you would indulge me,

    1, Has the Google Messaging app changed it's theme to a light gray? Is that Google or BB?

    2, It seems that all fonts are just slightly larger, including desktop icons, and are easier to read. Is that 2.2 or BB or am I just imagining it?

    3, Spare Parts App- It seems that several functions such as font size and Google maps compass and others don't seem to work. Is it something that needs to be set up, or is it not compatible with the Droid1?

    4, Is the App to SD function in this build, and if so, how do I enable it?

    These are an initial list of questions, I may have more, so please be patient with me!

    Thanks to all in advance!
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    Well for number 1, yes. :P I have no idea who's idea it was but I like it better anyways. I'm not sure about 2 and 3, and I haven't noticed a difference with the font sizes. But to put apps on the SD just go to menu>settings>applications>manage applications and then check them all one by one and click the "move to sd" button" Not as many apps have that available as I thought they would, but it does free up a decent amount of space. Good luck with the rest of your answers!
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    There's also a free app on the market Apps 2 SD (or something close). It's a little faster and makes it easier to be thorough that manually going through them all. You can always uninstall after you use it and D/L it every so often. I used to do it manually but always missed or forgot one or two. It basically searches the list of apps and presents an icon with a link you can use to go directly to the Manage Applications screen for each app that can be moved and then you click the move to SD card button. Not anything spectacular, but good for the lazy like me.


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