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Thread: Easy install of best froyo rom as of yet. Download here. so easy a monkey could do it

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    1. Download ROM Manager.
    2. Flash Clockworkmod recovery.
    3. backup current ROM
    4. download nandroid restore in OP.
    5. UNZIP nandroid restore "1970" and place UNZIPPED CONTENTS (which is just 1 FILE, not a .zip, not a FILE IN A FILE) So double click on 1970 and it should open to al your system dumps. In SHORT, take the PARENT FOLDER of the contents. (which should be named "1970"
    6. Attached phone to PC, open up folders ClockworkMod, then backup. IF YOU DID A BACKUP, you should see 1 folder in your backup already which is the one you just made with this post. it should have a timestamp as the file name.
    7. DRAG THE UNZIPPED PARENT FOLDER (which contains your system dump contents) INTO THIS "BACKUP" FOLDER.
    8. UNmount sd card from phone and disconnect cable.
    9. open up ROM manager and go to manage and restore Backups.
    10. Click your nandroid your just put on SDcard. (1970)

    phone will reboot install restore and there ya go. if you get stuck on the M its cause your phone can't handle the kernel. BOOTLOOP = KERNEL! (or you messed with the framework but if you did that, you know what you are doing)

    thank you and follow directions and you won't have problems.
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    It works. The theme is alright, could be better, but the package as a whole is great.
  3. Droid
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    Worked great for me as well. But I still want to learn to do it by flashing it. I keep getting errors by doing it the normal way. But im sure ill figure it out. Thanks for the help.

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    What models is this supposed to work on?

    I tried on Incredible and it won't restore the Boot - I was able to use Nandroid Recovery to restore recovery, system, and data but it would not restore boot and therefore would not boot - had to go back to my backup (thank you nandroid) - tried twice, is this only for certain model phones? Is there an Incredible build for Froyo?

    [QUOTE=yutzyscott;611353]This does not work with sp recovery you must first flash clockworkmod recovery(thank you zyren for making me aware of this)

    I am posting this as a Nandroid Backup. This is the Bugless Beast v0.4 (Thanks to peteralfonso)
    with chevyno1 LV 1200mhz 7 slot Kernel (Thanks to Chevyno1)
    and, the Blue Energy Theme (Thanks to roberj13).

    The idea behind me doing this is to make it easy for the people who want all three things but, do not want to install them separately. Anyway here are your instructions

    Backup your current rom using rom manager or the nandroid section of your clockworkmod recovery.

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    Beast for Fascinate...

    Does this work on Fascinate? Sorry if I missed that in any postings, only sped-read through them. Gotta stop working so damn much. Be nice if my phone was one thing I could be sure about! Lol. Thanks a lot Verizon, Samsung, Google. Sheesh!
  6. Droid
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    Any 2.2 Roms for the Fascinate?
  7. Beta Team
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    I want to thank mike919 for explaing the directions in greater detail. It is nice to be backed up by someone on here who appreciates the effort instead of just complaining. I posted a link to this thread in another thread a long time ago and was chastised by someone named coolsabre for what he called spamming the thread. Funny thing is chevyno1 approved this. I have given up on droid forums because there are too many people who are trying to do things way above there technical skills instead of starting small and moving forward slowly. Then they blame me when they brick their device when really its because they didnt follow the directions to begin with. I bricked many a device getting to the level im at, starting with my t-mobile g1. I learned from my mistakes and researched how to recover and then fixed my mistakes. I received a lot of help from a lot of great developers so i understand its a learning process. All i ask is that if i am to ever post something for public use again, please follow the directions to the letter. If you dont your screwed because there is no room for error when messing with this stuff. If you do mess something up then ask how to fix it and try again or move to something else dont complain because everyone on here does this work for free and you knew the risks when you started. I am now concentrating on the fascinate over at xda, answering questions mostly and helping people fix mistakes. I am no longer combining packages like this one so please dont ask. Sorry for my outdated signiture on here but im too lazy right now to update it. Also sorry for the mispellings and improper punctuation, i did this in a hurry on my tablet and not my computer. Also i can answer most acer iconia tab questions too. Good luck to all and happy modding, i will see you over at xda.
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