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Thread: Gallery not loading all photos

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    Gallery not loading all photos

    I loaded the latest BB v.4 and now my gallery is only showing 1 folder and I have many folders on the SD card. I searched the forum and found SDrescan to scan my sd card but no luck there. Is there anyway to tell the Gallery where the pictures are?

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    Feb 2010
    similar issue after rooting and flashing bb

    restored back to rooted fresh, all of gallery appeared
    reflashed bb, and gallery missing folders, music player showing NO songs


    I copied the majority of the sd card contents, including music, and songs currently do appear in player.
    I wish I would've paid attention to my DCIM folder, because I ended up reformatting and not copying the pictures lol
    oh well, its a SORTA fix
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    That's odd. I run BB v0.4 and have never seen this issue. It DID take a long time to find all of my pictures the 1st time opening the gallery though. Since then no issues. It don't matter where you put pics, it should find them on the SD no matter where they are. Music? I dunno, I use pandora and don't store music on my Droid anymore.

    I know none of this helps, I'm also posting to bump this thread as well.
    Android keeps going, and going.....
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    I'm having same issue with pictures, music and ringtones/notifications. They're still there just not showing in their apps.

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