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Thread: Wireless Tethering

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    Wireless Tethering

    Has anyone used this to an extent. I have my phone tethered to my xbox to play call of duty.. Only uses around 25mb download and 25 upload... Has anyone had any horrible stories of verizon charging a fortune. I don't have any other way to get internet where im staying... Shouldnt be very long before I can get an internet service provider when we move...
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    Are you *sure* xbox is only using 25MB to play call of duty? I find that pretty unlikely. In any case, it is technically against VZW TOS... what would they do if they found out? Who knows...

    I regularly use around 4GB a month, mainly from Pandora, and have so for the last 10 months and haven't heard a thing from VZW. Granted, Pandora traffic looks significantly different than tethered traffic. You could use something like SSH Tunnel and find a free tunnel provider and tunnel all traffic through SSH on your phone on the 3G connection. Then VZW couldn't inspect the packets to see what the contain and thus couldn't do anything about it.
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    I've tethered to my ps3 to play call of duty while my fios internet was out. The only thing I noticed was vzw started throttling my data to the point were I couldn't stay connected to the PSN. Sometimes my 3G would go away completely until I stopped. When thy started throttling my data I installed bugless beast and applied the data throttle hack that fixed the problem. The data throttle hack for B.B actually works but it doesn't speed your connection up if you have a bad 3G connection your 3G will work slow this just stops vzw from slowing you down once you've used to much data. I've used the throttle hack for more than just playing my ps3 such as downloading torrents and stuff. I tested this and what I found was vzw only throttled me when I used to much data to fast, my ps3 would use 10 mb in a few minutes. The faster I used data the faster my 3G would slow down or disappear completely.
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