Shortly after I got my OG , I wrote some scripts to download podcasts. This worked fine for quite a while, but since I installed GPAxx, it doesn't work. I don't know whether it's GPA, the kernel, or just Gingerbread, but I can no longer wget files by domain name. It used to work on earlier BBs, and in Sapphire, but now that I've switched to GPA, whenever I try my scripts, or new commands, it goes like this:
# wget
wget: bad address ''

However, if I ping the domain first to get the IP address of the domain, and then use that in wget, it'll work:
# ping
ping ( ...
...normal ping lines here...
# wget
downloading file.ext

The link to the files is still the same, and I can download them if I replace Domain with IP, but it's like wget doesn't know how to resolve a domain name into an IP address anymore. Any ideas?