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Thread: On Chevy's SS, Thinking of trying BB...

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    On Chevy's SS, Thinking of trying BB...

    Due to some issues I have with SimplyStunning, I am looking around for my next ROM. I've been using SS since I rooted, about 9 months ago. Have never used any other..

    My current issues are the following. I'm curious if any of these issues exist on BB?

    • Can't upload photos to FB. This has worked, then not worked over the last few versions of SS
    • Camera and gallery are very unstable, freezes, reboots, FC's.. Pretty much unusable. Lots of users experience this, this is pretty much the deal breaker for me.
    • Market is very unstable, lots of reboots during updates. Can' install Key Rewards, Yelp, Google Earth. Any time I try, it reboots.

    Let me know. Thanks for the help!
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    i have never had any of those issue w/bb.
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    I have never had these problems on ANY ROM! I pretty much stick with BB, but when I need something more I flash SS. Chevy does great work! The facebook issue would probably be an issue with Facebook! I can say however, that after SS4.7 I noticed a lot of random reboots etc. Maybe try downgrading your SS. Or jump on the Beast! Its an incredible ROM, but you are not going to get all the fancy customizations that come with SS!

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    i havent had those issues. SS is prob my second most used rom besides BB, love the custimization options on the fly. Pete's starting to ad more custimization options to BB, so i;ll prob be here for a while
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    Chevy has gone through quite a lot of changes to SS over the versions...have you been wiping between updates? That may be the cause for your issues...bc, just to jump on the bandwagon, I haven't had any of those problems either...

    BB is pretty sweet though -- it runs fast and cool for me, and I had ZERO stability issues
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    I've never had those issues with SS. That being said, I switched to BB last week, and it's MUCH snappier than SS.
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    BB was my first rom and i doubt i'll ever switch. This thing is unstoppable. I had just a stock rooted droid and this rom has increased my battery lasting power by almost another fifty percent. i was getting 6 hours now i'm up to 10.
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    im always trying new roms when they come out but i always find myself going back to BB for everyday use. the other roms are for the most part great also but it seems i always have little issues here and there whereas with BB its always solid as a rock.
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    I have tried other roms and after trying bb once, I was instantly hooked. By far the fastest rom OC'd @ 800 mhz and most stable (w/o using stock launcher for me).

    Battery life last MUCH longer than any other rom by a LANDSLIDE, I can recall going over 1 day with medium toward heavy usage. For me the battery life last TWO times longer than previous roms.

    Just my experience =D will donate more to Pete when I financially can. Keep up the good work, its devs like you that make me keep my d1 vs getting d2

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    I recently left SS and have used it for about 8 months and will most likely not be looking back. SS worked great for a long time except the last couple of months it just had issues. I reloaded and wiped many times but constantly had freezing and force closes regardless of what kernels I used. I did a wipe with a fresh install of BB and EVERYTHING is better. I give chevy tons of props but BB just worked better for me now.


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