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  1. Restore Car Home on S4?
  2. AT&T KitKat Update For Galaxy S4 Active
  3. Pictures disappearing
  4. Stopping Kit Kat Update
  5. milk
  6. 4.4.2 leak
  7. Screen issues and speed issues
  8. Slacker Radio crashes during phone call
  9. Widget Issues
  10. Messages don't retain and archive on my messanging program
  11. Screen does not turn back on during call
  12. Wifi disabled because Internet connection is slow
  13. I cracked my screen on my S4 Please Help??
  14. What to look for when buying used?
  15. camera fails please help
  16. Change to vibrate permanently deletes sounds?
  17. Can't delete a text message
  18. How do I get rid of Lock Screen Windows
  19. Samsung Galaxy S4 Downloads MMS Pictures in terrible quality
  20. Carrier unlocking GS4 from Verizon?
  21. Ford Sync vs Galaxy S4
  22. Can't connect car stereo receiver
  23. Video help
  24. Sharing Google Play?
  25. Help...
  26. Text messaging sound notification does not stop
  27. Photos saved from Facebook app
  28. Droid Erased
  29. words with friends
  30. How To Disable The Status On Top Using Nova
  31. Help with Simple Text Icon Creator
  32. Media drive?
  33. Some problems with my S4
  34. Getting a Note 3 today
  35. backup pic
  36. Is ther anything like Smart Actions was on Motorola?
  37. New update
  38. Which launcher?
  39. Beautiful Widgets clock freezes
  40. S4 freezes
  41. S4 and Galaxy Note 3 get Android 4.4.2 Kitkat in the UK
  42. My useless opinion
  43. Facebook app login expires
  44. PDANet+ "WiFi Share" doesn't seem to do anything...
  45. Touch Wiz
  46. Replacing Rezound - S3 or S4
  47. Calendars
  48. Removing Factory Installed Apps (Bloatware)
  49. Sound won't play when I play video
  50. Charging My S4 And Got So Hot Couldn't Touch It!
  51. Bluetooth Calls Not Working
  52. Samsung update
  53. Transferring Contacts
  54. Screen issue.
  55. Phone receives all pictures in terrible quality
  56. Looks like Verizon is throttling my connection
  57. Verizon Samsung S4 Unknown Meid Issue
  58. Wifi disconnects
  59. NFC and Tec Tiles on the Galaxy S4
  60. Cover for the S4
  61. Battery life while Texting
  62. $49.99 at Sprint
  63. I want to unroot my Verizon SCH-I545, will the new Android 4.4 update remove root?
  64. I can't turn on my phone. I need help, fast.
  65. root s4
  66. Screen Mirroring not working-Connection Failed message
  67. SOCHI 2014 and Brazil 2014 on Samsung Mobile
  68. Change Screenshot path to SD While Rooted?
  69. Issues with Google Play and Updating/Installing Apps
  70. Battery life?
  71. Need a recommendation for a call blocker
  72. Nova Launcher Problem
  73. Android 4.3 - Animation
  74. A new color of Samsung Galaxy S4 will be for sale
  75. To the mods
  76. Foxfi will not work with KK 4.4
  77. Juice Defender not working after 4.3 update
  78. Google Hangout texting
  79. update 4.4 for Samsung Galaxy S4
  80. MMS through WiFi
  81. Why won't some setting stay put?? Like the keyboard
  82. [Solved] Problems installing non play store apps
  83. Annoying WiFi notification
  84. Swiftkey won't stay the chosen keyboard
  85. Launcher questions
  86. Battery turns off in the middle of demanding tasks
  87. ? about the multi function slide-out goodie
  88. SDCard file format question
  89. Galaxy S4 mini
  90. Screen/mother board probs
  91. Annoying Verizon Video Email Prompt
  92. mising dock icons
  93. browser problems
  94. group messages?
  95. 4.3 Update & S Voice
  96. thanks
  97. S4 router
  98. Galaxy S4 and WIFI help.....
  99. Can anyone please explain what the reading mode toggle does.
  100. Unable to restore stock rom using Odin
  101. AOL synch
  102. rooting - is it worth it?
  103. Apps stop, lockup
  104. Screen Issue?
  105. telephone keypad colors
  106. this is probably a noob question but...
  107. screen shot?
  108. amazing battery life
  109. New phone clear plastic over frame
  110. screen protectors
  111. How to restore my lock screen
  112. [Solved] Google play store not opening
  113. Big problem with new GS4
  114. Camera shutter sound missing
  115. Alert shows I have 3 Samsung App updates
  116. New Owner
  117. $49 s4
  118. Looking for S4 Camera direction.......
  119. [Solved] saving/opening email attachments
  120. GS5 comin' up
  121. Recently upgraded to the Samsung Galaxy S4
  122. Verizon operator says used phone NOT stolen but Verizon store says IS stolen?
  123. HELP! SD card won't mount
  124. reply to all
  125. How to connect S4 to a VGA/RGB projector?
  126. Stock Browser - where to download?
  127. WiFi, Battery issues for about a month
  128. Data issues.
  129. Serious Battery Issues
  130. S4 Reboots by it self 3AM
  131. water on s4
  132. Car finders - why is this so hard?
  133. Music auto starting when connecting to Car BT
  134. battery pull
  135. tasker
  136. Please help
  137. itunes to GS4
  138. Voicemail
  139. Unlocking for free
  140. Wifi auto log-in
  141. misc files under storage
  142. Foxfi finally works
  143. Cannot receive text messages
  144. setting wallpaper
  145. *sigh* my phone is busted
  146. Making a switch.
  147. Any precautions to take when buying used?
  148. foxfi credentials work around yet?
  149. Phone storage
  150. Replace SIM card or not
  151. my galaxy s4 has changed after new update, it feels like s3 again !
  152. Galaxy S4 slower than Motorola Razr M??
  153. Interesting...
  154. Sch-1545
  155. Increasing/enhancing the volume on S4 ?
  156. Bluetooth Not Connecting To My New S4
  157. annoying verizon website issue
  158. Day 1 and I'm already pulling my hair out
  159. gmail not syncing under fresh install of Gummy ROM
  160. UNLOCKED LOCK on start up?
  161. ATT upgrade deal - worth checking out.
  162. We get Kitkat in January
  163. cant find a fix to storage issues with S4
  164. Software update.
  165. Differences in Wifi connectivity and performance and network encryption
  166. why is Google services...
  167. S4 battery
  168. Google Yanks Buried Android Privacy Feature
  169. Alternative to S-Drive ?
  170. phone real buggy
  171. koodo Galaxy S4 (SGH-I337M) lock screen widgets don't seem to work with pattern
  172. bluetooth with headset
  173. S4 now or wait for S5?
  174. Google app crash
  175. MK2 Update
  176. My galaxy s4 google play crashed
  177. New Samsung customer
  178. Minor Software Upgrade Rolling Out to Galaxy S4
  179. Cannot update to 4.3 - Service Unavailable
  180. Cannot update to 4.3 - Service Unavailable
  181. New memory stick and can't recover apps that were saved on it PLEASE HELP
  182. enable motion cabability
  183. Help resetting Galaxy S4 to stock
  184. Emails going to the wrong place
  185. Move apps to SD Storage
  186. Ring tones will not change
  187. Boycott Samsung over KNOX!
  188. Another software upgrade today.
  189. S4 Seems to be running slower these days
  190. Upgrading a Canadian i337m to mk6
  191. Safestrap Roms on external sd
  192. Using Go Launcher homescreen takes me to keypad after unlock?
  193. Bought an S4 on eBay, can't update. Why?
  194. Howdy folks... couple of questions
  195. music
  196. blocked calls and message feature
  197. Cracked screen
  198. Ubder settings, "My Device" and others no longer there??
  199. phone died
  200. Transferring Pics
  201. So When Is The S4 Supposed To Get KitKat?
  202. Finally a battery that lasts!
  203. Just Got A New S4 Due To Bricking My S3!:(
  204. Pattern lock problem
  205. S4 refuses to wake to my command. It used to before...
  206. Is rooting the S4 worth it?
  207. HELP! How to recover deleted photos from internal memory
  208. How do I know which S4 I have ?
  209. Android 4.3 Rooting Help
  210. How many people regret buying the S4
  211. New galaxy s4 owner!
  212. just got this thing
  213. after I updated to 4.3,I can't find Mobile Network button in notification panel
  214. Memory is full: both internal & 32GB SD card
  215. Tech armor screen protectors. An exercise in frustration
  216. How do you turn on master sync
  217. Reporting my first issue after 4.3 update...... Wi-Fi Connectivity
  218. phone won't stay charging
  219. my Samsung galaxy s4 does not go into deep sleep
  220. Super Conflicted. S4 or other
  221. Widget issues in 4.3
  222. Battery issues
  223. No Email Notifications
  224. Currently on 4.2.2, should I update, if now, how do I stop it ?
  225. tried to find my phone
  226. Galaxy S4 buffering issues using You Tube
  227. copy and paste
  229. Picked up a used S4 on Craigslist.....
  230. Stop Slacker
  231. Changing facebook password unlinks all contacts
  232. Swiss stare at S4 for 60 min to win it.
  233. 4.3 upgrade a PITA
  234. Is the internal mic supposed to complete shut off while headphones are connected?
  235. S Planner
  236. Worth leaving Verizon with an etf for T-Mobile and nexus 5?
  237. Deletions from IMAP email accounts not working
  238. question about rooting verizon build vrudmi1
  239. Fragmented albums in Google Play Music?
  240. No more led notification since update
  241. Samsung S4 GT I9505 to Verizon will not work
  242. So Just Got an S4 Yesterday.....
  243. Call Back Number in text bubble
  244. Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini Reassembly Guide
  245. lock screen problems
  246. Kies App - I've about had it -
  247. SMS problem, please help
  248. samsung hub??
  249. Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini Screen Replacement Guide
  250. Change Order Of Email Accounts