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  1. Is my Galaxy S3 a fake ?
  2. Accidently changed setting - Just once or Always
  3. Another contact search problem
  4. Contact Search Problem
  5. S3 Bluetooth disconnects, then reconnects every few minutes in car
  6. What is this?
  7. Samsung Stellar--Seeking a Vlingo-like app
  8. Cannot receive aol emails !!!
  9. Samsung Galaxy 3 for Verizon
  10. Unlocked Tmobile using on ATT
  11. go keyboard
  12. Problems After Software Update
  13. Problems after switching motherboards
  14. Rename Bluetooth Devices
  15. 7-18 Need quick advise-Stolen S3, now have offer for Note (from ins as replacementr)
  16. S3 will no longer play nicely with computers via USB, not recognized at all.
  17. Twitter Notifications Help
  18. Help. I accidentally deleted the Traffic Widget
  19. "sdcard" draining but one not in
  20. Micro SD
  21. Hopefully True
  22. mobile and wi-fi data usage
  23. Phone doesn't see blue tooth dongle
  24. Constant Alert Message---WTH Is this ?
  25. Does anyone...
  26. Contacts Scrolling by its self.
  27. Home Screen Question
  28. Wifi hotspot
  29. [AT&T] Am I allowed to sell my semi-old Galaxy?
  30. Duplicate phone numbers
  31. Placing internals in a new frame
  32. My Samsung Galaxy S3 is showing my pictures on the Xbox
  33. How to get rid of message when you select GPS
  34. Photo "Details" not available after update?
  35. Text and other issues with s3
  36. Is he going to make it?
  37. text message problems
  38. NFC/SBeam transfers between S3 and Note2 very flaky
  39. Galaxy S3 camera problem
  40. That Stupid Tab
  41. S III will not install verizon update
  42. Audio crackle
  43. How to delete viewed (not downloaded) images from phone?
  44. carbon rom trouble
  45. A problem with google play store
  46. Samsung Galaxy S3 LTE version gmail won't sync when I delete an email from my desktop
  47. searching for an app
  48. Tethering Detected message with PdaNet and Easy Tether
  49. New Features
  50. issues since new update
  51. Media Volume Warning
  52. Facebook & Spellcheck
  53. Update
  54. Group text won't go.
  55. Rustoleum never wet for the GS3
  56. S3 still hasn't received JB update
  57. media app drain after update
  58. Wifi and 4g on at the same time.
  59. s3 memory and signal problems
  60. Can only download on wifi
  61. Samsung Galaxy SIIX (SGH-T989D) koodo help
  62. Recovering files after a restore
  63. cant attach multiple pictures in mms message
  64. Poor cell signal.
  65. Stuck on 4G LTE screen!
  66. Problems with new update "fix". Suggestions?
  67. csc code has changed to kor
  68. WiFi calling issues
  69. Reset procedure for Galaxy S3
  70. Rom Recommendations????
  71. Pop3 Email icon reads "-1" as the msge count
  72. Nova Launcher for S3
  73. new OTA update for Verizon
  74. Verizon Pushing Out VRBMF1 Update to Samsung Galaxy S3, Hopefully This Addresses Conn
  75. Wifi notification still not going away
  76. I need help. I lost my contacts
  77. Multi Window not available ??
  78. How to disable Wi-Fi toast notification
  79. Scanning for Wi-Fi every 5 Seconds
  80. unfortunately settings has stopped
  81. Downgrade software
  82. T&A system with my S3
  83. Instagram photo saving
  84. groups
  85. 4G keeps re setting back to 1x
  86. External SD Card
  87. Galaxy S3 stains on bright background. Should I open it up and try to clean it?
  88. Push advertising: notification ads, unwanted shortcuts, browsers redirected etc...
  89. Clickabke App
  90. Turn off reject call text messages
  91. limit data on mobile network?
  92. Fix is rolling out for G3
  93. Stock E-mail - Color on left side
  94. Update halted?
  95. To many txt messages phone is slow but cant delete?
  96. email help
  97. Goin back to the iPhone
  98. Caller ID not showing NAME with weird icon apppear. Please help!
  99. debranding s3 (on o2)
  100. S3 taking forever to charge
  101. voice notification when email received
  102. How to configure Galaxy SIII with Android 4.1.2 to Netgear Router B90
  103. installing a game with data on gs3
  104. Roaming Network Notification
  105. Display SiriusXM Info on Car LCD screen
  106. Gallery app last used 'share via' app shortcut button missing since update
  107. Deleting Photos from Auto Backup
  108. Favorites in Contacts not static?
  109. Facial Recognition
  110. Turning off "Call From" voice in incoming call
  111. Remove Lock-screen Password
  112. dropped calls
  113. WiFi broken for apps only?
  114. Gallery black screen issue, pictures and videos won't load..
  115. issues after update anyone? ??
  116. unroot help please
  117. Caller ID app
  118. what is this ???
  120. switching from cable to wireless charge
  121. New Verizon update and stock browser issue....
  122. S3 for cheap vs. S4 contract price
  123. i cracked my s3..
  124. serious issues ... please help
  125. Persistent Talkback Icon Bug w/ 4.1.2. Update
  126. Galaxy S3 flashed to boost mobile...update?
  127. Both WiFi and Mobile Data Icons In Status Bar
  128. Verizonís Galaxy S3 Receiving Major Update to Build VRBMD3
  129. PDANet/ Foxfi with new update?
  130. jelly 4.2.2 S3
  131. Multi view....
  132. Phone on, screen black
  133. Photo Transfer App
  134. Proble with s3 and spam function
  135. SGS3 Verizon Premium Suite
  136. white list app
  137. Please help! NO BINARY? SUPER SU
  138. SD Card Encryption Error Occurred
  139. Galaxy S3 Sim Card Question
  140. android4.2.2
  141. How to stop the annoying OTA update notification?
  142. MMS Help
  143. camera issues
  144. Transfer Music
  145. Best Music Download App
  146. is s3 as good as s4?
  147. ROM to boost data connection??
  148. Twitter app
  149. Make my Galaxy S3 run faster
  150. Install Grand Theft Auto Vice City on my Galaxy S3
  151. Problem With Texts
  152. Severe Problem With Battery
  153. WiFi not working after Synergy r484 flash
  154. one touch
  155. Can't connect to my PC
  156. text message receive from sound
  157. Lost my s3 but GPS is off whats the best way to find it???
  158. Help - I lost my weather from my home page. Where is it?
  159. camera help
  160. Yellow squares on faces in photo gallery
  161. dust and dirt behind my screen
  162. display only phone contact
  163. Screen broke, HELP!
  164. Charging Port
  165. problems with phone auto dialing.
  166. 4.2
  167. My wifi is slow
  168. a few questions regarding my new s3
  169. My Samaung Galaxy S3 won't update?
  170. resizing of wallpapers
  171. text message display - grouping
  172. Interesting Find (Google Wallet Involved)
  173. gs3 very slow and lag issues
  174. slow transition from landscape to portrait mode
  175. Can't figure out how to re arrange how my emails are listed.
  176. Sprint S3 Blue vs Amethyst - OS version difference?
  177. Transfer photos to Windows 8
  178. HELP! spilled beer on my speaker
  179. S3 stuck in Safe Mode even rebooting wont help..pls help thnx
  180. Home screen Wallpaper images from personal gallery will not rotate with phone
  181. Any news on the GS3 Slim Extended Battery?
  182. MHL to HDMI S3 problems wtf......
  183. Wet PHONE HELP
  184. Cyanogen 10.1 upgrade and phone doesn't see camera photos of internal memory contents
  185. sg3 getting real hot
  186. Viewing Email - Keeping Window Steady
  187. Unlocked Samsung S3 I747 roaming problem
  188. 2nd email icon
  189. Hot Deal: Samsung Galaxy SIII for $9.99 - Groupon
  190. SIM Card Change Detection
  191. Memory app
  192. Does anyone transfer bookmarks anymore ???
  193. Screenshot
  194. Syncing Issues....
  195. GPS lock still an issue
  196. Kies to transfer data from iPhone4S to SGS3 4G
  197. Some micro USB cables charge faster than others, why?
  198. no flash support for this device.
  199. Galaxy 3 for Galaxy 4?
  200. voice call choice box
  201. My galaxy s3 has an unpaid balance on it.
  202. Foxfi tether Verizon
  203. Contact Manager Help
  204. No USB Cables Will Charge My Galaxy S3 Help!!
  205. About the S3....
  206. Docking for external sound
  207. Insane speeds on Verizon 4g
  208. Jellybean Update
  209. If I Do A FDR
  210. No sd card access with S3
  211. iPhone lock screen for galaxy
  212. Need help to test a weird lock screen behavior
  213. Phone Auto Downloading Random Apps
  214. Wave Launcher Crashing
  215. Add separate email icons to home screen???
  216. Galaxy Setup
  217. Best Root Apps
  218. Remove home screen slider
  219. Galaxy 3 Running Slow
  220. Contacts no longer showing up car Bluetooth paring
  221. S3 and ringtone notification on receiving text
  222. Its this not a big deal?
  223. So I have this new phone and I want to delete my backup + pictures and video?
  224. Strange Bluetooth Behavior
  225. notifications
  226. Quick easy way to put VZW S3 i535 on other carriers
  227. New to S3, sharing videos?
  228. Worth swapping s3 to nexus 4?
  229. USB Mode Settings...where are they?
  230. Using bluetooth keyboard constantly changes keyboard to samsung default from SwiftKey
  231. Unable to change USB mode
  232. no sound notification for mms messages
  233. Burst Shot no longer working?
  234. Free S3 Accessories
  235. My s3 is DEAD
  236. How to hide text preview in lock screen?
  237. battery draining quickly
  238. Disable Voice in Gmai/internetl on S3
  239. Newbie S3 User - Annoying Autofill/Autocomplete, can't see where to turn off
  240. Problem When I've Plugged My Cell into My Laptop
  241. Flash Player
  242. How To Get the NRG Player music app Key
  243. How can I go completely stock to return phone?
  244. does the S III come with a built in screenshooter???
  245. Phone app battery drain
  246. starting to think this is the worst phone iv ever owned.
  247. Front Facing Camera
  248. Galaxy S3 Verizon SCH-I535 roms Italian?
  249. transfer contacts
  250. WTB: S3 Digitizer