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  1. Help please, lost root access!
  2. Time to update. Need a bit of direction please.
  3. Help I unrooted phone with cm 11
  4. Install CM 10.1.3
  5. CM 10.2: How do I start over?
  6. Question about Safestrap and returning to stock
  7. Razor Maxx HD on ICS
  8. Is it possible to flash a ROM over the stock partition in SafeStrap 3.6x
  9. 2 Vz Apps missing from AOKP JB 4.2.2
  10. Help with re-root
  11. cm9 rom
  12. please help me
  13. tell me what I am doing wrong please
  14. Does Docking Work With Any ROMs?
  15. Docking on CM 10.2
  16. Safestrap 3.53 - Can I change my Data Partition Size?
  17. Rooted unrooted need warranty and boot loader shows unlocked help
  18. Which CM 10.2 Nightly Are You On? Performance Issues?
  19. HELP! Lost Stock ROM using Safestrap 3.53
  20. Safestrap-Manage Backups
  21. Need Help Getting Started
  22. CyanogenMod 10.1.3-RC2
  23. Rom, safestrap changing roms?
  24. Roms
  25. Question about activating slot 1 in safestrap
  26. No mobile data boot stock safestrap
  27. Restore ROOT After OTA 9.18.79 & 9.20.1
  28. Unvalidated Droid RAZR ... ?
  29. Problem with my internet data CDMA
  30. Rom question
  31. Razr Doesn't Recognize Internal Storage Running Liquid Smooth
  32. I know new thread but. Rooting razr question.
  33. Playstore issues
  34. motorola droid XT907 on Straight Talk network
  35. Windows 8 Tether?
  36. flashed to page plus stuck in 1x
  37. SQLite
  38. switching from .8 to .16
  39. HELP please! May have bricked Droid Razr Maxx
  40. updating prl?
  41. horriable download speeds
  42. Ad Blocker Archive...
  43. should i root or not?
  44. Droid RAZR M ADB Server
  45. Direction please
  46. rsd lite
  47. How to find app files
  48. Confused about functions 1-4 XT912
  49. Has anyone returned phone after root for warrenty or insurance?
  50. Don't Like Stock Inverted Email...
  51. upgrading to JB 4.2.2
  52. Droid RAZR xt912
  53. Advice needed
  54. Advice needed
  55. Trying to reroot after OTA
  56. No Data after root
  57. help overclocking razr on cm 10.1
  58. Need link to droidrazrutility1.7
  59. Root Program for Razr Maxx XT908
  60. Thinking about finally updating
  61. Looking to root droid razr 4.1.2 JB
  62. Remove Consent pop-ups?
  63. Invalid Flash Mode (S) (Boot Failure) after using DROID RAZR Utility XT912 Jellybean
  64. Battery Low Cannot Program
  65. Root Utility
  66. Brick Problem
  67. So close but yet so far from first Rom
  68. Help getting pointed in the right direction
  69. how to update super user without bricking your phone
  70. I need WiFi on, Data on same time
  71. Not-so-rooted RAZR
  72. Rooted Razr Maxx Black wallpaper and notification bar. Help!
  73. must have apps for rooted phones
  74. Droid RAZR utility
  75. Back to Android!
  76. ? after root ?
  77. roms
  78. how to root my Droid RAZR
  79. TMI! ICS Rooted, TB Pro & OTA Rootkeeper installed. Best SAFE Way to Upgrade to JB??
  80. Protect root from OTA Update
  82. How do I install SAFESTRAP? PLEASE HELP!
  83. Unroot Issues 4.0.4
  84. I bricked my phone
  85. Razr maxx i have no recovery?
  86. Lost root after JB OTA do I regain root?
  87. For everyone who could not get root from Razr Blade
  88. Smartactions on Razr
  89. Is it possible to recover Adobe Flash Player after JB and 1st time root?
  90. can I prevent the jb update? maybe freeze it somehow?
  91. Restoring all default settings after root help?
  92. just what?
  93. Help
  94. [TOOLS] DROID RAZR Utility XT912 Jellybean -- Windows + Mac + Linux (All In One!)
  95. Entitlement_Hack_XT912 for 4.1.2 Verizon HotSpot
  96. Razr Blade Utility?
  97. what is brink???
  98. razr blade utility problems
  99. soak test
  100. Need help w/ custom recovery & removing boot menu manager
  101. 4.1.2 (new OTA) issue: aShell no longer displays directories in root mode
  102. OTA JB / SafeStrap 3.11
  103. I need a step by step to rooting my phone.
  105. CWM Recovery Or Safestrap?
  106. update rooted vzw 4.0.4 to jellybean
  107. Razr Maxx Root Checker
  108. switch from verizon to att
  109. site to sell cell phone?
  110. ALL RAZR GSM Tutorials u Need Under 1 thread!
  111. volume button not working? Droid razr xt912
  112. I seem to have messed up my partitions, any ideas?
  113. Root help for droid razr 4.0.4
  114. USB tethering
  115. droid razr sim
  116. How do i get SafeStrap for Jb?
  117. jellybean rom with circles and google now?
  118. Droid razr
  119. Need Hack Ideas
  120. question on RAZR Maxx rooting?
  121. flash and jelly bean
  122. Motorola droid razr MAXX xt908 help.?.???
  123. JellyBean for RAZR Maxx
  124. Help!!!!!!
  125. cant find a utility that works
  126. new to rooting
  127. Get ROOT For your OG RAZR/MAXX HERE !!!
  128. Help, I'm Bricked and Lost!
  129. Screen recorder for rooted RAZR
  130. entitlement_check hack no longer works with jelly bean
  131. [ROM] JellyHaters Jb Moto ROM
  132. Need help with razr custom rom
  133. FIX: Soft Bricked after reverting from Jelly Bean update
  134. Setcpu Won't hold
  135. Does anyone know what the AKEY is for Razr HD/MAXX HD accessible through the Dial Pad
  136. factory data reset on a rooted razr with jellybean
  137. Soft Bricked after reverting from Jelly Bean update
  138. droid razr stuck in rom help plz
  139. root on jellybean upgrade???
  140. Official Jelly Bean Has Leaked To RAZR!
  141. Wipe Safestrap Off My RAZR For Good
  142. Major Issues Here
  143. Can Not root
  144. Help rooting Droid Razr 4.1.2?
  145. OTA while rooted?
  146. lucky patcher
  147. Root / ROM for all RAZR models?
  148. Which USB Mode for Razr Utility 1.82?
  149. How to Root the Motorola Droid 4 (XT894) running Android 4.0.4
  150. A Must Have Recovery Tool From Team Black Hat
  151. To root, or not to root!?
  152. turn your razr into a GS III
  153. Need Help im stuck in Gingerbread.
  154. USB Mass Storage is gone in 4.1.1
  155. Root - Safestrap/ROM Slots versus Performace
  156. RAZR deactivated and rooted-DroidRazrUtility not working.
  157. Simple Request
  158. new to a razr have somequestions.
  159. having trouble with custom boot animation on cm10
  160. Do all razr hacks apply to each other?
  161. Need Help Bricked Razr
  162. clockwork for droid razr?
  163. any roms?
  164. HELP! Bootlooped my droid trying to get CM10, can't get into CWM
  165. Wifi apps (rooted)
  166. Installed SafeStrap3.0 and now stuck in boot
  167. IS there a wugs type program?
  168. network unlock code for xt912
  169. fastboot restore with matts utility
  170. Beats Audio with PowerAmp?
  171. Rooting droid razr vs razr hd
  172. blacklisted razrmaxx hd ?
  173. Is there a root for 6.16.211? or DO NOT UPDATE?
  174. Setcpu help???!!!!!
  175. Is it possible to hard brick a razr?
  176. back up for a factory reset
  177. Dumb rooting ?
  178. Deleting Safestrap backup?
  179. [NEED ASSISTANCE] Wifi N 5GHz mac80211 driver ini's
  180. rooting my droid razor
  181. Looking for razor rom
  182. mhd maxx root
  183. Rooted Razr Needing to update
  184. Will verizon know if my phone is rooted for warranty if i cant even turn on?
  185. App checks for root, how to block?
  186. Swype Color Change
  187. 4G not connected
  188. Razr Overclocking
  189. Want to remove CWM from my dads Razr
  190. Now that I have Root
  191. Updateing Safe Strap 2.0 To 2.11 HELP
  192. Bricked rooted Droid RAZR running on ICS
  193. RSD Lite fxz for Razr?????
  194. Razr Maxx Rooting 4.0.4
  195. Ics kernal?????
  196. Rom Manager For 4.0.4 Offical Useing 2.0 Safestrap!!!!
  197. ?????
  198. Not reconizing!!!!!
  199. non-rooted razr, bricked?
  200. Flash Boot ?
  201. Hello i am new to this site and i need help with my Droid Razr flashboot failure mode
  202. Bootlop Help & CWM Help
  203. BootStrap? Help Plz Plz Plz
  204. Rooted Razr battery charge level different between safestrap modes?????
  205. New MOTO UI
  206. [HELP] Cannot get CM10 install to Boot with SafeStrap
  207. stuck on system version to update?
  208. Help flashing a rooted Razr Maxx
  209. need help rooting razr maxx please!!!
  210. Droid Razr Maxx Wifi Tether - Not working
  211. Help with Rooting, Titanium Backup, and installation of Google Voice
  212. Droid Razr will NOT root -_- Stuck on "daemon started successfully)
  213. DDR on .215 with voodoo
  214. no wifi tether after ics update
  215. Uninstall bootstrap
  216. droid razr 6.12.181 (android 2.3.6 system files update)
  217. Flash Droid Razr To Page Plus with 3G data and ICS
  218. webtop 3.0 screen size fix?
  219. WiFi Tether working again
  220. ICS .215 Leak Root
  221. I think I am getting on over me head...advice please.
  222. Headphone jacks not working!
  223. How can I root Razr w/ ICS from Linux?
  224. New to the Droid game an need a lil help
  225. Can't get tether?
  226. free ringback tones
  227. Root for Android noob
  228. should i root?
  229. ICS .215 leak ashell tether hack not working
  230. Motorola Droid Razr - Installing Jelly Bean (CyanogenMod 10)
  231. Want to root new phone on 6.12.181 -- should I take OTA 6.16.211 first?
  232. phone heats up on idle
  233. problems
  234. beats audio
  235. HDMI work around for ICS
  236. is there an official ics update
  237. Razr ICS Rooting
  238. .215 back to .211
  239. ICS + ubuntu for webtop 3.0 woes
  240. System Tuner Pro (STP)
  241. Google Now
  242. fastboot 4.0.4
  243. 1% battery increments... am I the only one...
  244. FDR, Root and TiBU
  245. How to Root Droid Razr/Maxx running 4.0.4!
  246. Will rooting and a rom help battery life?
  247. Jelly Bean for it looking like a possibility?
  248. Back to gingerbread?
  249. I cannot connect my Droid Razr to my PC
  250. Needing CWM help on Razr Maxx