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  1. HTC Thunderbolt BT
  2. safe to use Motorola charger on HTC Thunderbolt for few nights.
  3. HTC Thunderbolt 4g screen / digitizer combo replacement not going well....
  4. Lost Thunderbolt
  5. Music Download Files
  6. UStream channel says the live stream is offline when it isn't after ICS upgrade
  7. Text merging - constant problem!
  8. Swich carriers HTC Thunderbolt
  9. Can't update software on Thunderbolt
  10. Thunderbolt getting slower and slower
  11. Text problem after ICS
  12. Apps gone all the sudden
  13. Reloading after new firmware
  14. power efficiency setting
  15. Activationg your phone
  16. 4G/3G Signal Sleep Mode?
  17. adobe flash player not working after ics update
  18. How to turn off 4G after ICS upgrade?
  19. key vibrate
  20. New thunderbolt update seems to be missing Facebook for HTC Sense
  21. Wacky Messaging after ICS update Help!
  22. 4g going on and off
  23. SD card shutting off
  24. Need help to use phone overseas
  25. revolutionary success on htc, but no root access...does this mean phone not rooted?
  26. Lost Files
  27. cookies?
  28. android version
  29. How do you change storage location in the Thunderbolt?? Need Help!
  30. Power on button no longer works
  31. not showing text messages
  32. Car mode help
  33. Google Maps stuck on "searching"
  34. No signal using Facebook
  35. the Voicemail is silent
  36. Found potential keyboard fix for unresponsiveness
  37. Set current time
  38. Another Thunderbolt
  39. Lost Data Network
  40. WIFI "Error", pretty sure it's hardware, attempt to fix
  41. Problems with google maps navigation
  42. won't boot.
  43. DESPERATE!!! Please help
  44. Help i think i am bricked!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  45. Still getting lots of random reboots
  46. Thunderbolt with Liquid Smooth... Emoticons too large
  47. SIM card error message?
  48. Need some help please
  49. Screen flashes black in camera app
  50. Can't get phone to update Album Covers from Windows Media Player
  51. can't make calls
  52. losing data connection
  53. Gallery app help.
  54. Flash LED stopped working
  55. Will a 64gb micro sd card read in a Thunderbolt?
  56. Stock Email will not update
  57. No data on LTE network only. please help!
  58. Volume key wont shut off ringer
  59. NON - ROOTED Tbolt stuck in BOOTLOOP? Help Please
  60. wtf? blue flash!
  61. Dropped Phone - Slow startup, No Touch
  62. Help me pleeeeaaaase!!! Im gonna cry!
  63. Phone has freaked out!!!! Please help!
  64. HTC Thunderbolt: Phone Works, Screen is just black (backlight & soft keys do light..)
  65. I give up, am defeated.. TB died, need to forward sms calls? How? Please help ? ::(((
  66. Screen works, now phone is overheating !!!! It is too hot to touch!
  67. Please help screen black :o(
  68. contact syncing issue
  69. Any Remote Media Center and HTC Thunderbolt users?
  70. HTC Sense vs Launcherpro
  71. I get a text every time I use Verizon Navigator
  72. update failing to install causing phone to constantly reboot
  73. Thunderbolt Battery Problem
  74. Possible sand in power button
  75. Pictures or thumb nails placed on phone
  76. new update issue- dead space on screen
  77. Thunderbolt Problem Need Help Now! Thanks!
  78. Gps not working, 4g lte won't play you tube
  79. Screen won't turn on after update. [URGENT]
  80. Thunderbolt random shutdown
  81. Just recieved replacement, youtube doesn't work on 4g
  82. linking to a ps3
  83. Just got a used Thunderbolt and it's rooted with the Infected ROM. How do I update?
  84. Powers down
  85. data works but cannot send or receive calls
  86. unrooted T-bolt browser question
  87. Connect to PC
  88. Just got the Thunderbolt, need help rooting!!!
  89. Gmail Contacts
  90. Broke my Thunderbolt while unrooting, need help
  91. Gps signal lost.
  92. Wi-fi problem
  93. Boots Extremely Slow
  94. Just weird!!
  95. Video won't load
  96. Wifes screen is real dark
  97. Lost Data connection
  98. How to edit playlist
  99. Rooting on new .9 baseband
  100. updating software on a thunderbolt with no service plan.
  101. Keyboard
  102. Wanna root but need major help
  103. Dish online
  104. Force link suggestions again?
  105. HTC clock/weather widget location problem
  106. Phone Wont wake Up During Call. Please Help!
  107. Duplicate Contact Information While Texting
  108. A few issues
  109. Downloads Failing
  110. Strange Wi-Fi Issue
  111. Thunderbolt running BAMF disables mobile network on it's own???
  112. Volume Button Broken, manual reset of in-call volume
  113. Blank email screen
  114. Thunderbolt won't sync with my iMac??
  115. Please Help !!! Ebook from PC to my TB
  116. Data issue
  117. Tbolt screen replacemeant
  118. Ads keep popping up
  119. Need a reliable ROM
  120. Signs of 4g
  121. CM7 random reboots
  122. Why does my htc thunderbolt reboot or crash?
  123. Update of 1/15/2012 defaulted my phone.
  124. SD storage doesn't change after deleting files? Help!
  125. Hotspot data drops solved!
  126. Tbolt browser opens market app, instead of going to the website?
  127. Busted Micro USB (sorta)
  128. has anyone replaced TB earpiece speaker (out of warranty)??
  129. I'm a customer in new 4g area, constant switching to 3g/1x, anyone have any pointers?
  130. Lock Screen Stuck/ Turning on from computer
  131. Upside down videos
  132. Data connection problems
  133. speaker sounds horrible
  134. Ringtones and Notifications tones
  135. Camera View rapidly FLASHING
  136. Spell Checker
  137. Lost contacts
  138. Rooting a phone
  139. Ringtones keep changing
  140. Only using part of a theme???
  141. Scrolling problems!
  142. Lost internet data connection- PLEASE HELP!
  143. New Firmware update?
  144. Facebook notifications
  145. Home on leave and I screwed up my Tbolt...please help!!
  146. Want to use mic input while streaming to Ustream.
  147. Rooted Revolutionary pulled ota?
  148. Wifi randomly turns on by itself
  149. Can't reply to all in iphone group text
  150. Can't Install AOSP on my T-Bolt
  151. Thunderbolt Camera Issue??
  152. video retreival
  153. Any way to stop sounds from playing through speaker when using headphones?
  154. duplicate contact information
  155. Weird data problem
  156. bricked?
  157. Force Close errors, stock phone
  158. OTA Update on Rooted Thunderbolt
  159. Video plays scrambled
  160. How do i fix the speed?
  161. What happened to my connection??
  162. Thunderbolt replacement digitizer issues
  163. Traveling and need to update my roaming.
  164. process has stopped unexpectedly solution?
  165. WiFi Sleep Policy Issue
  166. calibrate battery
  167. A must read for all vzw customers.. Thunderbolt owners beware
  168. Root Explorer and DSP FC issues
  169. android market app
  170. Front Facing Camera Does Not Work...
  171. 3g all bars and no data!?
  172. "dialer" is being a battery hog
  173. App Widgets and Icons are misbehaving
  174. Phone app force closing?
  175. Keyboard is much too sensitive. Advice?
  176. Video problems since IT'S Gingerbread update
  177. Stuck on HTC white screen? Help ASAP
  178. 4g is fine, TB won't stay connected to PC
  179. Tethering
  180. Endless boot loop with Liquid GB 3.1
  181. Backup assistan not working since Gingerbread, YOU COULD LOSE ALL YOUR CONTACTS!
  182. GB Update After Root
  183. App folders won't open
  184. No Network Connection
  185. Home screen keeps re- loading
  186. Gps not working
  187. Hancent MMS problem
  188. Text Messages
  189. HTC thunderbolt will not OTA update
  190. Slideshow in mms
  191. Amazon Appstore error
  192. Menu button does not work since firmware update
  193. Opera mail problems
  194. Since Gindergread, keyboard problems
  195. Had root access. Now I don't.
  196. No voice on outgoing calls
  197. ringtone problem
  198. Camera
  199. Since Gingerbread, car dock not detected
  200. Rooted Stock ROM not showing updated version
  201. Random reboot on synergy ROM.
  202. Stock bolt says upgrade available.
  203. Alarm clock
  204. Gallery problems
  205. Washed out pixels on LCD screen
  206. Google Goggles not fully scannin
  207. Need Help Bad!!
  208. Market wont let me purchase apps/licenses
  209. Notification sounds keep clearing themselves!
  210. Root Newb, No longer Root... How?
  211. No 4G, 3G, only 1X
  212. Titanium backup fails to upload to dropbox HELP!!
  213. Need help
  214. Radio flashing with out flashing Rom???
  215. media sync
  216. Market issues
  217. Issue with Contacts & ActiveSync w/ Thunderbolt
  218. I have a "black" void sticker on my thunderbolt
  219. Not able to receive text messages from one person
  220. Tb root issues. Help!!
  221. Unresponsive Screen
  222. Camera issues
  223. Gingerbread!!!_
  224. Apple in-mic headphones with Thunderbolt
  226. Re rooting?
  227. Thunderbolt problems...
  228. "Favorites" page disapperaed
  229. Native SMS with Google Voice
  230. Internet On Off On Off On Off
  231. Pandora
  232. Time to root
  233. No 4g
  234. Pictures/Music
  235. voicemail problems. Like everyone else
  236. will not update installed apps.
  237. Wifi help
  238. Issues with clock and time?
  239. SD Card Problems
  240. No stop data hangs and data loss
  241. Random ringtones
  242. How to restore TB back to stock
  243. no voicemail notification & no auto rotate homescreen
  244. Wi-Fi Nonexistent
  245. Bluetooth to tablet
  246. Font size
  247. Outlook Calendar Sync issue
  248. Reboot issue is back?
  249. Clock app mia.
  250. 3g,4g