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  1. Old text message being resent...and resent...and resent
  2. Issues with location.
  3. cant connect to computer
  4. help?? issue getting into recovery
  5. Settings keep changing on their own
  6. ringtone wont change
  7. "Send text message" voice command
  8. Pics and Video Disappearing from Gallery
  9. TB Messaging freezing up
  10. Is there a way to get music
  11. internet zoom in
  12. Thunderbolt appeared dead
  13. Phone won't turn off....
  14. How do I Reinstall Busybox?
  15. How to boot into recovery
  16. Weather location not correct
  17. reoccurring problem FROM HELL.
  18. Text Question
  19. Talking with earbuds/headphone connected
  20. Auto On/Off Feature
  21. Google Maps not installing or updating
  22. TB not seeing wifi when SSID not broadcast
  23. Seidio Battery, special steps
  24. Multimedia messages
  25. Battery Lasts All Day but then Dies Overnight when fully Charged
  26. Sadly giving up on 4G for now...
  27. Repeated Phantom Drain Overnight, and Random Data Loss.
  28. 4g LTE down
  29. Back light under hard menu buttons has mind of it's own
  30. After connecting my phone to my computer, can no longer access internet or market
  31. Bluetooth Issue
  32. Mp3 ringtone
  33. Will my TBOLT work in S. America
  34. battery: great standby time then poor standby time and back again.
  35. Delete Multiple GMail Messages in Thunderbolt
  36. Setcpu not letting me overclock?
  37. Transferring korean music to my thunderbolt
  38. Unable to send/receive photos
  39. rosie_scroll
  40. Handcent
  41. Voice to K9 Mail
  42. Lag at start up!!
  43. GPS only determines location on wifi?
  44. Syncing contacts with gmail.
  45. Data issues
  46. Please help. What is considered to be normal Wake Lock time?
  47. Can i install swype on TB
  48. HTC clock and time up top shows wrong Times/Location
  49. Bluetooth Range
  50. Blue Screen of Death
  51. Attachments in email
  52. Problems with my 4G going in and out fixed.
  53. TB data dies nightly
  54. Vibration Feedback with Keyboard
  55. Anyone having Google Maps problems with tb
  56. Thunderbolt messaging ?
  57. Messed up my SIM card already.
  58. sync and battery
  59. newbie with a quick question
  60. Low ringer volume?
  61. Help with https sites. Will not open.
  62. Speak not working
  63. no connect to wifi on school campus
  64. Old Version Of Android Market
  65. Thunderbolt/HTC Sync Via Bluetooth?
  66. FYI: PRL 13xxx means you're on the new Hybrid Network
  67. Tb voice quality
  68. Clearing Inet pages
  69. Pandora, and wifi issue
  70. TB randomly looses *all* sounds
  71. uninstalling apps
  72. Connects to PC as CD rom and empty disk
  73. Data Leak issues/Crazy high data usage
  74. Messaging lag when trying to exit text screen.
  75. Bad network signal? Try a new 4G sim card.
  76. No Data after unrooting + Resetting?
  77. 4G SIM Card
  78. sms message not displaying my number on receiving end
  79. Voicemail Number
  80. lost widget wi-fi
  81. Problems with 3G data? Don't hard reset, read this first!
  82. Eek, no 4g
  83. crashed google navigation
  84. Hotspot keeps restarting itself
  85. Verizon Thunderbolt shutting off for no reason
  86. Thunderbolt power button
  87. Mobile Hotspot Disconnecting
  88. GPS Not Working
  89. Apps Crashing
  90. Stock messaging app not showing pictures
  91. Deleting e-mail from TB but not on PC
  92. Cwm cant charge!!!!
  93. wifi issue.
  94. Notification LED issues with email
  95. Exchange Active Sync Notification
  96. Rooted! How to install a rom
  97. 8GB Memory?
  98. How do I display Caller ID?
  99. Stop apps from auto restoring.
  100. Problem with Wallpaper
  101. India? Wtf?
  102. thunderbolt output to television ?
  103. Help with ringtones
  104. Stock Messages App deleted messages
  105. Random Reboots
  106. Digital copies to TB?
  107. Phonebook question
  108. Changing Thunderbolt video format
  109. Should I be worried? Never seen before
  110. Music Transfer Issue
  111. Questions about TB
  112. Request sticky for 3g,1x data issues
  113. Thunderbolt vs 2010 Kia Soul USB
  114. Google voice help
  115. Wired tether doesn't work
  116. My Uploads Foreclose on Startup
  117. Audio saved from a text, but where...
  118. Buttons on the bottom of my phone no longer light up
  119. Charge overnight and wake up to 71%
  120. Sms error ...
  121. Phone used to wake when I removed from my pocket.
  122. Playing WMV format movies on a TB
  123. Screen shuts off when plugged into power
  124. Virus question, story included!
  125. Stock keyboard issue
  126. need help returning to stock
  127. Returning thundebolt
  128. Will the BLOCK feature in Contacts hide that contact?
  129. music player
  130. WEAK Antenna!!!!!
  131. No Internet Connection
  132. Thunderbolt Gallery not showing images on my SD card
  133. Getting 1x on my phone
  134. Umounted SD card issue
  135. Location unavailable
  136. Delete.
  137. Bluetooth will not stay connected to vehicle hands free system
  138. Caller ID
  139. sync itunes music library
  140. Buttons not working
  141. I screwed up my driver...
  142. Way to hide unwanted FB friends in contacts?
  143. Changing the message tones...need some help
  144. Thunderbolt - Shapewriter not functioning
  145. How do you put music or pictures on the phone?
  146. exchange email
  147. Icon in status bar. What is it?
  148. Phone hiss
  149. Auto rotate not working
  150. Cant send text Error 65535
  151. Lte
  152. HTC Sync issues
  153. When typing a text letters appear without me typing them
  154. Quickly adjust screen brightness indoor/outdoor?
  155. Lots of force closes?
  156. 3G Not Working
  157. Error message
  158. audio in recorded video
  159. Problem when Headphones Plugged In
  160. Settings Saving
  161. Need For Speed Shift on TB
  162. has stopped unexpectedly
  163. More battery issues questions.
  164. Not finding blouetooth devices
  165. Bluetooth Problem with GM Cars
  166. voice dialer problems
  167. Google navigation not working on maps
  168. Wifi Not Working
  169. Dropped my thunderbolt...
  170. Battery
  171. Words appear in reply box of Texts
  172. Google Talk not working??
  173. Screen Won't Timeout
  174. Losing signal randomly - no data, dropped calls
  175. Anyone having Exchange Active Sync problems?
  176. answered: forcing 3G and battery info by percentage
  177. ooVoo Front Camera
  178. can i switch to 3g when i want?
  179. Battery percentage
  180. Bluetooth help
  181. Juice defender wont run?
  182. Other Chargers (in case you wondered)
  183. Time Zone and Weather?????
  184. Notification light problem
  185. Undelivered texts?
  186. Texting app freezing
  187. Annoying Autotexting Issue?
  188. Contacts won't sync with Gmail
  189. Wrong "from" number when sending text
  190. Letters being deleted as typing?
  191. Phone number prepended with 011
  192. WiFi receiver location
  193. Message indicator
  194. App storage
  195. MP4 video issue
  196. Auto on/off function
  197. Mounted "Read Only???"
  198. Broken screen
  199. Uploading to YouTube with 4G LTE
  200. Couldn't make calls, signal problem?
  201. Battery Issue
  202. send pics and vid to tv
  203. google navigation does not work
  204. Can't send mail with attachments
  205. Couple Problems
  206. Talking Tom Cat App..
  207. turn off messaging notifications
  208. Camera and picture questions
  209. Dlna?
  210. Internal memory
  211. Issues transferring music from laptop via USB
  212. Sync icon won't go away yet I have sync OFF
  213. TB won't connect as drive to computer
  214. Honda bluetooth is not being detected by new thunderbolt, HELP
  215. iPhone 4 users are not receiving my text messages
  216. Problems with USB to PC
  217. Txt messages being sent 2x-3x + Wrong ringtones
  218. How to make texts vibrate.
  219. Swype issue with word correction
  220. Quick boot?
  221. My Thunderbolt thinks that its in Liberia
  222. Bad data reception problems
  223. Text Message Pop Up Issue
  224. Can you turn off 4G if not available nearby?
  225. How do you change where pics and stuff are stored?
  226. Anyone having issues with Pulse?
  227. Live wallpaper problem
  228. Battery Life
  229. Unable to download ringtone attachements from VZW
  230. Who has the new Market
  231. Swype not auto-spacing
  232. cant change keyboard
  233. Hiss using headphone jack??
  234. trouble dialing.
  235. E-mail Woes
  236. Text notifications
  237. Two notifications one text message
  238. Market Apps Syncing, or lack there of...
  239. Volume
  240. Dropping 4g every few mins.
  241. Help...I'm sending texts from a crazy number
  242. windows 7 x64 wont recognize device
  243. Trouble creating Exchange Account
  244. How do you browse files?
  245. How to enable Yahoo mail??
  246. Switching memory from sd card to phone
  247. Welcome to the Thunderbolt Tech Support Forum