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  1. Just wondering about Android 4.0...
  2. No Direct Fill = No Preorder
  3. VZW shop for phone page down...could they be adding the Bionic??
  4. How is the 4g lte network in your area ?
  5. Locked bootloader??
  6. Help deciding which phone to get
  7. Bionic Price Confirmed?
  8. DROID Bionic Training Docs leaked, Sept. 8th Launch Looking Good
  9. what the hell?! lol
  10. DroidLanding is Back!
  11. Samsung gs2 intro
  12. Bionic up on
  13. Crusing i stumbled upon this
  14. Verizon home page and bionic sighn up page change
  15. What manufacturer has better build,customer service,or specific device support ?
  16. Who is getting it day one and who is waiting???
  17. What's the Front VGA camera experience like on the Bionic?
  18. Droid Bionic Page on Verizon Wireless
  19. Memory on a Android phone?????
  20. Murmurs of a Bionic pre-order happening on Thursday
  21. Twitter a fake
  22. Will i loose my unlimited plan when i get a Bionic?
  23. Bionic or Prime no brainer give me a break !
  24. To Bionic or not to Bionic???
  25. Can't get Verizon to slip up
  26. Preorder starting tonight at Midnight?
  27. Looks like it'll be the Bionic for me after all...
  28. FM Tuner?
  29. HTC Thunderbolt Vs Droid Bionic
  30. Droid Bionic Twitter Confirms Sept 8th Release!
  31. Grandfathered unlimited data plan, not if your upgrading from 3g to 4G
  32. DROID Bionic Accessory Lineup Will Include Webtop Adapter for Quick, Inexpensive...
  33. DROID Bionic Store Page Pops Up as Under Construction, Includes Official Pictures
  34. Bionic up on Motorola's site
  35. The Motorola Droid Bionic has a gorgeous screen !
  36. ETA on Preorder of Bionic on Verizon's site?
  37. Droid Bionic Extensive Walk-Thru
  38. Bionic wallpaper??
  39. U.S. Samsung Galaxy S II Variants Unveiled, No Verizon Version as Expected
  40. Bionic Press Shots! Looks Relatively Thin To Me
  41. Bionic no longer on Verizon's front page.....
  42. New bionic video
  43. New Bionic video! Deeper look in the device!
  44. what retailers will have the Bionic opening day?
  45. Verizon will not get the GSII.
  46. Droid 3 got root. Hope it works on the bionic
  47. The Droid Bionic and LG Enlighten show up on Verizon’s TestMan site!!!
  48. Just got fired from my job wont be getting a bionic : (
  49. Bionic software upgrade potential
  50. Official Bionic teaser with audio!
  51. Someone tell me when I can Pre-Order it...
  52. Verizon Readying DROID Bionic Marketing Campaign, Reiterates “September”
  53. can you pre purchase?
  54. Verizon peeps getting their Droid Bionic shirts
  55. Nfc?
  56. Bionic benchmark test
  57. Another Set of DROID Bionic Pictures Appears in the Wild
  58. Bionic heartbreak.
  59. Bionic bootup video!
  60. Bionic battery life
  61. Messaging
  62. would verizon loan me a phone till bionic comes out?
  63. 1st phone to OC to 2ghz.
  64. Droid Bionic Commercial (Actual!)
  65. Could the droid bionic possibly be vanilla android?
  66. Using a laptop as the lapdock?
  67. best buy advertising bionic now
  68. is the Bionic a slide out keyboard
  69. $299.99 on contract? are u kidding me!
  70. Need help to bionic or not to bionic?
  71. Bionic storage
  72. How long will it take before something better is out?
  73. Lapdock?
  74. Motorola Droid Bionic Coming soon on Verizon Wireless' websit!
  75. Got a question about upgrading and data plane price?
  76. Price & Release date
  77. Droid Bionic over in "Rumorville"
  78. DROID Bionic Makes a Best Buy Buyer’s Guide Appearance, Look Familiar?
  79. Retail price to be $587
  80. Bionic...sooner than we thought??
  81. Looks like we have confirmed specs
  82. Bionic Accessories Coming Soon to Verizon Site!!!
  83. Droid HD and Bionic Pics!!!
  84. If Sept 8th is the day, will we get preorder information Aug. 25th?
  85. New photos leaked and a funny article
  86. What Google Buying Motorola Could Mean for the Droid Bionic
  87. Bionic shown with blazing speeds over 4g!
  88. Has Google's proposed acquisition of Moto changed your feelings about the Bionic?
  89. Guess we know who'll be making the Nexus 3!
  90. Does this give Bionic buyers any hope?
  91. Droid Bionic Commercial (scenarios)
  92. Motorola rep shows up, Verizon Store Pictures Taken!
  93. Where is the Bionic announcement
  94. Lost my resolve.
  95. Droid Bionic battery life said to be better in latest tester leak
  96. Motorola CEO calls Bionic "only a product"
  97. My baiting tactics need work...
  98. Bionic vs Galaxy SII: game, set & match?
  99. Bionic vs Galaxy SII: game, set & match?
  100. What phone will you be ditching for the beast?
  101. Some Bionic Accessories Available for Pre- Order!!!
  102. Bionic battery life
  103. Spell Check
  104. Screen Resolution..
  105. May 2013 envision
  106. Finally some good pictures
  107. The Hump, Opinions?
  108. Will the Bionic be pretty much the same as the Atrix?
  109. Another New DROID Bionic Gallery Surfaces, Looking More Beautiful by the Minute
  110. doesn't it make more sense?
  111. My plan for the Bionic (hopefully)
  112. 4.3" or 4.5" You Decide?
  113. Someone said...
  114. Bionic Release
  115. No GPS?
  116. New DROID Bionic Pics Surface, Full Look at that Sexy New Back
  117. When will bionic accessories actually be available?
  118. Love Isn't Always on Time; Photon Lust
  119. The Lifespan of Phones
  120. Bionic or Stratosphere and the Problem With Waiting
  121. Bionic releasing 9/8?
  122. Day one buy?
  123. Bionic Release Date Fact
  124. I was on the Bionic band wagon until today.
  125. Are you kidding?
  126. Official Spec's of the Droid Bionic!
  127. Will Rooting of the Photon help with Bionic upon release?
  128. Full Droid Specs...
  129. Talk me outta just buying a Droid 3...
  130. Link Please
  131. Bionic Release Drawing Closer?
  132. Folks complaining about the OMAP 4 in the Bionic check this out
  133. I didn't believe it until I experienced it myself.
  134. Bionic and Ice Cream Sandwich
  135. Droid Bionic Hands On
  136. Wait for Bionic or go with Photon??
  137. Bionic or Prime?
  138. DAE feel that this might kill Motorola?
  139. New link for Bionic being delayed !!!
  140. Bionic vs Samsung Galaxy S2
  141. The good news about the Bionic being delayed
  142. Droid Bionic 1gz processor?
  143. Motorola CEO: DROID Bionic Will Be In Stores in September
  144. Hey verizon, where are you?
  145. Apparently 7/28 wasn't a pre order date....
  146. Offer for customers
  147. Bionic the Tease!
  148. Droid Bionic, Iphone 5, Samsung Galaxy S2 or Google Nexus Prime
  149. Barnes & Nobile Selling A Book Droid Bionic For Dummies!
  150. Criticized
  151. Clearing Up Some Discussion
  152. List of members who vow not to buy a Bionic
  153. Display 7/29, arriving 8/1, sale 8/4 according to Phone Arena
  154. Oh well, too late Bionic. SGII FTW (UPDATE)
  155. Droid bionic, if 3G is possible
  156. New Picture Leaked with another suggestion of 9/1
  157. Possible 8-4-2011 confirmation?
  158. Rumor: Indirect Verizon Dealers Expecting DROID Bionic August 4?
  159. "Droid Magazine"
  160. New DROID Bionic XT875 Lands in Verizon Cellebrite!!!
  161. Droid Bionic vs. Droid 3
  162. Bolt or charge?
  163. Droid Bionic? Maybe not...
  164. Bionic pushed back?
  165. Spotted bionic accessories
  166. Some new accessory photos via Android Central
  167. Bionic has been scrapped
  168. possibly some new pictures
  169. Cool Trick: quick brightness adjust
  170. Latest MDB228 Tweet
  171. Anyone else notice that Amazon pulled the pages for the Docks?
  172. Dimensions Estimation
  173. Bionic release hyping by DL!!
  174. New Droid Bionic Photos Via Amazon
  175. Hinting at Bionic release
  176. Costco changing Atrix displays for???
  177. Bionic release
  178. Bionic Page Faked?
  179. Something official should come today
  180. DROID Bionic "Leak" - FAKE
  181. Droid does website leaked with bionic specs?.
  182. New leak!
  183. Droid Bionic - What we think we know
  184. Is the bionic n trouble,now that the gs2 is comin n aug?
  185. Verizon Bionic signup page...
  186. web browsing
  187. Motorola Dinara or Droid Bionic
  188. Droid Bionic 8/4 or 7/28 VZW Release Date Leak
  189. Bionic opinions.
  190. Amazon Has a Bionic Case for The Bionic Targa!!
  191. Interesting Post I thought I would Share!!
  192. Bionic May Still Be on Track for Aug 4
  193. Droid Bionic may be scrapped.....
  194. First Ever DROID Magazine: Includes a Look at the Brand and Discounts on Accessories
  195. surprised this hasn't been posted. info sign up on
  196. What's the main thing you're looking for in the Bionic?
  197. Droid Bionic on 9/1/11?
  198. Possibly Some Specs Of The Bionic
  199. Droid Bionic exclusive to Verizon, Android jealousy inevitable!
  200. with or w/o NFC?
  201. Official Verizon New Every Two® Policy
  202. I want the Bionic More then Ever after Testing the D3!
  203. Droid Bionic Global ready?
  204. Motorola still has some issues
  205. Boinic Billboard Hanging on The viaduct side of the Lincoln Tunnel?
  206. Pre-order info ?
  207. Motorola Droid Bionic 4G XT875 Updated Specs
  208. VZW Site
  209. Reasons to choose Bionic over iPhone 5
  210. Bionic 3D Video?
  211. Over/under on next real leaked bionic pics
  212. Bionic to have physical keyboard IMO
  213. If the D3 gets root...
  214. What are the latest specs for Bionic
  215. 1 Gig of Ram
  216. Pricing?
  217. How and where should I buy my Bionic?
  218. Quick Questions
  219. Bionic questions...
  220. Original and New Motorola Bionic Comparison Options
  221. You know its gonna be locked...
  222. Droid 3 or continue waiting for Bionic?
  223. Doesn't the qhd screen scare anyone?
  224. Best Buy Ads for the Bionic
  225. TI OMAP gets netflix certification..
  226. Countdown Clock to The September 1st Release Date!!
  227. Did the Motorola Droid Bionic just clear the FCC?
  228. 720p resolution
  229. Cheapest Verizon phone to get Grandfathered in
  230. rumored specs?
  231. New Photo of Motorola Bionic
  232. Verizon Support: 3G Customers Upgrading to 4G After July 7 Can Keep Unlimited Data
  233. Another possible leaked photo
  234. Another Blurry Picture Surfices Could it be The Bionic or another Phone?
  235. What Do You Want to See On The Bionic?
  236. So its come to this...Unlimited Data -or- Bionic
  237. Bionic vs. Gs2
  238. Article about the Bionic
  239. Bionic coming very soon!!
  240. Very Noob question here
  241. data usage
  242. Strategies for Unlimited Data Bionic
  243. The Bionic July 4th weekend? No way
  244. Who though they would get the Bionic?
  245. Do I get an X2? Or do I wait?
  246. N00b Question
  247. What do guys think the battery life will be like/should be like?
  248. Bionic accsessories are staring to arrive!
  249. Release of Droid Bionic before July 6!?
  250. Is it really 4.5?