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  1. New CBS App Helps You To Cut The Cord…Sort Of
  2. Here Comes Halloween: Android Dissected Prepares With Offerings
  3. Pinterest: A Little Bit Of What You Like
  4. Use Your Android Smartphone To Ping Me On BBM
  5. Moto “G” Trademark Spotted,but what is it?
  6. EXCLUSIVE AT&T HTC One Max Photos Emerge! Leaked Images!
  7. [APP] Stealth Icon Pack For Custom Launchers
  8. Free Movies On Your Android Device!
  9. Change Your Notification Background Image With XPOSED Mod!
  10. Verizon LG G2 CyanogenMod 10.2 Nightlies Are Released!
  11. Watch tv online with Aereo
  12. [Deal Alert] Asus Transformer TF700T for Only $355!
  13. BBM is here but the line is long, I'll show you how to cut in line.
  14. [Deal Alert] Google Nexus 10 for Only $$350 on Daily Deals ($150 Off)
  15. More Details are Revealed about HTC's Upcoming Smartwatch & More
  16. Google Buys FlexyCore for $23M; DroidBooster Likely Coming in Future Android Versions
  17. Changelog for Verizon's Moto X
  18. Verizon HTC One Google Play Edition Rom, Eclipse Style!
  19. [APP] Pen Window Manager For The Galaxy Note 3!
  20. Gummy Rom Arrives On The Galaxy S3! (All Variants!)
  21. NEW [ROM] OSE Rom HTC Droid DNA
  22. New Study Reveals More Than One Third of Americans Now Own a Tablet
  23. Android 4.3 Coming to T-Mobile HTC One Today; Rolling Out in Europe Next 3-5 Weeks
  24. HTC and Qualcomm Show Off Matrix Style Slo-Mo Video with 130 HTC Ones
  25. Amazon Smartphone's 3D Real World Object Recognition Tech Detailed in Patent
  26. Verizon & AT&T Versions of the HTC One Max Shows Up in Press Render Leak
  27. Samsung Galaxy S5 Might Not Come with Metal Case & Might Come with 16MP Camera
  28. [APP] WallBox Allows You To Edit WallPapers On Your Device
  29. [ROM] Vanir AOSP makes its way to Verizon HTC One!
  30. NEW [ROM] Galaxy S4 Validus13 Rom by GZ Roms
  31. CF-Auto Root Ported To The Note 10.1 2014 Edition!
  32. More excited about the nexus 5 or 4.4 key lime pie (kit kat)
  33. Is all bloatware equal?
  34. JD Power Study: iPhone Users Like AT&T & VZW; Samsung Users Like Sprint & T-Mobile
  35. Android 4.3 Now Rolling OTA to the GT-I9500 Version of the Galaxy S4
  36. [Deal Alert] Amazon Offers $50 GiftCard With Purchase of 2014 Edition Galaxy Tab 10.1
  37. Next-Gen Tegra 5 & Kepler for Tablets is Further Refined; Offers More Power Than PS3
  38. [Rumor] Insiders Claim New Nexus 5 Will Only Have 2300 mAh Battery
  39. Sony's Future Wireless Charging Tech Can Charge Phone to Full in Less Than an Hour
  40. [Follow-Up] Canadian Carrier Branded Nexus 5 Pics Hit the Web
  41. VIDEO Galaxy Note 3 How To Boot Into Recovery and Odin Download Mode
  42. Verizon Galaxy S4 VRUDMI1 Rooted ala Root De La Vega! by @BeansTown106
  43. Nexus 5 makes a brief appearance on Google Play, listed at $349
  44. Verizon Drops the New Droid Prices – DROID MAXX to $199, ULTRA to $99
  45. New Swiftkey 4.3 Beta Available; Tons of Features & Merges Phone & Tablet Versions
  46. November Will Be a Big Month for LG: G Flex, Nexus 5 and FireFox OS Smartphone
  47. Samsung Galaxy S4 LTE (GT-I9505) Officially Gets Android 4.3
  48. [Follow-Up] More Details Emerge on Possible HTC Kindle Phones
  49. MotoMaker Now Has an iPhone to Moto X Transfer tool; Ships With Your Data Installed
  50. Gummy Rom Is Back! Nexus 7 and Other Devices.
  51. [APP] OTG USB DRIVE, Use A Usb Drive With Your Android
  52. Turning Off Bloat Apps On The Verizon Note 3. No Root Required!
  53. Galaxy Note 3 Unbrick A Hard Brick! Never Worry About Bricking Your Device.
  54. Research Lab Says Moto X Has ‘best performance observed in a mobile display to date’
  55. Amazon Might Partner with HTC to Produce Kindle Phones
  56. Android-Powered Helmet Called 'Skully P1' Has Rear Camera & Augmented Reality
  57. Samsung Developing a Flexible Battery That Will Supposedly Be 'explosion-proof'
  58. Samsung Admits Battery Swelling Issue with Galaxy S4; Offering Free Replacements
  59. Nexus 5 & Android 4.4 KitKat Creatively Confirmed for October 28th Reveal
  60. Verizon's New Double-Wide LTE Network in New York Hits 80Mbps
  61. FREE Wifi Tether Galaxy Note 3 Using The Native Tether App NO ROOT NO HACKS
  62. Cyanogen Mod Teased For The Galaxy Note 3 by Creator Steve Kondik
  63. ODIN File Released For Verizon Galaxy S4 VRUDMI1
  64. Recovery For The Locked Verizon Moto X SafeStrap updated To 3.63 by @Hashcode
  65. T-Mobile to replace grandfathered plans with new Simple Choice plans!!!
  66. Verizon's Samsung Galaxy S4 Now Getting an Update to VRUDMI; Still Only Android 4.2.2
  67. New Nexus 5 Rumors Suggest Pricing & Possible Nexus 4 LTE Device
  68. HTC One Max Announced Yesterday; Sprint & Vodafone UK Will Confirm They Will Carry It
  69. Unboxing Video of the Samsung Galaxy Round Appears Online
  70. Samsung Announced Their New Galaxy J Phone for Japan Last Week
  71. Google+ Hangout with Verizon Execs for Droid Design Chat Today (10/15) 4PM
  72. Sony's Xperia Z1, Xperia Z Ultra and New Smartwatch 2 Debut in the US
  73. ESPN College Football App Now Supported On HTC One and Galaxy S4
  74. Bounty For Bootloader Bypass Recovery Or BL Unlock For VZW Note 3 Reaches $1750!
  75. [APP] Ultimate Sound Control
  76. Fix For MultiTouch Issues On New Nexus 7 2013!
  77. Flat Isn’t Just A Word Its A Graphical Masterpiece
  78. The Wireless BlueBuds X Pack One Heck Of A Punch
  79. Why I think Phone Capable Tablets Are The Best Things Since Sliced Bread
  80. The Only iPhone Designed Element I Would Have On My Android
  81. [THEME] Blu3 CHEEZ for Jelly Bean's Rom!
  82. CASUAL Based Flasher For All Devices! Quickly Flash Kernels, Recoveries and MOre!
  83. NEW Rom Installer App By JRummy Released To PlayStore!
  84. KNOX safe Root Method Released For The Galaxy Note 3!
  85. Nexus 5 hands on video
  86. Verizon Galaxy Note 3 Overview...
  87. DROID made with Diamonds and Lasers
  88. Samsung's Website Shows A Developer Edition of the Galaxy Note 3 is 'Coming Soon'
  89. Sprint Now Offering Preorders for the LG G2 ahead of November 8th Launch
  90. [Rumor] Samsung May Move Galaxy S5 Launch Up to January Due to Weak Galaxy S4 Sales
  91. Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 Edition Launches in U.S.
  92. Amazon's Best Selling Device is No Longer a Kindle; It's the Chromecast
  93. Nexus 5 Gets Bluetooth Cert; Also Images Reveal ‘Tap & Pay’ and New Location Settings
  94. Google Plans to Shutter GoogleTV and Transform it into AndroidTV
  95. Get the Verizon Samsung Galaxy Note 3 for Only $210 On Contract (Limited Time)
  96. HTC One Max Pictured and Full Specs Confirmed Again
  97. Google Launchpad Devs State Nexus 5 & Android 4.4 KitKat Launching on Oct. 15th
  98. LG Officially Announces the LG G Pro Lite; a Budget Phablet for Emerging Markets
  99. [Double Deal Alert] LG G2 & Moto X at Amazon for Just $99 On New Contracts
  100. Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and Galaxy Gear at Verizon and US Cellular Stores Today
  101. New [ROM] Malladus 1.1 For The Verizon LG G2!!
  102. Google Releases The Android 4.3.1 Factory Image For The Nexus 7 2013!
  103. More On Samsung KNOX From ChainFire, KNOX Maybe An Efuse
  104. New Tap Leaves 3D Live Wallpaper Just In Time For The Fall.
  105. Your Next Launcher Is Out Of This World And You Won’t Even Need 3D Glasses!
  106. How The Galaxy Note 8 Has Changed My Life: An Update
  107. A Music Player To Please Your Ears And Your Eyes
  108. Were Edgar Poe A Tweeting Man, Carbon Would He Have At Hand
  109. Moto X: The Phone I’ve Been Waiting For
  110. Keep Your Eyes And Hands On The Road
  111. One of the Five 18-carat Gold HTC One Smartphones is Already Scuffed & Worn
  112. [Follow-Up] Amazon Shuts Down International Chromecast Orders; Existing Orders Good
  113. [Exclusive] Verizon Will Offer Galaxy Gear Outside of a Bundle for $300 Tomorrow
  114. [Follow-Up] Nexus 5 Won't Include MEMS Camera Tech, but Oppo Devices Will
  115. Samsung's Galaxy Note 3 Was Originally Going to Include Fingerprint Sensor
  116. Samsung Shows Off Dramatic Musical Short Film Commercial for Galaxy Note 3 & Gear
  117. [Video] Samsung Galaxy Round First Hands-On Video
  118. Samsung Galaxy Round Officially Announced: Curved 5.7" OLED, 3GB Ram & More
  119. What do You Guys Think About a Nexus Smart Watch?
  120. [ROM] Liquid Smooth 2.1 Android 4.3 Released For Many Devices!
  121. Tapatalk Is Now FREE!
  122. Time To Upgrade. HashCode Announces His Retirement From OMAP Device Support.
  123. One Click Clock Work Mod Flasher For The HTC One!
  124. First Leaked Photo of a Curved Samsung Device!!!
  125. HTC Will be Offering an Ultra Limited Edition 18-carat Gold Plated HTC One for $4400
  126. HTC One Max to Launch Next Week
  127. Chromecast is Now Being Offered Internationally Through Amazon
  128. More Moto DVX Rumors: 4.5" Display, Same X8 Architecture as Moto X; All for Only $200
  129. Samsung SM-G910S Gets Certified in Korea; Could be the Flexible Display Galaxy Round
  130. [Rumor] Motorola Prepping Phablet Called Xplay & Droid Ultra Successor Called Quantum
  131. New Nexus 5 Rumors: OS Pics, Pricing, Specs, & Different Battery for Each Model
  132. [APP] Region LockAway by "Chainfire"
  133. Here We Go! SafeStrap Locked Bootloader Bypass For The MotoX! TWRP Recovery!
  134. Verizon HTC One Bootloader Unlock Method Is Here!
  135. Samsung Working on New 13MP OIS Camera With Greatly Improved Brightness & Stability
  136. Samsung Working on Google Glass Competitor, Dubbed “Gear Glass”
  137. [Deal Alert] Best Buy Selling Sprint, Verizon & AT&T Moto X for Just $99 On Contract
  138. [Follow-Up] Both Samsung & Best Buy Deny Claims of an Investment/Merger
  139. LG's G Pad 8.3 Likely Will be Launched October 14th in Korea
  140. MotoMaker for the Moto X Could Be Coming to Verizon on November 11th
  141. Samsung Counters LG: Thinner & Lighter Flex Display Devices Maybe Coming This Week
  142. LG Officially Confirms They Are Mass Producing Flexible Displays for Smartphones
  143. Orbot: Mobile Anonymity
  144. Nexus 5 Service Manual
  145. Dual-SIM version of Galaxy Note 3 launches in China
  146. HTC One Max Photo Surfices With A Verizon Branding On it!
  147. (Rumor) Verizon planning To End All Unlimited Data Plans By End Of 2014!
  148. AT&T Announces Moto X Update with Camera Improvements & More Rolling Out Now
  149. Sony Xperia Z1 Faces Off Against Concrete in Drop Tests
  150. Samsung Might Invest in Best Buy & Vice Chairman Lee Calls Apple's CEO 'Captain Cook'
  151. [Deal Alert] Best Buy Offering Samsung Galaxy S4 and iPhone 5C at $50 Bucks Off
  152. Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and Galaxy Gear Now Available at Sprint and AT&T
  153. Surprising New Android 4.3.1 Update Quietly Rolls Out to Nexus 7 (2013) Models
  154. Gloom & Doom for HTC; Plus Microsoft Suggests Windows & Android Dual-boot HTC Phones
  155. cLock Appears In The Play Store As Chronus Widget!
  156. The Next BIG Theme! BANX!
  157. Ultimate Verizon Galaxy Note 2 Thread!
  158. [THEME] Apollo Midnight Blue Theme! Theme All The Things!
  159. [Rumor] Amazon Working on Two Android Phones; a Budget Model & a 3D Flagship
  160. Asus-Made Next-Gen Google Nexus 10 Tablet May Be Coming Soon
  161. Several Android 4.4 KitKat Features & Pics Leak as Well as an Easter Egg
  162. [Rumor] Samsung Curved Smartphone Could be First in New Series, Not an 'LE' GNote3
  163. Android 4.3 Rolling Out to Sprint HTC One; HTC Elaborates Plans for Other Carriers
  164. LG G Flex May be Name of First LG Curved Display Device
  165. Android 4.3 Has Been Leaked For The Galaxy S4 and Note 2
  166. Galaxy Note 3 Rooted Prior To Release Via CF-Auto-Root!
  167. [Deal Alert] T-Mobile is Offering the LG G2, the Galaxy Note 3 and more for $0 Down
  168. Let the countdown begin! Galaxy Note 3 and Galaxy Gear Release date is near!
  169. Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Costs $240 to Build and the Display is the Priciest Part
  170. More Info Leaks About Samsung & LG Curved Flex Displays
  171. [Rumor] Asus Might Lose Contract for Third Generation Nexus 7
  172. Google Chromecast Now Supported by Hulu Plus App
  173. [Rumor 2] Nexus 5 May Come with MEMS Camera; Also OIC & More Confirmed in Log Files
  174. [Rumor] Nexus 5 Coming End of October
  175. Transfer Files From Your PC To Your Phone With Ease Via WebSharing 2.0
  176. Galaxy S4 Lockscreen For Any ICS+ Device!
  177. NEW Custom [KERNEL] Verizon Galaxy S3, BMS Android 4.2/4.3 AOSP
  178. [THEME] Half Shade Icon Pack!
  179. Humorous Video Shows Off the Power of Google Fiber
  180. Samsung Galaxy Note LineUp Already Sold 40M Units; Note2 Accounted for 30M
  181. T-Mobile is Shutting Down their Classic Plans at Best Buy, Walmart & More on Nov 1st
  182. Apple & Google Overtake Coca-Cola as World's Most Valuable Brand
  183. Another Leaked Pic and Spec-list Arrive for the Nexus 5
  184. Verizon's HTC One Gets an Update Which Reduces Device Lock-Ups
  185. Out With The New In With Synergy
  186. Nexus Style Grabs Us In A Circularly New Way
  187. Fantasy Sports Addicts: It’s Not Too Late To Hit The Gridiron!
  188. Get The Best Protection With UAG
  189. Cyanogen Mod Inc Needs You To Beta Test CM Installer
  190. Themes For Team Win Recovery Project!
  191. UPDATE: Verizon Is Honoring The Upgrade Glitch You Get To Keep Your Unlimited Data!
  192. [THEME] Slate Theme Engine Theme
  193. It Looks Like The Galaxy Note 3 has gotten Rooted Already!
  194. [Rumor] Sony Xperia X1 Mini Specs and Pics Hit the Web
  195. Budget Priced Moto DVX Spotted in FCC Pics
  196. AT&T Confirms Samsung Galaxy Note 3 & Galaxy Gear Available on Their Network Oct. 4th
  197. Samsung & LG Flexible Displays Coming in October & More
  198. Nexus 5 Appears with Android 4.4 in Leaked logfiles; Might Come with nano-SIM Slot
  199. That's All Folks! Verizon Closed The Loophole To Upgrade And Maintain Unlimited Data.
  200. How I Payed $299 To PreOrder The Galaxy Note 3 And Kept Unlimited Data!
  201. Possible Issue Syncing The Galaxy Note 3 With the Original Galaxy Note 10.1
  202. Beats Audio Officially Buys Itself Back from HTC
  203. White LG G2 Showing up for $200 On Contract; Wirefly Has VZW Black One for $150
  204. Square Enix Brings Classic 2D Final Fantasy V to the Google Play Store for $15.99
  205. Moto DVX Coming with Interchangeable Backplates; Cheaper Version of Moto X
  206. Galaxy Note 3 Region Locking Not as Bad as First Thought; Workaround Possible
  207. [APP] Show Box, All You Can Eat Free Shows!
  208. Another File Sharing App Dash Droid Helps You Sync Files Between Android and Windows
  209. [APP] Private Place Brings Secrecy To Your SMS, MMS, and Calls
  210. An Honest Shot At An Unlocked Bootloader For The VZW HTC One!
  211. Samsung Admits Galaxy Gear 'lacks'; SGS4 Compatibility in Oct, GNote2 & SGS3 in Dec
  212. Samsung's Galaxy Note 10.1 (2014 Model) Launches October 10th for $550
  213. Sprint Getting Moto X Update & AT&T Sends Out Soak Test Invites as Well
  214. The European and American Versions of the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Are Region Locked
  215. The HTC One Developer Edition Starts Getting Android 4.3 Rollout
  216. [Rumor] The Android 4.3 Update for the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 is Already in Testing
  217. HTC One Max Passes Chinese Certification Tests; Likely Coming October 15th
  218. Verizon LG G2 Loki Hacked for TWRP compatibility.
  219. [APP] RealPlayer Cloud Enables You Stream Your Videos To Any Devices
  220. Themer Beta By MyColorScreen Coming Soon!
  221. [APP] Front Camera Mirror
  222. Samsung is Planning to Bring Forth More 'Premium' Line of Metal Galaxy F Devices
  223. Samsung Officially Admits Curved-Screen Flexible Display Device Coming Next Month
  224. Samsung Announces a Gold-colored Galaxy S4
  225. Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Officially Launches Today in 140 Countries Globally
  226. Full Breakdown of Amazon's New Forked Version of Android, Called 'Mojito'
  227. Amazon Officially Announces New Kindle Fire HD & Kindle Fire HDX Models
  228. NvFlash Blobs make your Original Nexus 7 virtually unbrickable!
  229. Cyanogen Mod adds AppOps, Privacy Guard Functionality to 10.2
  230. If You Have Froyo or Newer Android You Can Have Pie Controls!
  231. [PSA] Moto X Root Users Do Not Accept The Latest OTA update!
  232. National Coffee Day September 29
  233. Verizon CEO Discusses Unlimited Data, Pricing and More at Investor's Conference
  234. App topic of the week: Hiding photos
  235. T-Mobile's Moto X Gets a Large Update with Big Camera Improvements
  236. App topic of the bi-week
  237. [Rumor] Refresh of HTC One Coming with Octa-core Processor, 3GB RAM & More
  238. Developer Edition and Canadian HTC One Both Getting Android 4.3 Soon
  239. [Rumor] Samsung Confirms Flex Display for Galaxy Note 3 Next Month, Metal SGS5 & More
  240. Teaser Video for Possible Droid Tablet Tweeted by Verizon
  241. New Team Themes For NFL and NCAA Football Fanatics!
  242. Cyanogen Mod with AirPlay Mirroring
  243. Focal's Exodus From Cyanogen Mod Leads To Play Store Entrance!Q
  244. [Theme] Synergy Is Back!!!
  245. New Moto X Out-Performs New iPhones in Durability Tests
  246. Galaxy S5 Metal Casing Rumor Closer to Reality; Samsung Shopping for Metal Case OEM
  247. Google's Gmail Hit With Service Disruption
  248. Oppo N1 Officially Announced; Rotating Camera, Official CyanogenMod Support & More
  249. Sprint Officially Announces Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Coming October 4th
  250. Samsung in 'final stages' on 64-Bit Exynos; May Show Up in Galaxy S5