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  1. HTC One Available at HTC Online Store: Sprint, Unlocked & Dev Editions
  2. [Rumor]Nexus 5 Not Coming to Google I/O; Instead 32GB LTE LG Nexus 4 with Android 5.0
  3. Gorilla Glass 3 on the Samsung Galaxy S4 Faces Off Against Knives in Scratch Test
  4. [APP] OrientationLocker Keeps Your Phone From Auto-Rotating
  5. @DroidTh3ory Is Back! CODEX Rom For The Galaxy Nexus!
  6. Hasoon2000 Released ToolKit For Rooting The AT&T HTC One!
  7. ROM [Unofficial] Cyanogen Mod 10.1 Droid RAZR HD Unlocked Bootloader!
  8. TIP- How To Keep Root When Upgrading Your BIONIC To Jelly Bean OTA!
  9. The Bearer of BadNews
  10. Verizon Signup Page for Galaxy S4 is now Up
  11. Samsung Planning to Ship 10 Million SGS4s in First Month & 30 Million by July
  12. OUYA Passes Through the FCC On Way Toward Final Launch
  13. [Deal Alert] New Asus Transformer Pad Infinity (TF700T) for just $375 on Woot!
  14. Larry Page Confirms Google Glass Runs on Android; Also Praises New Motorola Devices
  15. Verizon 4G LTE Coming to 5 New Markets Today
  16. Verizon Tweet Confirms Samsung Galaxy S4 Coming in May
  17. Nationwide Availability for the HTC One Starts Today in the US
  18. Humorous Innuendo Laden Trailer for Intriguing Strategy Game: 'Leviathan Warships'
  19. VIDEO Theme Review Seeing Red Theme Chooser Theme!
  20. [Rumor] Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Will Not Feature Samsung's Flexible Display Tech
  21. @Nmiltner Releases The Highly Anticipated "Smartees" Icon Pack!
  22. Amazon Reportedly Bought EVI, Siri-like Voice Assistant App
  23. Samsung Galaxy S4 Flown in by Helicopter to Romania in Flashy Video Ad
  24. Google Has Pushed New Code To AOSP! 4.2.2_1.2 JDQ39E "NOT K- Whatever!"
  25. Pantech Vega 'Iron" Announced with Minimal Bezel Display
  26. @MattLGroff Has Updated His Droid RAZR Utility to 1.20! For Droid RAZR HD
  27. [Rumor] The Newest X Phone Rumor Suggests it Will Come in 20 or More Color Options
  28. [THEME] Simple Red Theme for CM10.1 AOKP Theme Chooser!
  29. Verizon, AT&T, Target & More Supposedly Running 'Sham' Offices to Dodge Taxes
  30. VIDEO How To Install Cm10 Cyanogen Mod On The Newly Unlocked Razr HD!
  31. [APP] AOKPush Brings All The Builds To Your Devices!
  32. Initial Google Glass First-Person Videos Appear Online
  33. HP Slate 7 UK Release Date Confirmed for May 1st with Price of £129
  34. Reports Suggest Samsung's Flexible Display Technology Will be Delayed
  35. [ROM] RageHD v1.0 For Motorola Droid RAZR HD
  36. Motorola's Big Plans for Next-Gen Devices; No Phablets, 'better is better' & More
  37. Premium Icon Pack Veriscolor DL Pink Is Now FREE!
  38. T-Mobile & Sprint Announce Their Samsung Galaxy S4: $150 in Late April
  39. Themed Facebook Home Messenger!
  40. AOKP Hits 1Million Downloads! Releases Milestone! Nightlies Have Arrived!
  41. Google, We Need To Talk: The Twisted Tale Of SCSCreations
  42. Verizon's Galaxy S4 Appears on Samsung Website without VZW Logo on Home Button
  43. [Rumor] Leaked Specs for High-End Samsung 'Roma' 10-Inch Tablet Hit the Web
  44. Team Win Recovery Project Reaches Now On HTC One!
  45. Eric Schmidt Says Google's New Products 'Phenomenal'; Android 1.5M Activations/Day
  46. Liquid Smooth 4.2.2 Nightlies Now Available For All Galaxy S3 Variants!
  47. [APP] RoundR Brings Rounded Corners To Your Android Screens!
  48. Verizon is Attempting to Lease Spectrum from ClearWire
  49. Japan's SoftBank Confident it Will Close Sprint Merger Despite DISH Counteroffer
  50. Symantec Study Shows iOS more Vulnerable to Malware, but Android is Targeted More
  51. Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 Tablets Coming in Red and Grey Versions as Well as White
  52. [Rumor] Specs Leak for Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 (8.0 & 10.1 Versions); Summer Launch
  53. Google Glass Roundup: MyGlass App in Play Store, Full Specs, Setup Page & More
  54. AT&T HTC One Bootloader Unlocked and Rooted Prior To Release!
  55. FREE [ICONS] ICS Glow Icons
  56. Asus Cube (GoogleTV Device) Goes Up for Preorder on NewEgg for $139
  57. Hot Spot Control APP Allows You To Use Native HotSpot On Android!
  58. Facebook Home Launch-day Commercial Tickles the Funny Bone
  59. Forecast Improves for HTC as HTC One Supply Chain Problems Ease
  60. Droid BIONIC Jelly Bean UPdate Leaked! Flash NOw!
  61. DISH Network Outbids SoftBank with $25.5 Billion Offer to Buy Sprint
  62. US Galaxy S4 Launch Dates for VZW, AT&T & T-Mobile in Leaked Staples Doc
  63. Facebook Home On Any Android Device 4.0 Or Higher!
  64. ElementalX Rom Now On The Droid Charge!
  65. [THEME] Seeing Red Official Release Theme Chooser Theme!
  66. Toshiba AT10-A Might Be First Tegra 4 Device; Slightly Faster than Exynos 5 Octa
  67. Verizon Makes Contract and Upgrade Rules Stricter; Abandons Early Upgrades
  68. Android Dissected's Featured Developer: Will Windham
  69. Samsung's Biggest Problem is Keeping up with Chip Production for Smartphone Demand
  70. NVIDIA's Kepler Mobile for Tegra 5 Promises Console Quality Games on Tablets
  71. Verizon Announces 4.1.2 Build 98.72.22 for Droid BIONIC Rolling Out April 15th
  72. New X Phone Rumor Suggests Release Has Slipped to 'August or Later'
  73. New Leak Suggests Sprint Bringing LTE to Los Angeles and 20 Other Markets April 12
  74. Android Dissected's Theme of the Week: Cosmopolitan by Juan Sebastian
  75. Cyanogen Mod 10.1 M3 Released For Many Devices!
  76. AT&T Will Launch the HTC First ('Facebook Home') Phone as Their Flagship April 12th
  77. Launcher Seeks To Make Your Phone Dynamic
  78. [PREVIEW] Ultimate Must Have APP "Razr Toolbox" for Any Rooted Device!
  79. What You May Not Know About GALAXY S4 Innovative Technology
  80. [ROM] Jelly Beer is Here for the Verizon Galaxy Nexus!
  81. [VIDEO] How To Flash Custom Recovery and Root Razr HD, Maxx HD, Razr M, Atrix HD
  82. Mobile Continues Crushing Flailing PC Industry; Worst Sales Drop in History Recorded
  83. Nexus 10 Covers Hit the Google Play Store for $29.99
  84. Pics of Huawei Edge Flagship Leak; Elegant & Slender Aluminum Frame Impresses
  85. Samsung Officially Reveals the Galaxy Mega 5.8 & 6.3
  86. Security Expert & Hacker Demonstrates How to Hijack an Airplane with an Android App
  87. Android Dissected's Editorial: The Politics Of Nerd Infighting
  88. Samsung Galaxy S4 Teardown Video Shows It's Pretty Repairable
  89. First Few Samsung Galaxy S4 Video Commercials Arrive
  90. Asus Finally Shares Release Date and Pricing for Fonepad
  91. TWRP Available For Newly Unlocked Moto Devices Thanks To Dev HashCode!
  92. Get a Refurbed Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 on Woot! for just $329.99
  93. LG May Beat Samsung to Market with Flexible OLED Technology
  94. [THEME] BigDX Jelly Bean Extreme for the Droid RAZR HD
  95. Cool Infographic Details How Google Glass Works; Suggests AR Interactive Future
  96. HTC Posts the Source Code for the Droid DNA and Some Versions of the HTC One
  97. Cool Pantech Vega 6 Commercial Uses Stop-Motion and Creativity
  98. New Exynos 5 Octa-core Galaxy S4 Benchmark Crushes All Others (Including Itself)
  99. Google Play 4.0 Inverted and Blacked Out! Easy On The Eyes!
  100. [ROM] Chameleon OS for The Verizon Galaxy Note 2!
  101. Ultra Explorer Open Source Android File Explorer
  102. Editorial: BitCoins & LiteCoins; Mining the Future?
  103. VIDEO- How To Root 4.1.2 JB Razr HD, Maxx HD, Razr M, Atrix HD
  104. FoxFi (WiFi tethering App without root) Useable on Multiple Moto Jelly Bean Devices
  105. Xiaomi Mi2S Launched in China; Beats SGS4 in Benchmarks
  106. Google Officially Announces the Rollout of a Newly Updated Google Play Store
  107. SEGA Announces Original Sonic the Hedgehog Coming to Android in April for $2.99
  108. Asus Releases MeMo Pad ME172V in the US for $150
  109. Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 Officially Launching April 11th for $400
  110. Universal ADB Driver For Windows by Koush!
  111. Theme [ICONS] "Flatcons" For The Minimalist Look
  112. Editorial: Hello Moto?!
  113. T-Mobile Might Get the Sony Xperia Z; Testing Now
  114. Acer Aims at the iPad Mini with Iconia A1-810 Jelly Bean 4.2 Tablet for €199
  115. Android Dissected's Auto Flasher App Review
  116. [Updated] Google Fiber is Un-Officially Rolling Out to Austin, Texas
  117. [ROM] Hyperdrive RLS10 Galaxy S4 Feats on your Galaxy S3!
  118. PreOrder the Sprint HTC One for Just $130 Over at NewEgg (New or Renewed Contract)
  119. Android Dissected's UCCW Skins of the Week: Episode 8
  120. Samsung's Galaxy Note 3 Will Be First Sammy Phone to Come with S Orb
  121. Kittehface Software Launches PhotoSphere Live Wallpaper in Google Play Store
  122. Here We Go! RAZR HD, Maxx HD, Razr M Bootloaders Unlocked For All! DOWNLOAD NOW!
  123. What's Too Big? Rumors Detail More info on Samsung Galaxy Mega 5.8 and 6.3
  124. HP's Slate 7 Android Tablet Goes Up for PreOrder in Europe for €149
  125. [APP] Root Call Blocker ON SALE NOW!
  126. LEAKED Facbook Home! Download Now!
  127. BREAKING Droid RAZR M, RAZR HD, RAZR MAXX HD Bootloader Unlock Is Here!
  128. EXCLUSIVE [THEME] Seeing Red Theme for Theme Chooser by SparkyMan!
  129. [WINNER] Remote Control Helicopter with Camera Gyro
  130. [APP] Battery Core Live Wallpaper Uniquely Displays Battery Status!
  131. [APP] Notification OFF helps makes managing app notifications simple!
  132. Full Google Glass Demonstration at SXSW on Video
  133. HTC Will Offer the 64GB Developer Edition HTC One for $649.99 on April 19
  134. SICK [THEME] SubZ3RO Theme For Theme Chooser!
  135. HTC Announces Their Live Experience Tour for their Rock Star the HTC One
  136. [ROM] Liquid Smooth 4.2.2 Makes Its Way To Motorola Devices!
  137. Sprint Has the HTC One PreOrder Up; Only $100 Bucks For New Customers!
  138. Motorola Droid RAZR MAXX HD Drops to $79 bucks On New Contract Through Amazon
  139. [VIDEO] Project X Theme Chooser Theme Full Review
  140. Facebook Home App Demonstrated on Video
  141. Facebook Home & HTC First to Focus Our Smartphones on Being Open & Connected
  142. NEW [ROM] Chameleon OS For Many Devices!
  143. Android Dissected's Theme of the Week: Infinity by Chad Frankos
  144. Samsung's Wi-Fi Only Galaxy Camera Shipping Soon for $450
  145. Verizon Watching T-Mobile's 'Uncarrier' Pricing Closely; CEO Would Consider It
  146. HTC One PreOrders Start at AT&T, Tomorrow at Sprint; Both $200 32GB Model Contract
  147. Samsung Levels Up; Opening 1400 'Samsung Experience' Shops in Best Buy Stores in US
  148. The Galaxy S4 Has Been Rooted! For Real This Time!
  149. Colourform For HD Widgets Is Now Official And Available On Google Play
  150. EXCLUSIVE [APP] ThemeCenter for NM Themes!
  151. [ROM] BC4 JB Rom v1.0 Liquid 4.2.2 for Droid RAZR
  152. Thanks For Paying: How The Freemium Model Is Destroying Android Gaming.......
  153. Soak Test Invites for Jelly Bean on the Motorola Droid Bionic Hitting In-Boxes
  154. Asus Announced TF700T (US SKU) is slated to get JellyBean today!
  155. Buzz Launcher with HomePack Buzz Home Screen Sharing Service
  156. The CellPhone Celebrates Its 40th B-Day Today
  157. Lenovo's Intel CloverTrail+ Equipped K900 Edges Past Galaxy S4 In Performance
  158. New/Old Benchmarking App Comes to Android: Futuremark 3DMark for Android
  159. [Rumor] Next-Gen Nexus 7 Coming in July with Qualcomm Processor & Cheaper Price
  160. Two Instances Of Android Running On One Galaxy S2 Via Parallels Project!
  161. [ROM] JDX for Verizon Galaxy Nexus Updated To v13.3
  162. [VIDEO] Droid RAZR HD Nexesque Deblurred AOSP ROM Full Review and Install
  163. Android Dissected: Screenshot Sunday Special Week!
  164. Sprint Launching HTC One on April 19th; Pre-orders Begin April 5th $200 On Contract
  165. [Rumor] The Upcoming Facebook Phone will Be Called the HTC First
  166. Themed [APP] Blacked Out Mighty Text for Tablets!
  167. Samsung Double: Samsung & Apple Back to Court; USPTO Rules Apple's 381 Patent Invalid
  168. TSMC & ARM Successfully Tape Out First 16nm Cortex-A57 Processor
  169. [Rumor] Shipping Dates for Galaxy S4 in Europe Supposedly Confirmed; Two Weeks
  170. Sony Xperia Z Dipped in Sulfuric Acid for 5 Seconds Comes Away Fine! Really, Really!
  171. Apps In Tablet or Phone Mode, Per App DPI On Any Rooted Android Device!
  172. T-Mobile Updates Their HTC One Sign-Up Page; Now Offers Free Car Dock With Order
  173. AT&T Officially Announces the HTC One Will Arrive April 19th for $200 On Contract
  174. Samsung SGH-I337 Passes Through FCC Hoops with 4G LTE AT&T Radios
  175. Android Takes 8-Point Lead Over iOS in the U.S.
  176. [THEME] Cosmopolitan Theme for CM/AOKP/PA Theme Chooser
  177. Samsung Galaxy S4 ROOTED Ahead Of Release!
  178. Three-Way Developer of the Month Contest Tie-Breaker Vote! [Poll]
  179. OUYA Release Date Confirmed for June 4th at $99 Bucks
  180. Google Spams April Fool's Jokes; GMail Blue, YouTube Gone Treasure Maps & More
  181. Samsung Confirms on Twitter Exynos 5 Octa Chip Works Fine with all 20 LTE Bands
  182. Carbon Vs. Titanium A Battle of Backups
  183. Android Dissected: Screenshot Sunday Requirements
  184. [Rumor] HTC One Component Shortage Will Last Through April
  185. Quickly and Instantly Share Your Thoughts With "Social Notification"
  186. Verizon's Samsung Galaxy S IV Passes Through FCC
  187. [APP] Remote Turn Off. Turn Off Your Phone With SMS!
  188. Jelly Bean's Build 12 Is Here For Galaxy Note II
  189. APP Minimalistic Text Gives Your Devices A Clean Look And Feel!
  190. Screenshot Sunday: Episode 28
  191. [ROM] Elemental X has arrived on the Galaxy Note II
  192. New Shutters Feature Added To Action Launcher Pro!
  193. [APP] Better Battery Life With Wake Lock Detector
  194. New [THEME] Sense 5 Theme for Theme Chooser!
  195. Need A New Clock Widget? DashClock Helps With That…And More!
  196. I May Be Uncarrier-ing Verizon Via T-Mobile
  197. Updates Roll Out OTA for Amazon Kindle Fire (2nd-gen), and Kindle Fire HD 7" & 8.9"
  198. Amazon Launches X-Ray for TV; Helps You Find Actor Names & More
  199. [Rumor] New Motorola X Phone & Motorola Nexus Phone Details Leak
  200. APP [ICONS] Simple Pink Icon Theme
  201. Verizon Galaxy Nexus 4.2.2 Factory Image Is Available For Your Unbricking Needs!
  202. [ROM] AOKP JB MR 1.1 For RAZR, Droid4, Droid3 and Bionic Released! Feat KEXEC!
  203. Pre-Orders for the AT&T Samsung Galaxy S4 Start April 16th for $250
  204. Asus PadFone Infinity Pre-Orders Open in Taiwan; Shipping in April
  205. Sprint's Galaxy S4 Hits the FCC with Global Roaming in Tow
  206. Exynos 5 Octa-Based Galaxy S4 Destroys All Other Android Devices in Benchmarks
  207. Hilarious UK Commercial Pokes Fun at Apple and Mobile Gadgets in General
  208. [VIDEO] APP [ICONS] AndyCons Icon Skins, Theme All The Icons!
  209. Samsung Galaxy Stratosphere 2 for VZW Getting Jelly Bean Update OTA Starting Today
  210. Samsung Gained the Most Mobile Patents in 2012 and Now Has the Most Globally
  211. [Rumor] Amazon's 4.7-inch Android Phone Ramps Into Production End of Q2
  212. New IDC Study Says Tablets to Surpass Desktop PC Sales This Year & Laptops in 2014
  213. Initial Galaxy S4 Battery Tests Look Promising; Perhaps 3 Days Without Charging
  214. Motorola Droid Bionic Getting Jelly Bean in Q2
  215. New [THEME] Elemental X Minimal Theme Chooser Theme!
  216. New [ROM] Elemental X, A NitroGlycerine33 Project!
  217. New Galaxy S4 Wallpapers and Ringtones Pulled From System Dump! Download Now!
  218. New S Voice Pulled From Galaxy S4 System Dump For Your Enjoyment!
  219. Verizon, Sprint & AT&T Respond to T-Mobile's New 'Un-Carrier' Attack
  220. T-Mobile Press Event Blows Minds: Amazing Plans, New Phones, LTE & More Full Details
  221. HTC Story 4: Preorders for the HTC One in the US Hit 'several hundred thousand'
  222. HTC Story 3: HTC Butterfly Sees Amazing Success in Japan and Taiwan; Successor Coming
  223. HTC Story 2: HTC Camera Glitch Mis-reported; Turns Out to be a Single Faulty Device
  224. HTC Big News Day Story 1: Qualcomm to Help HTC Market the HTC One
  225. Courtroom War Between LG and Samsung Resumes, More than Just Patents Now
  226. New [THEME] RED-N-BOLD For the Droid RAZR
  227. NEW [ROM] AOKP/Vanir AK47 Rom For The Verizon Galaxy Nexus!
  228. ROM ToolBox By JRummy Receives An Update With Some New Features!
  229. Cyanogen Mod Adds The Popular Pie Control To Nightly Builds
  230. Fake X Phone Render for Your Afternoon Groaning Humor
  231. [Rumor] Samsung's Next Galaxy Tab 3 to Have 8-Core Processor & Full HD Display
  232. Beyond just original content; ouya will emulate nintendo 64, snes and nes at launch
  233. [ROM] MIUI v5 has been ported to the Verizon Galaxy Nexus!
  234. Save Battery With The Optimus Battery Saver APP
  235. [Rumor] Samsung Will Launch 6.3-Inch Galaxy Foneblet; Was on Samsung Support Page
  236. Mighty Text Brings SMS To Your PC or Tablet!
  237. [Rumor] Nexus 5 to Skip 1080p 5-inch Display in Favor of Compactness, Camera & More
  238. NEW Inverted Google Keep App!
  239. HTC Dropping the 'Quietly Brilliant' Part of Logo/Tagline
  240. [Rumor] New X Phone Rumors Suggest Crazy Specs and November Launch
  241. CyanogenMod's Steve Kondik Leaves Samsung After 19 Months on the Job
  242. [APP] HD Widgets 3.8 with Colourform Theme Pack!
  243. B-Boy Has Blacked Out Facebook 2.3 and 6 Other Popular Apps!
  244. HOT NEW [ROM] PACMAN Port For The Droid Bionic!
  245. [APP] SuperBeam, Easy And Fast Way To Share Files Using Wifi Direct!
  246. [ROM] Eclipse JB For The Droid 4
  247. APP [ICONS] AndyCons Icon Skins In Red, White, Green, Blue, Purple
  248. -[ROM] BAMF Paradigm v3.1 Android 4.2.2 for Nexus Devices!
  249. Twitter War Between HTC and Samsung Gets Stopped Short
  250. Asus Starts Pushing Out Android 4.1.1/Jelly Bean for the OG PadFone