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  1. Samsung Galaxy S4 prepares to break 10 million sales this week
  2. NEW GAPPS 4.2.2 For Your Rom Flashing Needs Courtesy of @DroidTh3ory!
  3. NEW BetaCons Icon Pack! by @sparkyman216
  4. GUIDE Easy Unlock Bootloader For RAZR HD and Maxx HD
  5. [ROM] Carbon Rom Nightlies Make Their Way To The Droid 4!
  6. Android Dissected: Theme Of The Week: Edition Nine
  7. Google TV Gets the Newest Versions of Android and Chrome; Faster Updates in Future
  8. [Rumor] New Nexus 7 and Android 4.3 Coming in July
  9. [Poll] Like, Dislike, Unsure of Google Glass; Google Wants Developers to Hack Glass
  10. Samsung Responds to Criticism Regarding GS4 Storage; Plans 'Further Optimizations'
  11. Google Will Soon Offer New Service: Send/Receive Money Through Google Wallet or Gmail
  12. Watch the Entire 4 Hour Google I/O 2013 Keynote in Case You Missed It
  13. HTC One Rumored for VZW Again & HTC Droid DNA Available Free for a Limited Time
  14. [Follow-Up] 'Blue Arctic' Samsung Galaxy S4 Makes Appearance via Video
  15. WinterBoard Theming Engine Allows The Installation Of PlayStore Themes Without a Rom
  16. CYDIA Substrate Available NOW For Android!
  17. Remote Terminal Allows You To Execute Commands On Your Device Remotely via SMS!
  18. [ROM] Eclipse RAZR HD The Resurrection by @nitroglycerine
  19. Google Officially Announces Hangouts Unified Messaging Service
  20. Sign Up for an Early Access Invite to the New Google Maps!
  21. Google Now Evolves; Google Developing 'Star Trek-like' Voice Interaction with Devices
  22. Google I/O Focuses on Devs: New Gaming Service, Improved GCM & Dev Console, & More
  23. [ANNOUNCED] Google Play Music 'All Access' Rolling Out Today
  24. Google Announces Google Edition Pure Android Samsung Galaxy S4
  25. Android Dissected: Skin Cancer Awareness Month And The #blackoutyourphone Project
  26. [WATCH] Google I/O Live!
  27. Verizon CFO Says One Third of Customers Already on Shared Data Plan.
  28. Concept Video Expresses the Practical and Creative Side to Google Glass
  29. Samsung's Galaxy S4 Fastest Selling Android; 4 Million in 5 Days & 6 Million Total
  30. GoogleI/O Rumors: Google Launching Streaming Music & Samsung Galaxy S4 Google Edition
  31. Android Dissected: Editorial: Goodbye Sammy Note 2, Hello HTC One, Why I Jumped Ship
  32. RUMOR T-Mobile Readying A Stock Android Galaxy S4 Variant?
  33. @Beanstown106 [ROM] Jelly Bean's Build Updated to Build 16 New Base n Feats!
  34. MotoChopper by @DjrBliss ROOTS Another Device, Xperia Tablet S Jelly Bean Rooted!
  35. [THEME] BLU3 CHEEZ for JellyBean's ROM on Galaxy Note 2
  36. [ROM] TouchRAGE v1.3 for the Verizon Galaxy S3!
  37. Waterproof Sony Xperia ZR Officially Announced; Can Shoot Full HD Video Underwater
  38. Exclusive: Early Preorders of VZW Samsung Galaxy S4 Could Get Them May 22nd or 23rd
  39. Hands-On Video of the White LG Google Nexus 4 Shows Up
  40. Verizon's Samsung Galaxy S III Can Be Found for Just a Penny at Amazon
  41. Blackberry BBM Officially Announced for Android & iOS; Coming This Summer
  42. Apple Plans to Add Samsung Galaxy S4 to the New 2014 Patent Trial
  43. [Rumor] Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Supposedly Confirmed with 6" Glass, NOT Flexible OLED
  44. Google: Play Developers' App Reviews; Combines Cloud Storage Gmail, Drive & G+ Pics
  45. Samsung & Android Absolutely Crushing the Competition in Latest Gartner Tracking
  46. NVIDIA Shield Drops the 'Project'; Preorders Now Available for $349
  47. [MOD] Facebook Home On Your Device Easily With XPOSED Framework
  48. [APP] New Keyboard "TouchPal Keyboard" Ultimate Gesture Keyboard!
  49. [ROM] AXIOM by @DroidTh3ory for the RAZR HD MAXX!
  50. White Nexus 4 Shows Up in Pics; Could it Be Coming at Google I/O?
  51. Nokia Lumia 928 Available May 16 for $99.00 on Contract
  52. 'Blue Arctic' Alternate Colored Samsung Galaxy S4 Model Shows Up in Japan
  53. Verizon Samsung Galaxy S4 Showing Up in Stores a bit Early: May 23rd!
  54. Soak Test Invite for Jelly Bean on the Verizon Motorola Xoom 4G LTE
  55. Samsung Reveals 5G Mobile Technology Breakthrough
  56. [Rumor] Samsung and Google Planning Android Laptops with Android 5.0/Key Lime Pie
  57. Google Smartwatch is Coming and Gmail and Google Maps Getting Updates
  58. [Updated] X Phone Rumors: XFON on AT&T Passes FCC & Specs Likely to Disappoint (Not)
  59. Android Chief Indicates Google I/O 2013 to Focus on Developers, Not New Products
  60. Happy Mothers Day!
  61. Is this the Optimus G2?
  62. Amazon Supposedly Developing Glasses-Free 3D Display
  63. [Rumor] Specs of Next-Gen Nexus 7 Tablet Outed; Snapdragon S4 Pro, Android 4.3 & More
  64. LG Optimus G Pro 'Phablet' Arrives for AT&T Today; $199.99 On Contract
  65. Some UK Retailers Already Retiring Nexus 4; Could the Nexus 5 be Coming Soon?
  66. "No You Verizon" Unlock and Root Exploit For The Verizon Galaxy Note 2 VRAMC3 4.1.2!
  67. New Bipartisan Phone Unlock Bill Redefines DMCA & Permanently Exempts Carrier Unlock
  68. US Version of Samsung Galaxy S4 Has a Separate Image Processor for Eye Tracking
  69. New X Phone Rumors: New 'Droid Blast' Technology, 'M' Mini Version & More
  70. OUYA Delayed to June 25; Gets Another $15 Million in Backing; Bing Gordon Joins Board
  71. Asus Teaser Video Hints at New Transformer Device
  72. Samsung Galaxy S4 Breakdown Reveals $237 Build Cost
  73. Did Google Toss the X Phone back over the Wall to Motorola?
  74. 5-Inch Sony Xperia A Passes Through the FCC with Removable Battery
  75. Apex Launcher Updated to 2.0 With New Notifications Feature!
  76. Cyanogen Mod Releases 10.1 Release Candidate 1 To Many Devices!
  77. [Rumor] Galaxy Note 3, HTC Butterfly 2 & LG Optimus G2 Coming Q3 Against Next iPhone
  78. Samsung Shares SideSync Walkthrough Video to Help You Connect Your Android to Windows
  79. The Google I/O Android App for 2013 is Available Now
  80. [Deal Alert] VZW 'Red Hot Deals' Until May 12; Droid RAZR HD $50, RAZR M Free & More!
  81. Verizon's CEO Dan Mead sees the value in Windows Phone and Blackberry
  82. AnTuTu Benchmarks for NVIDIA Project Shield Showcase Ridiculous Power; 32,000+ Score
  83. [HOW TO] Keep SDCard Format Same After 4.2+ update!
  84. [APP] Read it To Me, Hands Free APP For SMS, Calls, and Notifications!
  85. LG to Make a Big Announcement on May 30th; New Optimus Line Flagship?
  86. OUYA Console Disassembled by iFixit; Reassembles With Ease
  87. AT&T Drops Price of HTC First (Facebook Home) Phone; $1 Buck On Contract & $350 Off
  88. [ROM] CleanROM for Verizon Galaxy Note 2 has been update 4.1.2
  89. [Rumor] Motorola Droid RAZR HD and RAZR M Soon to Get a Blue Version
  90. T-Mobile's Latest Galaxy S4 OTA Update Brings Rooting Restriction Feature.
  91. Google Glass Has a Number of Hidden Sensors that Will Eventually Enable AR Apps
  92. [Rumor] Sprint's Version of the LG Optimus G2 (or Nexus 5) Coming with Snapdragon 800
  93. [Rumor] LG Stepping back into the Tablet Fray with New Android Tab Later This Year
  94. Verizon Wireless and AOL are Teaming Up to Offer New Browser Bookmark
  95. Samsung Plans Other Versions of Galaxy S4; 'S4 Zoom' with 16 Megapixel Camera & More
  96. Editorial: Could 2013 Be the Rise of a New Mobile OS War? Several Alternatives Coming
  97. S-OFF Is Not Needed On The HTC One! The One Is Like A Nexus Device After
  98. [APP] SPLAY Launcher Home Screen Replacement App
  99. [ROOT] LG Lucid 2 OUDHS Root Method!
  100. AT&T Tweets 32GB Samsung Galaxy S4 Coming on May 10th & $250 Price
  101. [Deal Alert] Factory Unlocked International Samsung Galaxy S4 on DailySteals for $680
  102. Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 10.1 Shows Off in AnTuTu Benchmarks
  103. Motorola Obake (Ghost) Spotted in AnTuTu Benchmark
  104. Asus Transformer Pad Infinity 64GB TF700T Woot! Sale for $440 + $5 Shipping
  105. Acer to Launch 10-inch Iconia A3 This Year & Plans to sell 10 Million
  106. Unknown LG Device Pics Leak; Maybe the Optimus G2 or even the Nexus 5
  107. HTC 's Sales Get a Big Boost from the HTC One
  108. Samsung Officially Announces the Galaxy Core Mid-Range/Budget Smartphone
  109. [ROM] AOKP Unofficially Official On The HTC One M7!
  110. Paranoid Android Builds With The New HALO Feature Are Rolling Out To Some Devices!
  111. FREE THEME Friday! WHAT?! Smartees Icon Packs Up For Grabs!
  112. Xparent Twitter by Team Blackout 8 Different Color Themes For Your Twitter!
  113. Unknown LG Smartphones spotted in AnTuTu benchmarks and at Bluetooth SIG
  114. Galaxy S4 Becomes First Android with DoD Security Approval Thanks to Knox
  115. Eric Schmidt Claims YouTube Already Displacing Traditional TV
  116. AT&T to launch a new prepaid service under the ďAll In OneĒ brand this June
  117. Samsung & Apple Expected to Ship Double the Tablets of All Brands Combined in 2013
  118. Samsung's Response to Limited Storage on Galaxy S4 is a Reminder of the microSD Slot
  119. Galaxy Note Series Double-Header; VZW Note 2 & AT&T Note 1 Get Jelly Bean
  120. [Updated2] [Rumor] Leaked HQ Pics & Specs of the Motorola X Phone Show-Up
  121. [ROM] 1605VRAMC3 4.1.2 Stock For The Galaxy Note 2 Rooted/Deodexed!
  122. Paranoid Android New Feature HALO In Action!
  123. Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Software Upgrade
  124. Easy To Make Smartphone Stands Are Easy To Make | Android Dissected
  125. Itís An Android Life: Pebble Smart Watch | Android Dissected
  126. VIDEO- Atom Launcher Home Screen Replacement APP Review
  127. Leaked Pics of a Mysterious AT&T Motorola Phone Appear Online; Maybe the XFone?
  128. [Double Deal Alert] HTC Extends $100 Trade-In Offer & Adds a Special One this Weekend
  129. Toshiba AT10LE-A Shows Off in Leaked Pics
  130. [THEME] Elemental X Minimal Theme For Theme Chooser!
  131. [ICONS] Pristine Icon and UCCW Skins Launcher Theme!
  132. Some Users Experiencing Ghosting, Blurring & Pink/Purple Colors on Galaxy S4 Display
  133. LG & Google Partnership in Meeting Between CEOs; More LG Nexus Devices Confirmed
  134. [Rumor] Smaller Version of the HTC One, the HTC M4 Likely to Launch in June
  135. [Rumor] More & Different Specs for the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Leak
  136. [Rumor] The Second Generation of the Asus MEMO Pad Smart 10 Specs Leaked
  137. Google I/O 2013 Will Change Things Up with One 3-hour Keynote Instead of Several
  138. [THEME] EnvisioN Theme Chooser Theme
  139. New Update To WeatherBug Vastly Improves UI With Live Tiles and Background Themes
  140. Google Releases 'Getting Started' Video for Google Glass
  141. Android 4.3 Shows Up in Benchmark of a Nexus 4 LTE Device
  142. [Rumor] HP Developing a Tegra 4-Based Quad-Core 10-Inch Android Tablet
  143. Steve Kondik Already Has Cyanogen Mod Booting On The T-Mobile Galaxy S4!
  144. T-Mobile and MetroPCS Merger Finished; Now Trading as 'T-Mobile US'
  145. Android 4.3 Shows Up in Server Logs on Galaxy Nexus, Nexus 4, Nexus 7 and Nexus 10
  146. Microsoft puts 'Switch to Windows Phone' App on Google Play Store; App Rating Slammed
  147. [Breaking] Samsung Galaxy S4 Bootloader Unlocked By Dan Rosenberg!
  148. HTC Shares Their Design Story Video of the HTC One
  149. Mysterious Motorola XT1055 Device Benchmarked; Is it the X Phone or Something Else?
  150. How To Enable Developer Options On The Galaxy S4!
  151. [APP] Icon Pack "Vintage" by @stealthychief MUST HAVE!
  152. [UPDATED] Sprint's & TMobile's Galaxy S4 Will Ship with UNLOCKED Bootloader
  153. Ultimate Samsung Galaxy S4 Torture Test Double-Header!
  154. New Microsoft Commercial Pokes Fun at Android & iOS Holy War to Hilarious Results
  155. Verizon Wireless to get into the Cloud Business
  156. [Rumor] Samsung May Debut Galaxy Nexus 11 Tablet Later This Year
  157. HTC Employee Apologizes for the HTC Thunderbolt
  158. HTC Releases Kernel Source For HTC One Sprint, TMobile, Asian and European Variants
  159. [Rumor] Sony Working on 5-Inch Quad-Core Phablet with 20MP Camera
  160. [APP] Icons Crumbled Icon Pack By @Nmiltner
  161. 16GB Samsung S4 Only has 9GB of Useable Storage Space
  162. Verizon Refuses to Change Stance on Google Wallet; Claims 'Not Blocking it' to FCC
  163. Best Buy Preorders for Sprint Version of the Samsung Galaxy S4 are Delayed 2-3 Weeks
  164. [ROM] Elemental X Makes It's Way To The RAZR HD!
  165. The Samsung Galaxy S4 On AT&T Will Ship With A Locked Bootloader!
  166. Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Launches in May
  167. Galaxy S4 Limited Edition Active 'Marvel Iron Man Beam' NFC Case for $39 Bucks
  168. [Deal] Samsung Galaxy S4 Cases - $9.98 shipped 8 Colors to Choose From
  169. Battery Doctor Helps You Save Every Last Drop Of Juice For Your Device!
  170. Newest Rumored Specs for the Galaxy Note 3 Suggest 3GB RAM; Supposed Pic As Well
  171. [THEME] Simple Blue Theme for CM10.1/AOKP Style Roms!
  172. Samsung Galaxy S4's Screen is ďa good reason to consider trading upĒ
  173. Hardware Specs for Google Glass: Dual-Core Chip, 1GB Ram, 16GB Storage & More
  174. Samsung Galaxy S4 Now Available for T-Mobile, AT&T & Sprint
  175. Morphees: Cutting Edge Flexible Smartphone Concepts of the Future
  176. [APP] Shycon Launcher Theme brings unique Icons for ADW/NOVA/APEX/GO Launchers
  177. Samsung Galaxy S4 Design Story Aims to 'go deeper into people's lives'
  178. The HTC One Gets Keyed, Knifed & Hammered; No Alcohol Was Involved
  179. Paranoid Android Continues To Push The Inovation Envelope With Upcoming Multitasking
  180. Samsung Galaxy S4 Official TV Ad [Video]
  181. Samsung Galaxy S4 Teardown by iFixit (with video)
  182. How To Restore Your Droid Bionic To Jelly Bean 4.1.2 From Any Version
  183. [HOW TO] ROOT Exploit Discovered by @DjrBliss For The Galaxy S4 ALL U.S. Variants
  184. HP Slate 7 On Sale in US Now for $170 at HP Website
  185. [Deal Alert] Groupon & Wirefly Team-Up to Offer VZW Galaxy S3 for Only $9.99
  186. 'The King is Dead. Long Live the King!' Smartphones Out-ship Feature Phones in Q1
  187. Google Gets More Serious with Security; Bans Everyone From Non-Play Store Updates
  188. HTC One Hit with Sensitivity Issue...Fix on the Way
  189. The Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 Will Enter Mass Production Toward the End of May
  190. [Double Header] Galaxy S4 Launches in India & Dual-SIM Version Includes Exynos 5 Octa
  191. The Official Iron Man 3 Video Game is Now Available for FREE on Google Play Store
  192. HTC Rezound's New Update isn't Jelly Bean, but Does Offer Global Roaming Support
  193. Developer Claims That Rooting Google Glass Will Be Easy!
  194. APP Easily Change Your Softekys with SoftKeyZ For Rooted Users!
  195. [Download] Google Play Store
  196. VIDEO- Reboot Your Device CRAZY FAST With FReboot For ROOT Users!
  197. Please "Like" our New Facebook Page!!
  198. T-Mobile and MetroPCS Merge Approved and Moving Forward
  199. [VIDEO] Samsung Galaxy S4 vs Galaxy Note II
  200. Vine App Will Be Available for your Android Phones Soon
  201. Press Render of AT&T's Version of the LG Optimus G Pro is Leaked
  202. ROOT Method For The LG Spectrum 2!
  203. ROM JBSourcery Has Been Updated To 5.2 For The Galaxy Nexus!
  204. SGS4 News: T-Mobile & Sprint Additional Delay on Galaxy S4 & More
  205. LG Likely to Unveil Their Flexible Tech-Based OLED Display This Year
  206. Verizon Prepares $100 Billion Bid To Takeover Verizon Wireless
  207. Pantech Perception, a Verizon Exclusive, Now Available for Purchase!
  208. Droid RAZR M 4.1.2 Factory PreRooted with Busybox FastBoot File!
  209. APP [ICONS] Motif Fresh Inspiration For Your Android Device!
  210. U.S. Cellular to Get Samsung Galaxy S4 on April 26th
  211. Droid RAZR M Utility Update Now With 4.1.2 FXZ Included!
  212. Samsung Galaxy S4 Pricing and Specs Revealed; $249.99 With $50 Mail-in Rebate
  213. [Updated] Reminder of How to Preorder the VZW Samsung Galaxy S4
  214. Verizon's LG Spectrum 2 Gets Jelly Bean Update
  215. Sign Up for Dead on Arrival 2 Pre-Beta for Android
  216. Samsung's Mobile Chief Says It Doesn't Matter Which Chip is in Your Galaxy S4
  217. [ROM] MOAR Mother Of All Roms Ported To Verizon Galaxy S3!
  218. [APP] Icon Themer For Root Users!
  219. [Double Deal Alert] AT&T HTC One for Just $149.99 at WalMart or Amazon
  220. Casio G'zOne C811 Passes Through FCC; Likely a Variant of the Commando Type-L
  221. Handy Samsung Galaxy S4 Carrier Comparison Chart: Pricing, Availability & More
  222. [Rumor] Partially Ruggedized Version of the Galaxy S4 Confirmed by Samsung Exec
  223. Swype Now Available on Google Play Store; Only $1 for Limited Time
  224. Both Sprint and T-Mobile Delay Their Launch of the Galaxy S4 Until Monday, April 29th
  225. Verizon Tweets their Samsung Galaxy S4 Will be Available for Preorder Tomorrow
  226. [Rumor] Google X Device with Android 5.0.1/Key Lime Pie on AnuTuTu Benchmark
  227. [ROM] Jelly Bean Blurry Alpha for the Droid BIONIC!
  228. [APP] Private Place SMS & Calls! Another Security Messure!
  229. [APP] WidgetShade Allows You To Access Widgets From Anywhere In Android!
  230. ROM Codex by @DroidTh3ory Now Available For The RAZR HD!
  231. Asus Cube With Google TV now Available from for $140
  232. [Rumor] Leak Suggests HTC Already Working on HTC Butterfly 2 (& Droid DNA 2 for VZW)
  233. Lenovo IdeaTab S6000 Finally Hits the FCC
  234. ROM PacMan Has Been Ported To The Droid RAZR HD!
  235. Archos Arnova 97 G4 Budget-Friendly Android Tablet Unveiled
  236. @DjrBliss Roots Jelly Bean On The Droid BIONIC! MotoShare2!
  237. Verizon's Samsung Galaxy S4 Available at Best Buy Brick & Mortars for Pre-Order
  238. Radio Shack Offering HTC One with $50 Google Play Store Credit
  239. VZW Petition to Ditch Contracts Nears 100k; Verizon Offers Expensive Payment Plans
  240. [APP] Call Recorder The Next Generation FREE!
  241. Mind-Controlled Tablet Possibly in Our Future Thanks to Samsung & University of Texas
  242. Samsung May Still Use Flexible OLED Tech on Galaxy Note 3 in Limited Areas
  243. [ROM] XenonHD Stable 8.0 For Verizon Galaxy Nexus!
  244. HTC One Available at HTC Online Store: Sprint, Unlocked & Dev Editions
  245. [Rumor]Nexus 5 Not Coming to Google I/O; Instead 32GB LTE LG Nexus 4 with Android 5.0
  246. Gorilla Glass 3 on the Samsung Galaxy S4 Faces Off Against Knives in Scratch Test
  247. [APP] OrientationLocker Keeps Your Phone From Auto-Rotating
  248. @DroidTh3ory Is Back! CODEX Rom For The Galaxy Nexus!
  249. Hasoon2000 Released ToolKit For Rooting The AT&T HTC One!
  250. ROM [Unofficial] Cyanogen Mod 10.1 Droid RAZR HD Unlocked Bootloader!