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  1. USB mass storage not working after flashing JB 4.1 rom
  2. serious please
  3. 2 Problems: Can't Watch Youtube and Low Volume
  4. How do I get S Off on the Eris?
  5. help!!
  6. HTC Droid Eris locked
  7. New here. HTC Eris custom rom
  8. KaosFroyo v39
  9. Contact list issue
  10. Htc driod eris touch screen problem!!!
  11. Text messages don't send.
  12. Need help working darktremor a2sd!!!!
  13. ICS ROM for HTC Droid Eris? Where can I get it?
  14. Need help finding file!!!
  15. How do I root my HTC Droid Eris to Gingerbread?
  16. Please help!!!!!!
  17. Root Eris Without Service?
  18. HTC Inspire
  19. Rooting Eris that is on page plus
  20. Help, pls!!! Trying to tether for my Kindle Fire!!
  21. just rooted my eris
  22. Can you recover back to 2.1 after you root to 2.3?
  23. How to get android 2.2 update on Htc Droid Eris?
  24. It is with mixed emotions that I bid adieu to my Eris
  25. Flashed zip-killed network connection. Please help!
  26. Need help with rooting phone
  27. Problem trasnferring video files from Eris to PC
  28. Eris rom list enjoy
  29. Wi-Fi tether
  30. Droid ERIS stuck at Boot Screen / wont boot into Recovery
  31. need zip
  32. Opening Facebook
  33. *sad face*
  34. vibrate once for email, and three times for a text
  35. Droid Vibration too soft(how/way to fix it)
  36. Question about restoring
  37. Only google sites work....
  38. I rooted my Droid Eris, but ...
  39. Just picked up an Eris for hacking/development purposes... need some pointers.
  40. Eris is the worse phone ever
  41. No Service! Still use wifi??
  42. Droid won't charge, need help.
  43. Anyone that knows about sbfing? Eris or what you would call it..
  44. Broken eris, what are the options
  45. Contacts double/tripled
  46. Apps to SD?
  47. Recent Eris love from Verizon
  48. SBF Droid Eris
  49. Droid eris back speaker broke
  50. Problems trying to root my eris
  51. Nearly into my last month with my Eris
  52. Recovery Boot Issues
  53. New to this. How to make faster.
  54. Activation problems with Droid Eris
  55. please help, saving apps to sd card
  56. Dialer Storage Space Issues - Anyone figure out a solution yet?
  57. Best Rom for Eris
  58. BEST ROM Droid Eris???
  59. Rooted Eris - Lost Navigation!
  60. Eris
  61. Eris wont send/rec. pix
  62. Droid Eris Flashing Help!!!
  63. Eris used as modem
  64. *SD card* Help! PLEASE
  65. Please help!!!!!!! SD card
  66. Rooting using Mac
  67. HTC Sense doesnt hard reset... Help!!
  68. i just flashed my droid eris to metro pcs but i cant recieve pictures
  69. Trackball problems
  70. Verizon Trade in program for Droid ERIS
  71. droid eris music downloads from pc
  72. scrolling all the way left
  73. [ROM] GreenRomProject presents CyanogenMod 7.1.0-RC0
  74. Eris randomly restarts while charging, (along with some other problems.) Help please!
  75. thbolt rooting
  76. Droid Eris
  77. How do I sync Microsoft Outlook with my Droid Eris?
  78. XTRsense eris--can't set ringtones for contacts
  79. Wheel not working while trying to root
  80. Restoring Droid Eris To Stock
  81. Cleaning off my Eris....
  82. losing touch?
  83. Rooting....hear me out
  84. Gingerbread/Gapps
  85. home screen and apps resetting?
  86. Apps2sd
  87. CPU tuner
  88. Is my eris bricked??? Help!!?
  89. Noob to Droid Eris
  90. Honeybread for MDX port to Eris?
  91. Eris doesn't respond to flashing ROM
  92. Installed Gingerbread ROM, BAD IDEA!!!
  93. I cannot get my PC to recognize my eris
  94. Droid Eris wont boot after EvilEris
  95. replaced lcd, now digitizer will not respond
  96. Icon issues, Launcher Pro
  97. so applanet anyone use it
  98. Quick Way to Delete Text messages?
  99. Slow Eris
  100. flashing from kaosfroyo to ginerbread
  101. do they make cases for extended batter
  102. Problem with camera and GPS location
  103. maps navigation disappeared after froyo/root?
  104. Swype stopped working
  105. Time on phone jumped an hour.
  106. App Icons Load Slow, Launcher Crashes
  107. Issue with GSB 1.9
  108. Tiny gapps only for 2.3 ROMs?
  109. Titanium Backup
  110. Page Plus
  111. Low disk space
  112. GingerShedBread and SetCPU?
  113. Driod Eris 3G not connecting?
  114. GSB (GingerShedBread) v1.9 CM7.0.0-RC1 question
  115. Just rooted
  116. New droid eris from asurion won't mount to PC
  117. Help HTC Droid Eris!!
  118. DROID Eris Receives Update, Multimedia Bug Fixes and Various Other Enhancements
  119. Android Market Deleted
  120. Android Market Deleted
  121. WIFI Issue
  122. Idiot with phone please help
  123. Press 1 for English...
  124. My droid eris keeps force closing!! Help!!
  125. where is the USB debugging in the settings menu?
  126. Market not updating
  127. In search of Gingerbread ROM
  128. Fast ROMS for Eris
  129. froyo with sense?
  130. where can i buy parts for my phone
  131. run apps through the sd card
  132. eris on 1.5 back up to date
  133. Backup in recovery
  134. Rooting
  135. can i install froyo without track ball
  136. How much is the Eris worth right now?
  137. rooting help.... i know i know...
  138. Touch Panel Fail Error
  139. Need Help, Just rooted...
  140. Gingerbread on my Eris
  141. SD Card question
  142. Eris kaos Froyo v39 can't receive text messages
  143. help please
  144. Bypass Activation
  145. Memory SD stopped working
  146. Return to stock!!
  147. Good bye eris!!
  148. Kaosfroyo fixes
  149. just installed kaosfroyo
  150. can some one help me
  151. Kaosfroyo v39
  152. Please help! Eris rooting trouble.
  153. Flashing time question!
  154. Browser force close, kaosfroyo v39.
  155. backup questions
  156. rom problem
  157. Question about ADW EX and LauncherPro Plus
  158. need an expert to talk to !
  159. Help !
  160. Help please with slideshow!!!!
  161. exporting music on sd card TO computer
  162. Best Eris Rom?
  163. No more "New Every 2" Verizon Says
  164. Dancing android boot loop HELP!
  165. Best latest/newest rom for eris
  166. Questions after flashing to kaosfroyo v39
  167. droid eris and nook color please help
  168. Giving credit when credit is due !
  169. Movies&Eris
  170. Turning off use of data when not in WiFi
  171. Eris worth the trouble???
  172. Facebook "Places" not working
  173. Droid won't connect to my Mac notebook.
  174. Removing stock apps
  175. What folder do I put ringtones in when the Eris is plugged into computer?
  176. contact card
  177. How do I delete the default music player?
  178. Replaced LCD - Mic/vibrate not working now
  179. My eris is flashed to cricket (RESET) ?
  180. Well, friends, I just ordered my new phone
  181. Flashed to??
  182. Multitap on Droid Eris
  183. Exchange 2010 Sp1 Fix?
  184. 1 click root won't work... Help.
  185. want to update from 1.5 to 2.1
  186. Unlock screen...can it be changed?
  187. htc drops email attatchments
  188. FROZEN (Literally) Phone
  189. Market Missing from phone completely
  190. solving battery drain issue
  191. Retreving old text/sms's after bn deleted
  192. Trackball
  193. Best/Worst blutooth headset?
  194. Adw problem
  195. Omg help
  196. Missing Market
  197. NFG questions and comments
  198. Gingerbread 2.3
  199. updating a eris root
  200. Need help
  201. Cannot Receive text Messages
  202. Trackball Self Repair any suggestions?
  203. Anyway to Upgrade?
  204. Is there no hope for my Eris?
  205. No data connection after factory reset
  206. More market issues with kaos v39
  207. Is it a spyware on my Eris?
  208. To overclock or just freeze apps?
  209. Need Help with getting rid of Cyanogen and Vanilla Tazz off Eris. (Please help!)
  210. Flash player for froyo on the eris
  211. Froyo (Android 2.2) HELP!!
  212. When bluetooth is on Navigation freezes
  213. Droid Update
  214. SWYPE is all that and a box of chocolates!
  215. Explorer from Computer
  216. how to get my droid eris back to stock, rooted with KaosFroyo
  217. Help
  218. Google map problem
  219. Done with the Eris
  220. Help! Rooting might have bricked my phone...
  221. market issue
  222. Lockscreen Issues
  223. Upgrading Kernel and Launcherpro
  224. Eris Overclock
  225. GPS issues on home screen
  226. Powering down
  227. FB not posting?
  228. Help - prob with getting SDK/DDMS.bat to recognize phone
  229. Battery Wipe = Phone Frozen
  230. I missed OTA... how do I go from 1.5 to 2.1?
  231. wierd force close issues
  232. How to verify removal of root & bootloader.
  233. Music files
  234. Droid eris problem...
  235. HELPPP!Snow damage To My Droid Eris!
  236. Eris replacements ???
  237. Gingerbread on Eris
  238. V38 froyo Facebook problem?
  239. Tazz froyo v21 messaging problem
  240. Home launcher
  241. Droid Eris still with 1.5...
  242. cannot sync after rooting/adding froyo
  243. trying to root my eris and getting a red ! with a red trangle
  244. are these roms available for eris
  245. The Foreplay Game
  246. The Eris, one year later
  247. not getting text messages
  248. Thank you all! This place rocks!
  249. Please help :(. Eris sent random txt
  250. Rooted Eris-KaosFroyo v38-Battery