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  1. Droid Eris Receives 2.1 Update Today?
  2. General Question (Its probably been answered..somewhere..)
  3. It Would Be Totally Great If I Could Hear My Phone Ring!
  4. Is there a better keyboard?
  5. I hate the dialpad/calling features
  6. Facebook/Contact integration?
  7. 2.1 for Eris confirmed by HTC
  8. market purchase
  9. New user -- do I leave this charged
  10. help, missing program list...
  11. quick question
  12. Eris and Thunderbird email
  13. Google Voice?
  14. Not sure how many people know this
  15. Deleting main GMAIL account
  16. few question
  17. trying to figure somthing out
  18. Sync Notification Re: Deleting Contacts Won't Go Away
  19. Scrolling map on Eris GoogleMaps GPS navigation?
  20. DROID Eris video out?
  21. Camera app
  22. No app screenshots in Market?
  23. Battery life is low! Can I.....
  24. Bluetooth and other weirdnesses
  25. calendar error
  26. Youtube will not play
  27. Volume or Audio settings
  28. Topping off battery OK?
  29. what does save unknown contact to people do?
  30. Contacts from BB to ERIS?????
  31. Not to sure where to post this
  32. I got my Eris for free
  33. Why doesn't the clock flip?
  34. Google Reader
  35. What exactly is the GPS functionality of Eris Droid?
  36. Just ordered the droid eris!
  37. Screen images (least tech savvy person alive)
  38. Weather on home screen
  39. handcent - full screen "widget"?
  40. HTC Eris Battery For Sale
  41. HTC Droid - Odd Behavior
  42. Custom Alarm Sounds
  43. Saving photo on HTC Droid
  44. share/transfer large video file
  45. First Impressions of Eris (vs. Droid)
  46. cant send text why
  47. hidden Verizon charges
  48. Void?
  49. need help putting contacts in a folder
  50. Droid Eris after being covered in snow for 3 days straight, and ran over
  51. Eris Droid VS iphone
  52. Handcent won't auto download pics
  53. mixzing issues
  54. flashing orange and green light
  55. Email Internal Storage
  56. Cheap eBay batteries
  57. My droid eris?
  58. Transferred video from my computer but where is it?
  59. Free Eris screen protectors
  60. How do I get rid of the big clock on the home screen?
  61. Need a better HOME THEME
  62. gmail on Droid and Outlook Express
  63. Eris root progress thread!
  64. Eris reload all the time when....
  65. pandora
  66. attachment download help
  67. Predictive texting-HELP
  68. Help!
  69. Help putting Eris on PagePlus
  70. Any speculation about whether the processor will be able to operate the 2.1 w/Sense a
  71. Purcahsing a Droid Eris: Options...
  72. HTC Sync
  73. When Is the Eris 2.0 Update coming?
  74. contacts
  75. What is upgrade to 2.0/2.1 all about?
  76. A few questions about Droid Eris.
  77. Hot dead battery in 5 hours
  78. where are stock wallpapers located?
  79. Haveing to restart for new apps to show up
  80. Password/Username
  81. IMAP Gmail move
  82. New Root Status & Bounty Thread!! News Updated 01/29/2010
  83. If anyone that works for HTC reads this forum......
  84. Eris capable of enhanced messaging?
  85. Help with 3 week old Eris
  86. Is there an APP or is it possible...
  87. Jumpy screen when plugged in
  88. email?
  89. Freezing & Locking UP.....again.
  90. Numbers in text area box
  91. Non-Sense
  92. How to Power on Droid Eris without any Sound
  93. Question about updates to Apps
  94. Currently have Eris , thinking of getting Palm Pre Plus
  95. need help understanding
  96. Email Problems. Any advice or trade in my phone?
  97. Transfer photos from old phone to Droid Eris
  98. Playing Video/Playing-Streaming Audio
  99. help with files
  100. Eris Desktop Charger?
  101. Xfer Photos from PC to Eris?
  102. Faster Micro SD card = better performance?
  103. made my eris home screen look just like moto droid
  104. Problems with my new Eris
  105. Goes back to default
  106. New Battery Conditioning?
  107. Not getting email at night?
  108. Getting my Droid Eris Monday, Woot
  109. Favorite contacts keep disappearing
  110. Contacts Disappearing
  111. Scenes - Am I Missing Something?
  112. Getting My Eris Tommorrow
  113. Switching Contacts from EnV2 to Eris
  114. Putting mug shots with contacts. . ??
  115. New Root Status & Bounty Thread! Last Updated 01/21/2010
  116. Recreatable lock-up, fix
  117. E-mail password?
  118. Application Question
  119. Skype for Eris
  120. SD CARD incorrectly tells phone it is UN-MOUNTED!!!
  121. Video camera issue
  122. Setting up a Yahoo Small Business E-mail on my Eris
  123. Deleting scenes?
  124. Custom Ring tones - To long to ring?
  125. Playing MP3's and AV'I
  126. Can't delete text messages with picture attached
  127. when the moto goes to 2.1
  128. downloading pics is a problem
  129. Google Search Incomplete Word
  130. Landscape Home Screen???
  131. DROID HTC Homepage Question
  132. Eris Battery Question
  133. how do i keep ringtones separate from music
  134. question about picture messaging, please help!
  135. touch sensitivity > adjust?
  136. My Droid Eris DOES NOT vibrate anymore!?!?!?
  137. Default Browser cache
  138. Rhapsody Beta Available for Android
  139. html
  140. Where are my contacts?
  141. Lookout backup made my phone very warm?
  142. recieve voice mail sound?
  143. What Does Your Eris Not Do That You Wish It Could?
  144. Sleep mode help
  145. Rooting HTC Eris...Devs needed..Bounty $230!
  146. Deleting messages is a problem
  147. How do I add another gmail account to the eris?
  148. app's besides market?
  149. how long does your battery last?
  150. Home replacements
  151. Contact Birthdays - Sync Issue
  152. Would Pandora max out Verizon 5 GB data cap?
  153. Eris USB to XP - Can't See it
  154. The Droid Eris Wallpapers Gallery needs some lovin!
  155. want to buy an Eris
  156. A to-do list, please
  157. Inbox doesn't work...
  158. Trade Anyone?
  159. Got the update today, battery life is already improved!!
  160. the minor update
  161. Okay, need some help
  162. Blackberry 8530 to Eris
  163. Change Lock screen
  164. How to get Lockscreen wallpaper
  165. Auto orientation no longer working
  166. Ringtone to Notification sound.
  167. "droooid" notification from moto
  168. Eris ROM 1.17.605.1 OTA update in progress
  169. low batt help
  170. Few ?'s: FB notifications, email, + weather lag
  171. Resizing Pictures to fit wallpaper screen
  172. I lost my weather/time widget
  173. Seidio 3500 mah super extended battery for HTC Droid Eris
  174. Just Installed a update
  175. Help Setting up Voice Mail
  176. A new teather for Android
  177. say my name app
  178. Simple Alarm Clock Question.. Any Help Appreciated
  179. Seidio innocase for 3500 mah battery
  180. Why do Moto/HTC FORCE use of their addons?
  181. Seidio 1750 mah slim extended battery for Droid Eris
  182. Anyone need a Phantom Skinz screen protector???
  183. handcent on the eris
  184. Help Please
  185. Getting Phone Calls
  186. no service after eris powers off
  187. How much juice are you losing at night in sleep mode?
  188. eris vs droid
  189. why does my calendar keep saying it is crashing?
  190. When Nexus One comes out for Verizon should I switch?
  191. eris wont finish downloading apps?
  192. Eris update for Android 1.5
  193. Why are these two programs on so often?
  194. albums and pictures not wanting shown
  195. Eris Not Showing Incoming Calls?
  196. Modifying Scenes
  197. Mp3 Network interruption
  198. Salesforce for droid
  199. Problems with Droid Eris - Please Help
  200. HTC Droid eris Battery life
  201. Hands Free dialing
  202. How do I delete all contacts from Eris?
  203. Strom -> Eris
  204. eris sending message back saying it cant disply multi media files
  205. sd card n application issues
  206. GPS is On
  207. Eris with only unltd. web and email plan?
  208. Can I change which clock displays on my current Scene?
  209. Any Good Docking Stations for Eris?
  210. Show your screens!
  211. SMS notification disabling?
  212. locking up
  213. bluetooth for file transfers?
  214. htc sync vs USB drive mount?
  215. Switching main gmail account
  216. Contacts (People)
  217. photo management?
  218. Just got my Eris Droid and now I have a few questions... (Please!)
  219. Adv Task Kill/Manager/Murder...etc.
  220. mms probs
  221. Faded text messages????
  222. Had the Eris a few days...Now a few questions
  223. Can you chance assignment of the home key??
  224. no contacts. .. help!!!
  225. Any Visual Voice Mail Users?
  226. How to re-send a failed txt?
  227. Eris Boot Animation
  228. Droid Eris Randomly Restarting/Rebooting
  229. How do I block caller id in a droid eris?
  230. Free Eris (or close to free)
  231. Problems with Music
  232. Got my Eris Today!
  233. Mp3
  234. Gmail imap
  235. Seidio Extended Life Batteries coming
  236. Droid Eris SD CARD issues
  237. Safe to use any USB cable?
  238. Sync Error Won't Go Away
  239. charge during sync?
  240. Favorite Lists and FB Sync
  241. A couple Eris questions
  242. voice ringtone
  243. HTC Eris - Alarm to vibrate - Am I missing something?
  244. Apps Icon
  245. Calendar View
  246. question about apps on non data plan phone
  247. Cant find SD card on Eris?
  248. Very Helpful Link To Battery Charging
  249. bad day found the eris in the washing machine
  250. Eris can not send Picture message to Iphone