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  1. Is it the Samsung Galaxy S5?
  2. MMS Messages Disappear Without Downloading
  3. fascinate questions
  4. on my third s3
  5. Experiences with Galaxy SII
  6. flashed to metro PCS and no MMS or Internet! HELP! PLEASE!
  7. 4.2 build is bad ass!
  8. email app stopped working
  9. Downloading photos from text messages
  10. Samsung Galaxy Fascinate synch with Outlook
  11. How do I turn off screenshots
  12. how do you turn off the screen capture?
  13. ROMs
  14. Multiple Email
  15. Help: Contacts disappeared
  16. Rooting & Rom Flashing help
  17. Format
  18. What's a good asking price to sell this phone on eBay?
  19. Txt Message App not showing?
  20. Can someone give me a step by step process on how to root this phone?
  21. Flashing screen
  22. Phone doesnt read memory card all the time and the small side button doesnt....
  23. Password help
  24. Apps to sd
  25. Apps to sd
  26. Weird icon on my screen just showed up yesterday? Someone help, thanks alot
  27. Fascinate owners- any idea what your next phone will be?
  28. DCIM empty, pics show in gallery?
  29. Screen capture not working on mp4 videos anymore.
  30. Date on pictures when using Fascinate camera
  31. Facebook Pictures are no longer Synced to my contacts
  32. Setting a custom made wallpaper. NOT EASY!
  33. Flash player not working.
  34. Newb with Fascinate question
  35. fascinate and it's original gps problems ?
  36. Speed test screenshots
  37. Update
  38. To sell or not to sell
  39. Rooted Fascinate Pandora prob
  40. OTA installation problems
  41. Stock froyo backup
  42. Samsung Fascinate Gingerbread EH03 web browser scrolling
  43. Samsung Fascinate Gingerbread EH03 web browser scrolling
  44. Gingerbread!
  45. Themes
  46. Does the YouTube app work on your Fascinate?
  47. Market update
  48. Screen shots
  49. I'm on my 3rd fascinate!
  50. just got a Fascinate and need help
  51. Fascinate for tV out
  52. Disappearing icons
  53. Youtube not working
  54. Mhl cable and usb otg cable
  55. Verizon/Fascinate Help!
  56. fascinate...'You have run out of window pages, and cannot open more' WTF???
  57. Weres the galaxy nexus?
  58. Battery life is horrendous. Bought a new battery and its still bad.. solutions?
  59. Fascinate woes
  60. Any hope for a stock ICS rom?
  61. bluetooth designation Headset/phone
  62. Galaxy nexus will have 32 gb of internal storage
  63. Wich screen is better galaxy nexus or droid razr?
  64. Motocast for galaxy nexus?
  65. galaxy nexus questions? Concerns?
  66. Will there be a kind of zumocast for nexus prime?
  67. Nexus prime to be release Oct 19 in hong kong
  68. theme for ED05
  69. How to change text message tones?
  70. Bionic,prime,vigor, or razr
  71. Will the prime be out oct 27?
  72. How fast will the nexus prime be?
  73. Bionic? Or Charge?
  74. How to group contacts for multi person texts
  75. Syncing up outlook email from work?
  76. Start-up shutdown indexing
  77. Mobile web page view
  78. Changing stock app buttons?
  79. Easy solution if you can't OTA update
  80. CWRecovery for Fascinate? Is it possible - Help Needed
  81. Latest version
  82. Side volume control button
  83. Root
  84. Un root fascinate
  85. SD card unwriteable after CWMR install
  86. 2.2 upgrade.
  87. Fuzzy Text
  88. I hate this phone
  89. Samsung Fascinate non-stop issues
  90. Rooting after update
  91. Usb mode when charging?
  92. Samsung Galaxy S
  93. What the heck is wrong with this phone??!!
  94. Photo help
  95. Sync Problems
  96. answering phone while on bluetooth in car.not happening!!
  97. Ford SYNC and Fascinate
  98. All of a sudden I can't send texts?
  99. odin Files
  100. Rooting.....and? About virus protection
  101. Samsung Fascinate Java issues?
  102. Fascinate root
  103. new guy here
  104. New Fascinate - Update fails
  105. GPS stopped working. Help.
  106. Copy
  107. Fascinate root problem PLEASE READ!
  108. Root steps for fascenate
  109. My phone will not dial or connect to internet
  110. Just from web browsing my battery drains very quickly?
  111. Android 2.2
  112. to root or not to root??
  113. Update market
  114. Stop standard sms
  115. JTs Vanilla GB(2.3.5) rom...
  116. vibrate
  117. Galaxy S Screen
  118. Help restoring new Fascinate
  119. Camera auto focus
  120. Launchers
  121. How to install Jts gb v3 vanilla rom!?!?
  122. bluetooth not connecting
  123. Can Verizon replace my Fascinate with a Charge?
  124. 1550mah Extended battery???
  125. Fascinate and wifi issues
  126. Netfix problem
  127. What type of file do we download for movies?
  128. Flash Issue??
  129. force close?
  130. New update
  131. Just got a new sofware update
  132. community rom auto rotate not working?
  133. New phone upgrade
  135. losing 3g completely..
  136. Switch Back to Fascinate or Stick With Droid X???
  137. picture text msg
  138. Browsers?
  139. Unroot fascinate
  140. Album art problems?
  141. Netflix on Fascinate!
  142. Hello everyone!
  143. Fascinate Swap?!
  144. Root help
  145. How to boot into cwr on fascinate
  146. How to replace built in SMS/MMS app?
  147. HTC Droid Incredible 2 or Samsung Droid Charge?
  148. Battery stinks!!
  149. Since froyo update
  150. SD Card formatting: post-format issues
  151. How to keep screen brightness low?
  152. My fascinate doesnt vibrate
  153. Why is my gps horrible all of a sudden?
  154. Facebook no longer syncing?
  155. USB doesn't mount after last update
  156. Gmail sync issue since last update
  157. Over heating
  158. Need help with possibly unrooting
  159. Samsung Fascinate-VZW - Solved - MP3/WAVs as Notifications and Ringtones
  160. Fascinate Issues? Do people have the same issues that I do?
  161. 4th of july sales
  162. WiFi keeps switching to old service provider
  163. Transferring files to Mac & Mac to fascinate
  164. Netflix on Fascinate?
  165. Overheating? Reboots?
  166. Sound distortion when I speak on Phone
  167. signal probs!
  168. Samsung Fascinate Wifi Error
  169. The charge
  170. Android core process identification for the beginner
  171. Bluetooth problems
  172. HELP!!! I think I may have bricked my phone :(
  173. For Verizon users - no more unlimited data pkg.
  174. Need some major help.
  175. the gps problem
  176. Random slowdowns and crashes
  177. Best way to backup everything on Fascinate
  178. Official Android 2.3.3 (Gingerbread) Leaked for Samsung Fascinate!!!!
  179. Market download problem
  180. Battery life
  181. Voicemail
  182. Galaxy S2 question?
  183. Help with Fascinate 2.2 Update
  184. Freezing when streaming video over wifi...
  185. Samsung Droid Charge Click Noise
  186. -50 PBJ Kernel
  187. Recent 2.2 update
  188. Screen Lock Problems
  189. SMS Delivery status? Can this be checked?
  190. Corp Email ActiveSync Pin number still there after removing Corp Email
  191. Wont update to 2.2
  192. Microphone - Speakerphone works, regular phone doesn't
  193. Fascinate screen won't turn landscape
  194. Fascinate vs. Incredible 2
  195. how to get pics of sd card?
  196. Help with installing CWMR.
  197. Fascinate Software Update June 13
  198. Stock kernel question.
  199. New Droid user switching from Iphone need Help!
  200. Sisters fascinate sluggish
  201. Just Got My Fascinate
  202. New Update
  203. Extended/Long-Life Battery for Fascinate?
  204. Anyone know when/if GB will be released...
  205. verizon visual voicemail
  206. FYI for those having issues
  207. Can you help me Tapout?
  208. verizon visual voice mail
  209. power on/off button taking screen shot photos??
  210. Taking the root plunge
  211. Moving to Thunderbolt :)
  212. What camera do you use on the Fascinate?
  213. About to smack the Fascinate in the Facebook
  214. Is there a way to view sites not in the mobile form?
  215. 3G Keeps Shutting Off
  216. Safe Mode
  217. Screen goes off
  218. Phone stopping
  219. Samsung fascinate Gingerbread 2.3 ???
  220. Market Force Close error
  221. OTA Update
  222. Replacement phone ask for diffrent one
  223. Will there be a galaxy tab 10.1 forum?
  224. Internet/Data Connectivity Issue
  225. Best screen protector for finger prints and smudges?
  226. Annoying Beep!
  227. Shared checkbook
  228. Moisture Indicators?
  229. Facebook pics not showing in a call or text???
  230. Thinking about getting a Fascinate
  231. Battery issues
  232. Any good screen protectors?
  233. Contacts not receiving my texts
  234. Trying to decide between the fascinate and HTC inspire any pros cons?
  235. 2.2.1 update is killing my battery!
  236. Car Recharging while using GPS phenomena
  237. Netflix app
  238. evil fascination or community rom?
  239. My Evil Fascinate Rings No More
  240. cant access sd card with cwm recovery
  241. Why does this always happen when I am recording video?
  242. 3G Hotspot
  243. Lost contacts app
  244. Another Update for Fascinate?
  245. Best/Favorite Rom?
  246. Exchange for a different phone
  247. Picture texts won't download
  248. No root after froyo
  249. Goodbye my Fascinate friends
  250. Anyone having problems with 2.2.1 update?