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  1. THEME: untitled wip.
  2. Transparent Contacts/dialer from Darkedge
  3. What file to theme contact image?
  4. Request: TRON live wallpaper
  5. Sapphire 0.7.0 eXtreme Orange
  6. Frame-res.apk?
  7. Looking for Someone to Help Port a Theme
  8. Android Magic Milk Theme
  9. We need more MM themes!!!
  10. make your own livewallpaper
  11. Droid X on MotoDroid?
  12. Status Bar
  13. Black and White Themes for FROYO
  14. Search widget help....
  15. Looking for some sounds please help :)
  16. Red Glass Theme - UD Froyo eXtreme!!!
  17. Loving the new set cpu
  18. looking for
  19. Mixing and Matching themes
  20. How do you get your gallery pics to fit on the front screen (only) of your droid?
  21. [WIP] Emerald Theme....
  22. Post your theme here
  23. [Theme] Crusade
  24. Question on Wallpaper
  25. I need help on Custom Icons on Nextang!
  26. I want a sf 49ers cheerleader boot animation
  27. eXtreme Orange
  28. Fixing the Metamorph Market
  29. Porting a theme
  30. [THEME] Yankees Theme
  31. [REQUEST]-Flux Capacitor Live Wallpaper!
  32. How to make a theme
  33. cool wallpaper
  34. looking for some help, inerested?
  35. Make a theme from my phones ROM....???
  36. Custom Wallpaper
  37. [???] fix black on black text
  38. An annoyance but can't figure it out
  39. Halloween Theme
  40. eXtreme Orange is here!
  41. Ringtones Where Are They? How To Move?
  42. Theming all desktop shortcuts
  43. Boot animation has to do with apple and droid
  44. Black Notification bar
  45. Liquid Battery Icon for Android
  46. Black notification bar on STOCK droid
  47. Custom boot animation on STOCK droid?
  48. Themers Should Port UD Versions
  49. 3G Round Signal Icon
  50. Quick question about theming
  51. Anyone else wanna see MORE YELLOW THEMES!?
  52. Home Replacement Apps
  53. are themes specific for each rom?
  54. [request] droid x theme w/no clock
  55. UD 2.0 Red Theme!!!
  56. how to install themes
  57. Vistumbler based boot animation (First attempt)
  58. Request for porting a theme
  59. My First Attempts at bootanimation
  60. DOWNLOAD HERE: FRF84B or FRF57 w/BlueEnergy+chevyno1 1200mhz kernel,siriusXm,flash
  61. Release: DROID X Froyo Theme for Motorola DROID
  62. changing app icons
  63. Updated LauncherPro and lost mods
  64. noobie in need
  65. resigning apk's
  66. A Colorful Daydream wallpaper pack (125 wallpapers)
  67. DIF in a rom and a theme? lol
  68. Custom 3g/Signal icons....
  69. Theme My Droid - Now Live
  70. this is an orange theme im working on
  71. services.jar with no clock,white,transparency
  72. Hands down the best theme for droid!
  73. issues with trying to theme the notification bar
  74. DOWNLOAD HERE: FRF84B or FRF57 w/BlueEnergy+chevyno1 1200mhz kernel,siriusXm,flash
  75. Froyo w/blue energy theme, p3droid 1100mhz kernel and market fix w/busybox +wifi teth
  76. Metamorph and Ninjamorph 'Please Wait' Problem
  77. HTC Status Bar Theme for Froyo FRF84B
  78. Froyo w/blue energy theme, p3droid 1100mhz kernel and market fix w/busybox +wifi teth
  79. Problem with status_bar_background.png
  80. Can someone make this into a Droid Wallpaper?
  81. Where are the Themes fo FROYO FRF84B??
  82. roms
  83. change background during ring
  84. Wallpaper quality question
  85. UI element reference?
  86. Just another concept.
  87. Droid X Themed Launcher Pro
  88. Audio Manager Widget File Locations
  89. Theme to new theme question
  90. I would like to start making themes
  91. Admin Suggestion - Themes
  92. Droid X Icon pack
  93. [Metamorph] Droid X theme for 2.1
  94. wallpaper search
  95. Audio in boot animations?
  96. Super Mario Live Wallpaper
  97. Help with services.jar please
  98. launcherpro droid x theme? for droid
  99. Using a Theme
  100. Customized UD Red Theme!!!
  101. Female Voice Event Soundpack
  102. IncrediPhone theme by GrafiXpressions
  103. Get 2.2 with 1100mhz oc kernel, Blue Energy Theme,and market fix w/busybox installed
  104. Iron Man V 1.0.1 - (All Froyo ROMS
  105. Question Regarding Design of Notification Window
  106. In search of...steampunk
  107. A call to the themeing community
  108. Droid x theme
  109. Auburn University Themed HTC IME
  110. How do I theme the market app?
  111. custom boot animation appearing at a skewed angle
  112. Custom Built Droid-Eye boot animation for your theme/rom
  113. [Theme] xTheme (Droid X) for Froyo 2.2
  114. Please help me find this wallpaper.
  115. Get your 2.2 with p3 1100mhz oc kernel blue energy theme with simply stunning battery
  116. any able to make the latest setcpu
  117. hello
  118. app drawer icon
  119. Notebook theme?
  120. Droid X Commercial Boot Animation?
  121. Droid X Live Wallpaper to Standard Wallpaper?
  122. SuperTheme testers wanted
  123. Incredible theme?
  124. Please help
  125. DROID X Boot Animation (Blue Color) Edited By Me
  126. Blue_Onix_NexTheme
  127. Most likely undo-able, but...
  128. HOT: Droid X Wallpapers
  129. Froyo Wallpaper questions ...
  130. Idea for an animated wallpaper ... feasible?
  131. Good with photoshop, I could use a little help
  132. Palm WebOS SweeterHome 2 Theme For Droid
  133. Rotary Lockscreen on 2.2 Froyo!?
  134. How To: Optimize customization w/out root.
  135. Inverted Facebook App and Widget
  136. about the froyo update coming up
  137. Bootanimation: DroidX eye Teaser (Landscape)
  138. Integrating Two Different Themes
  139. Updated the SDK, and lost everyhting...
  140. Indian Themes
  141. mms icon change
  142. Menu background?
  143. Potential boot animations?
  144. Theming LauncherPro 0.6.2
  145. HTC keyboard change ???
  146. Can i Create theme with Windows 7
  147. Your next custom theme wallpaper pack :D
  148. Facebook blue abstract warp theme / install
  149. Sense UI Top Black Bar For Froyo 2.2
  150. [ICONS] ChevyCam94's Custom Icons
  151. Customize Icons
  152. Twitter's font color
  153. help designing a theme....
  154. Droid X Bootanimation?
  155. Dark Edge theme from Team Chaos
  156. Framework push/pull issue
  157. Froyo kinda theme question
  158. customizing phone.apk in froyo
  159. progress_horizontal.xml
  160. Wallpapers & icons to DROID-ify your device
  161. BlueBattery (StatusBar)
  162. changing verizon wireless banner?
  163. Theme WIP
  164. changing alarm icons
  165. Free Hello Kitty Theme for Android
  166. wonder if someone could take a look at this?
  167. Ive looked for this and I know its here somewhere
  168. 1st Custom Wallpaper....??
  169. New live wallpaper, It looks good!!
  170. Theming Help????
  171. PowerControlWidget
  172. quick theme swap app ??
  173. nextheme for froyo????
  174. Xbox 360 Red Ring Of Death Battery Icons
  175. What I would like to see in a rom/theme.
  176. needing help w/ own lwp
  177. Themeing
  178. smoked glass blue
  179. switching rom themes in rom manager
  180. 2.2 push/pull help
  181. In search of this clock style
  182. Live Wallpaper Request
  183. Change Text Behind Sliding Unlock Tabs
  184. Theming apps in /data/app
  185. I been searching for over an hour
  186. Anyone theme Maps 4.20?
  187. Power Control widget icons
  188. How do you make an
  189. How to edit contacts/settings top bar
  190. Applying MM themes causes the app to disappear...
  191. Where is the XML file to make the Status Bar BACKGROUND transparent?
  192. Theming 2.2 roms
  193. Boot Animation Help/ Request
  194. HTC IME mod customizer
  195. Which Froyo rom is the best? BB V0.2.1 or Chevy's SS 4.1?
  196. Colored Analog Clock Widgets
  197. Calebv2 Smoked Blue NEX Theme For Froyo
  198. Droid Incredible stock wallpaper for Moto droid?
  199. Can I get the BB NexTheme without wiping?
  200. bTunes Widget themed?
  201. HTC Espresso?
  202. SteelBeast Theme
  203. Help changing phone icon...
  204. Quick question about an app on this theme (picture)
  205. My custom battery icons! Multiple sets!
  206. Space Android Live Wallpaper
  207. Black Notification bar only
  208. WOOHOO new sweeter home preview
  209. Theming help
  210. How do I disable GDE? FROYO
  211. Trouble Theming Lockscreen
  212. Looking for something different...
  213. indicator light
  214. Some Dev help please!!!
  215. Replacing Icons
  216. Jorte calendar widget has been updted
  217. Browser.apk (modified) no installed???
  218. Grey Smoke Theme for Onix Froyoz
  219. 9patch Help......
  220. Non root theme questions
  221. orange to green?
  222. How do i uninstall a theme ??
  223. Picture help
  224. Nice Boot Animation
  225. Boot Animations
  226. wheres darkedge for froyo????
  227. Trying to find Wallpapers
  228. SwitchPro transparent and green
  229. TuneWiki transparent and greenish :)
  230. Youtube Green transparent Froyo compatible
  231. Red/black glass LauncherPro
  232. Twitter Smoked Glass Widget Froyo?
  233. Could use some help with 9.png files
  234. My newest battery icons!
  235. No Clock for froyo 2.2 / install
  236. LUNA THEME for 2.2 Froyo!
  237. Chaos Froyo BlackIce Hidden Message??
  238. Neural Network Live Wallpaper
  239. How to create a Custom theme
  240. Free Android themes: South Park
  241. The Flavored Ice Collection
  242. [Request] Rick Roll Boot Animtation
  243. black notification bar - stock rooted 2.1,
  244. Darkedge skins for Pure Grid Calendar
  245. [MM] Black Ops and Black Widow Hancent theme
  246. THEME: Minimal WIP.
  247. introducing... infikniti
  248. Status bar font color.
  249. Which png defines the progress bars in browser and in general
  250. status_bar_background.png doesn't maintain transparency?