Introducing Quiz Bird Free:

Quiz Bird Free is a game of song bird identification in which you are challenged to identify North American birds by their songs and calls. Great for people of all reading ages as well as birding enthusiasts. Game features include:

- Numerous bird songs and calls for over 60 North American species
- Twelve different quiz games that challenge you to identify different groups of birds
- Ability to create, save and play your own quiz games by selecting specific birds that you want to learn

A truly enjoyable way to enjoy bird song! Fun and relaxing, yet still a great exercise for the brain!

[Free][Game][Education] Quiz Bird: a game for your ears!-qb1.jpg [Free][Game][Education] Quiz Bird: a game for your ears!-qb2.jpg [Free][Game][Education] Quiz Bird: a game for your ears!-qb4.jpg [Free][Game][Education] Quiz Bird: a game for your ears!-qb3.jpg

Questions, comments, and suggestions welcome!