Using AirStream, you can Share / Stream media over WiFi from your PCs, laptops or Android devices.

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Everytime we find that we have tons of movies on our Computers and we want to watch it on our mobile phone or our tablets, but many times we can't. With Air Stream, we are trying to address this. AirStream allows you to access media over your wifi network. Air Stream searches for computers or smartphones connected to the same wifi network and identifies them. It then displays the list of devices available & you can browse to your favourite media content & even share media over wifi. It can also act your remote file browser.

1. Automatically detects devices over the network - Android devices, Windows, Mac & Linux
2. Stream or Share Movies, Music & Photos over your wifi network
3. File filters
4. Copy data (Videos, Music & photos) to SDCard from remote computers
5. Its fantastic file browser UI makes it very easy to navigate among huge data

1. Install AirStream server on your PC, Laptop or other devices from here: Nityaa Labs | Saga - Future of Home Entertainment.
2. Long press files to copy it to SDCard

Download Link:

AirStream - Everything is connected!