Forest Live Wallpaper

Free Version download:

PRO Version download:

Forest Live Wallpaper: A beautiful snow forest with a 3D depth effect.
Move the live wallpaper back and forth and you will feel as if you are actually inside the snow forest!

★ PRO VERSION Customization ★
✔ Switch between Snow flake and leaf particles!
✔ Turn Snow/Leaves on and off!
✔ Adjust Snow/Leaf falling speed!
✔ Change Snow/Leaf color!
✔ Alter Wind direction and Wind speed!

★ PRO Version: Main Features ★
★ 3D effect in the forest when swiping the live wallpaper screen.
★ Ability to add falling snow or falling leaves to the forest.
★ Changing the wind speed and wind direction to your liking.
★ Changing the color of the falling snow or leaves inside the live wallpaper.
★ Battery Efficient

Samsung Galaxy SIII currently does not support the 3d depth effect.