We just released a new app, DateTrack 1.0.

[APP] DateTrack 1.0 - New App-1.png [APP] DateTrack 1.0 - New App-2.png [APP] DateTrack 1.0 - New App-3.png

Google Play link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/d...ware.datetrack


DateTrack keeps track of events and dates for you. When was the last time you cleaned the garage or worked in the garden? How long has it been since you replaced your printer toner? DateTrack tells you when an event last occurred and saves a history of past occurrences.


Add events with an easy-to-use interface
Set a category and enter multiple dates for each event
Add an optional note to each date
See how long ago an event occurred in days, weeks, months, or years
View all events at once or view events by category
Sort by time elapsed or event name
Search for events from within the app or with global device search
Backup and restore the database from internal SD

- NJ Software