Dear kiwiguy, thank you for your ample minitutorial of freenote.

I agree with you "FreeNote was the clear winner for me!!".

In order that FreeNote stays on top, we need a simple indexing scheme, inspired by wikis:

Type a CamelCaseWord in KbMode and it automatically becomes a link to a page with the title Wiki:CamelCaseWord.

If this page exists, a click on CamelCaseWord jumps to this page
otherwise the page is created with automatically inserted title: Wiki:CamelCaseWord.

Besides that a RecentChanges list should be generated.

All the best to
all of us


PS: Another suggestion, that our favorite stays on top is HotStringsForFreenote (like done in AutoHotKey) .
It works like this, typing the e.g the string shortcut "ggs" [without the quotes]

it would backerase ggs and produce "" [without the quotes] , thus saving you a lot
of keystrokes.

You find the free community supported programm via AutoHotKey - Google Search.