From the makers of Root Call Blocker comes Moogly, a simple to-do widget inspired by HTC Sense. No pointless features you will never use - just pure tasking goodness in minimalistic widget form.

Still a work in progress, but already the best on Android. We rock.


- Multiple independent widgets
- Quick, dialog based entry
- Tick to delete or mark complete
- Widgets are optimized for Honeycomb
- Predefined themes or total customization
- RTL support
- Custom image backgrounds
- Alarms and notifications
- Tick to mark done
- Auto delete

This widget was inspired by To Do List from HTC Sense - for some reason, they were the only ones to get it right. We plan on adding lots more themes, as well as image backgrounds and blurring.

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Screens - these are previews

Lite Market link - restricted to single widget

Pro Market link - any number of widgets/ entries

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