[App] BeWeather for Android Public Beta Launched

Welcome to the public beta of our first first Android app BeWeather for Android.

This beta is open to anyone with an Android phone. Every build will expire after approximately 3 days, so please make sure you update regularly.

Please make sure to post feedback and bug reports here! Make sure to leave a short post even if the app is running without problems on your phone!

Make sure you add your phone and OS to your forum details.

Download from
http://m.bellshare.com/downloads/beta/p ... eather.apk

Make sure you have allowed installation from unknown sources.

Version 0.9.23 (Aug 18th, 04:00 CET)
- Added 'Upload Debug Log' function in preferences
- Renamed "Current Location" to "My Location"
- Improved memory handling for radar map screens
- Showing informational message when adding "My Location"
- Fixed multiple potential FCs
- Improved server connection handling. Potentially fixes connection problems on 3G

Version 0.9.21 (Aug 17th, 18:30 CET)
- Showing error popup in app if location update fails
- Showing actual address instead of nearest weather location as name for current location
- Downloading smaller res weather animations for non WVGA devices. Moved downloads to Amazon S3 for improved reliability. This version will re-download weather animations on all devices.
- Showing temperature units in app
- Opening location manager when clicking the dots on the bottom of the main screen. Locations in location manager can be clicked to open them.
- Potential fix for out of memory exeption in radar viewer
- Removed GET_ACCOUNTS and USE_CREDENTIALS permissions

Version 0.9.20 (Aug 16th, 04:05 CET)
- Greatly improved location search (i.e. searching for Buch will now list Bucharest)
- Added crash reporting facility. Please submit a report when prompted after the app crashes.
- Added animated progress indicator to widget "Loading" placeholder
- Removed debug auto update intervals (2min, 5min)
- Renamed 'English' units to 'Imperial (English)'
- Potential fix for auto update/widget N/A problems
- Fixed nearby stations screen not always correctly displaying/showing only blank screen
- Fixed from/to auto update exclusion showing single digit minute setting
- Showing only single digit hour on widget clock if set to am/pm
- Fixed widget font color transparency not working
- Fixed radar/satellite map not loading automatically after opening

Version 0.9.19 (Aug 14th, 21:00 CET)
- Added 4x3 clock widget (for tablets)
- Added support for selecting different typeface for widget clock
- Added preference to select dynamic map layer (map or satellite)
- Added radar map legend to dynamic radar
- Added indicator in dynamic maps showing location.
- Added landscape support for nearby stations screen
- Nearby station selection screen now showing currently selected station/location with green indicator.
- Defaulting 4x2 widget type to clock
- Using dark themed title bars in screens.
- Locations now keep showing original location name even after switching to different nearby station
- When a nearby station has been selected for current location (GPS), it will revert to whatever is the closest station after moving 5 miles
- Removed display of device id from preferences
- Fixed FC on CyanogenMod/Honeycomb
- Fixed updating indicator not rotating when 'Locating'
- Fixed potential NullPointerException
- Potential fix for FC when switching maps

Version 0.9.18 (Aug 13th, 02:00 CET)
- Vastly improved nearby weather station selection screen, adding map showing stations
- Added m/s wind speed setting
- Showing location name instead of station name in widgets
- Added option to hide location name in widgets
- Fixed missing whitespace in message when sharing weather/advisory
- Fixed custom iconset not correctly applied after changing iconset in preferences
- Using warning sign for weather alert notifications instead of app icon
- Fixed 'App not licensed' message

Version 0.9.17 (Aug 12th, 05:00 CET)
- Added support for separate wind units
- Improved overall responsiveness, especially when switching locations and Daily/Hourly/SunMoon forecast types
- Slightly increased height of Hourly/Daily/SunMoon selection tabs
- Removed title bar in iconset preference screen
- Setting initial focus to search field in locations search screen
- Removed flip clock background in 4x2 widget. More layout adjustments might be added.
- Fixed 12/24 hour format not being used as set in system preferences
- Fixed font sizes shown with %%
- Fixed FC when deleting a location from the main app screen
- Fixed FC when stepping through maps while map is not fully loaded

Version 0.9.16 (Aug 11th, 20:30 CET)
- Removed weather animation resources from apk file, shrinking the whole app to less than 3 MB. It will prompt on first launch to download the video files (25 MB) and store them in external/SD memory. This will free up application memory that was wasted for the large apk.
- Fixed FC when trying to add a widget while no locations have been added to BeWeather yet. Showing warning message.
- Improved appearance of 4x2 widget in landscape mode
- Fixed "Manage Locations" screen not correctly showing new location after adding a location
- Removed whitelisting requirement. We have switched to a short expiration of every beta build instead.

- Current conditions including "Feels like" temperature, wind, pressure, dew point, humidity.
- Visually stunning display of weather information using high definition videos
- 7-day forecast with high/low temperature and precipitation probability
- 24-hour forecast with temperature, precipitation probability, wind and humidity
- Track your location via GPS/cell
- Instant weather advisory notifications (US only) via push technology (Android 2.2 and higher)
- Built-in animated radar and satellite maps (US only)
- Replace/extend the default radar maps with your preferred weather service's radar maps!
- 6 Homescreen widgets with a total of 11 different widgets. Fully customizable
- Get more accurate conditions by switching to a nearby weather stations for any location
- Add custom web cams and other media links (weather radio, video, HTML etc) to any location.
- Sunrise/Sunset times and moon phase
- Completely customize BeWeather using iconsets, fonts and colors

Minimum System Requirements
Android OS 2.1 or later (2.2 for advisory push)

Devices with issues:
HTC Sensation (Lag)
HTC Evo 3D (Lag)

Devices without issues:
HTC Desire HD
HTC Evo 3G
HTC Wildfire S
Samsung Galaxy S
Samsung Galaxy S2
Motorola Droid 2