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Thread: 928 and LP Plus...props to the devs!

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    928 and LP Plus...props to the devs!

    I just have to say, cudos to all you developers out there...this is amazing stuff.
    I've had my Droid1 since November and have loved it. Been itchin' to root and see what else it can do The EasyRoot app pushed me over that edge and so I began.
    I've been through a kernel which didn't work well for me...a little hard to understand how that overclocking stuff works. It just ended up eating up my battery and force-closing everything and rebooting constantly. So I set the cpu back to stock with my head hanging low.
    Next I saw this theme: 928DroidBlackGlass . Installed with no problem and WOW...it's like having a new phone.
    Shortly after that I installed LauncherPro and again...WOW phone is new yet again! (Add Plus and it just enhances the experience).
    This thing is smooth as silk, fast and fun.
    Thanks to the developers and people posting with all the helpful how-to's and answers to questions.
    Droid Does, and so do you! Thanks!!
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    Thanks to all the Devs.

    Black Glass and LP are sweet though


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