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In Battery Left? Certainly; right in Settings.
I opened settings, and found :
show notif
show system %
update freq
inst update

JUST IN: I see where it is possible to show the temp in F on the widget icon, and thats cool.
I'm wondering if, after you touch the icon, and the app opens, and you touch the button for battery info, there is a list of data, like:
battery status: discharging
power plug: unplugged
battery level: 70
battery scale: 100
battery health: good
battery voltage: 3922 mV
BATTERY TEMP: 31.0 C <-this is the value I would like to set to F....

could you tell me where this change can be made?
In settings there are three "Widget text" menu's: main, seconday, and bottom. Check in one of those where you have "Temp C" selected and change it.

Nope! All that does is give you three temp readings on the desktop widget icon...it doesn't change the internal temp config.