Hello, I am running ICS on my Infinity700T. Anyways, I downloaded Multipicture livepaper to have a different wallpaper for each screen.
Well, it works, but. I've got a problem with the cropping when you rotate the tablet. I want it to crop differently for each horizontal/vertical position. My vertical position right now is perfect, but horizontal isn't cropped where I want it to be. When I didn't have Multipicture, the vertical was perfect, but the horizontal was cropped not in the place. Anyway, here are some screenshots of the problem.

hORIZONTAL - Screenshot_2012-08-14-19-06-57 - Minus
Vertical - Screenshot_2012-08-14-19-06-57 - Minus

Yeah, I want to know how to fix it. Have no idea myself, first Android device :/

And for the second question, what app can I use to create buttons on my homescreen that will navigate to other screens. Like, I will make a button that goes to the third screen, and when I press it, it goes to the third screen. And, I don't want the buttons to be the default grid-like thumbnails. I want them to be slick, and so their position will change to my liking depending on the tablets rotation(Horizontal and vertical).

I think that's all for now, thanks!