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Thread: camera quality

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    camera quality

    Why are the pictures taken with GOOGLE GOGGLES so much better than when using standard camera on DROID?
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    I would have to agree... just as I read this post i pulled out my droid,,
    opened up the camera and turned the flash off and set the camera to auto.. I sit here in a dimly lit room and took a picture of my black keyboard, with the standard camera it was very dark, and none of the white letters even showed up on the keyboard.

    then I opened up google goggles, snapped the same exact picture, and bam clear as a bell.. it was still a bit dark, but much much lighter than the other pic and this one looked crisp and you could make out the letters...

    My guess, is that the hardware is capable of so so much better pictures,
    and the auto setting has a poor abillity to control the lightness or darkness,
    and the shutter speed is too slow..

    in the action mode, the shutter speed is quite nice, and it makes it easy to take a snappy of my kids as they run around in the room with no blur. but no autofocus, and no flash in this mode..

    I would think that this is all software, and wonder if someone could write and compile a whole new camera app? or just tear the stock camera app apart and rebuild it?

    I think, that better ambient light sensing in the auto mode would be amazing,,
    and adding the abillity to use the flash and autofocus in action mode would be twice as amazing as well as ambient light sensing in this mode too.,

    I know that even at 5mp this camera is not ever even going to get close to replacing my real camera, but it has the abillity to be a whole lot better than it is now,,, the hardware is there, the problem is that the software, just adjusts the darn light down too dark, and the shutter is too slow, and sometimes the focus isnt that great even after the 2.01.

    So Motorola/google if your listening. give us the camera quality we all want and deserve
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    a digital camera that is 3.2 Megapixel is capable of taking a Very sharp 8x10 So the 5 mg Droid is Capable of taking very nice pictures...
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    any way to improve the "view finder" in low light situations ??

    it almost like ya have to guess at what you are shooting at because you can't see prior to the flash going off....
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    I have found the best pictures come from using the shutter 'button' that is actually on the touchscreen. Once that is hit the camera does everything else automatically. Your only job is to keep the camera/phone in a stable condition. They shouldn't have even put the gold colored shutter button on the side of the phone as it is almost impossible to keep the camera/phone in a stable condition while also trying to wait for it to focus and then finally push the button to snap the picture. Picture quality using the touchscreen format is crystal clear and the zoom function of the pictures is also excellent.
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