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Thread: Call/Receive: Other Line is Silent

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    Call/Receive: Other Line is Silent

    I don't know how to quite explain this, so I'll do my best. I have a Droid X, and I love the phone. My favorite phone. BUT, I had to replace my first one due to an unresponsive touch screen. The second phone was the phone I was suppose to have, but recently, I've been having problems. See, on random occasions, the other line will be silent, either when placing a call or receiving one. No ringer, no voice message, nothing. Just silent, weird thing is, I tested it out on a friend, HE CAN STILL HEAR me on his end, but I can't hear him on my end, even when the call is running (this lasted until I ended the call). When I have this problem, I restart the phone and everything is fine. In a regular area, I'm fine with that, despite the fact its a pain in the butt, but the concern I have, is that what if it's an emergency? Or what if someone important is trying to reach me through a restricted number? I can't answer or place that call without having to restart the phone. Knowing this is a problem, I'm just wondering if anyone else has experienced this??? I haven't returned it quite yet, because it's only happened twice in the past 4-5 months. But if it happens again, then I will definitely take it back in.

    Also, on a less than important note, also on rare, but more frequent, occasions, both my ringtones and mp3s (or other music/video formats) will not work. It says those files are not formatted for the phone. Once again, a simple restart fixes it. Its odd, but other than these two problems, its been working fine.
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    No voice on calls on either end of call

    I have a similar problem. I can call, but hear no sound on my end and there is no sound on the other end. When I do get a call, I can't hear anything, nor can the person on the other end hear anything.

    Any way to get the sound back on so I can make phone calls? Looking at my recent calls and then calling back on another phone is not a great workaround. It happened to me yesterday morning while I was on a trip out of town.
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    same issuue on D2G

    I posted on the droid x forum, but I'm so frustrated, that I figure that the more places I reply, the more likely that I'll get a solution.

    I have the same thing happen...a call comes in and I can't hear them, they can't hear me. The quick fix is to turn the speaker on and off, and then everything is fine...for that call. Then I reboot, and all works normally again...until the next time.

    Just adding my 2 cents worth.


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