I need help please, and then maybe someone can help fix my phone . Seriously, I've had my moto droid from the very beginning. It's always worked great, I would occasionally hook it up to my PC with no problems. Recently, I tried to connect via USB and it said it didn't recognize it did I want it to search for new driver. I said yes. It found nothing. I went directly to Motorola and downloaded the latest driver and did this on 3 (three) of my computers and now when I plug in the phone, it just sits there and plays dead. Computer makes no acknowledgement of anything connected, phone shows no usb icon, etc on notification bar.
I called Motorola and their level 2 tech told me I didn't need any driver software, I just needed to plug in the phone and it should work! LMAO! I wonder how many levels their techs go to? Scary huh? Anyway, I've spent hours on this and haven't made any progress. I scoured the forums but nothing specifically like this. I know one of you smart techies out there can help! Please....I'll bake you some cookies
p.s. I know it's hard to believe but please dumb it down for me, not terribly technical at all here !