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Thread: Music Player Song Order

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    Question Music Player Song Order

    For whatever reason, the stock music player puts the songs from a album in alphabetical order instead of the albums actual order. This is very annoying for albums that have blending songs. How can i got it to play the song of an album in the correct order?
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    This is exactly the issue that led me to make an account on these forums. I've found a few suggestions online, and tried them with mixed success.

    First off, in order to play an album in order in the stock music app you have to find it in the Albums list and press the name until a popup appears. Select Play here and, usually, the album will play in order (god knows why it doesn't work to click the name, go to the list of songs, and then start them playing, but it doesn't).

    However, I've got some albums that are still out of order even when I play them that way. I've found numerous threads suggested that this is due to faulty tags on the mp3s and suggested using either iTunes or MP3tag to double-check that all the files are tagged with track numbers (rather than just having the number in the file name). I also saw a poster suggesting that the problem could files from the same album not being consistently tagged as coming from disc 1 of 1.

    Using MP3tag solved my problems with some albums, but still not all of them. I've got at least one album where I'm certain that all the tracks are tagged with their numbers, they all say they're from disc 1 of 1, and the still won't play in order.

    So, any other suggestions out there?
    If no one knows how to make this work in the stock player, does anyone know an app that will play tracks in order?


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