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Thread: Potential charger damage, should I plug it in?

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    Potential charger damage, should I plug it in?

    I'm using the stock charger that comes with the Motorola Droid. I was sitting at my desk this evening when I heard a fizzling type of sound. I had a soda on the table that was perspiring, and I saw the fizzling came from the plug end of my charger cord, which was in a small pool of water from my drink. The water on the tabletop was black, which, correct me if I'm wrong, would be due to electroplating. Electroplating - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The rubber around the charger was warmer than normal, so I unplugged it, wiped off the water, and set it next to a fan to dry. Anyway, could that have damaged the internal contacts in my charger cord in a way that could short out/damage my phone when plugged in? Is it worth risking it to plug it in, or should I just buy a new charger tomorrow?
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    To be on the safe side I would probably go to Verizon and buy a new Motorola charger. Make sure you do not but an off brand because the droids do some pretty funny things when charged by a non Motorola charger. I have seen in some cases the phones totally go crazy and have to be replaced due to a replacement charger that is not Motorola.


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