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Thread: Receiving texts multiple times? Now even with time gaps in between.

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    Receiving texts multiple times? Now even with time gaps in between.

    Hey everyone,

    I have CM6 installed (though I've had this problem with what seems like every ROM or even just the plain Android update) on my Motorola Droid 1 (this is my 2nd Droid 1.... and still have problems)

    I receive about 50% of my text messages on my phone multiple times. I used to just live with it, but it's starting to get annoying. I used to think that if I checked my phone the instant I got the message that's what caused it to "receive" it multiple times, but now overnight I'll get a message 3 or 4 times. In the past week it's starting to be large time gaps in-between now too. For example: I'll send a text, get a response from them at 12:30; I'll get that response 2 times... then at 12:36 I'll get the exact same response again 1 or two times.

    Is this a ROM issue? Verizon issue? Android issue? Phone issue? It's so obnoxious... thank goodness I have unlimited texting or I'd be really ticked!
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    I'm having the same problem
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    I believe it is a reception issue. A friend of mine who is on Verizon but does not have a Droid has been having the same issue. But I also think it is an intermittent problem. Have you tried to pull the battery and see how it does after the reboot??

    Since you are rooted I would also check to see if it is a compatibility issue with the kernel you may have installed.


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