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Thread: Droid 2 - SD Card Not Recognized

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    Droid 2 - SD Card Not Recognized

    So here's the problem that I can't find in the forum or through Google and I'm getting frustrated.

    I picked up a new Droid 2 today; it came with an 8g memory card, obviously. I already had a 2g for my current phone (Env2) and the guy inserted it in the Droid for me so that I could try transferring some things over. I played around with it later, it played music, all was well.

    Then I tried taking it out and putting the 8g in. And it wasn't recognized. Won't ask to mount/unmount, I go to settings, Total Space and Available Space are unavailable while Mount & Format are grayed out - presumably as it doesn't notice there's a card in there.

    After X tries of turning phone off, removing battery/reinserting card, I tried putting the 2g back in to see if the 8 was just a bad card...

    ...and now it's not recognizing the 2.

    I'm stumped. I figure I have to be inserting it wrong, but it doesn't LOOK wrong - the writing is up, it matches the little outline under the battery.

    (For the record? Both cards are read by the Env2.)

    Any thoughts? Visual tutorials for the dummy here in the corner? I'll accept MS Paint, so long as it works.
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    Do you have a USB adapter for your SD card? If so, I'd plug it into a PC somewhere and see if the card is usable there. I've had all kinds of problems with various SD cards with my D2 and I find that it helps to mount the card on a PC and do a scan of the filesystem to correct any errors that might be there (under Windows: right click on the drive in Explorer, select Properties, goto Tools tab, under Error-Checking, click Check Now, check Automatically fix file system errors, and click Start; under Linux: use the proper flavor of fsck).

    After mounting my card on a PC and scanning the file system, my D2 will usually go back to recognizing the card properly (until it happens again). For whatever reason, my D2 seems to completely forget that an SD card is inserted from time to time and doesn't even give me an option to format the card. Scanning via a PC often helps.
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    Take it to a factory Verizon Store and let them sort it out. It's brand new and is their problem.
    Baton Rouge, LA
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    I'm having the same problem since Verizon switch its Droids over to gingerbread. I can not get my droid to recognize the sd cards but the cards are all recognized on my computer and work fine. Without an sd card i can't take pictures. Also for some reason some apps are not working.


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