Hey, do you guys know of any apps that might mess up the 3G connectivity on the Droids?

I originally had the first Droid and at one point my 3G disappeared and didn't work and was completely gone. Verizon was stumped. Finally we factory reset my phone and it was fine. No one had answers.

Replaced my Droid (other reasons) with a Droid X and the same thing happened! And, surprise, I had to factory reset my phone to get my 3G back. Verizon was, again, stumped. Their best guess to my problem was that I might've installed some app that screwed with my 3G.

Does anyone know of something like that? I never downloaded anything that wasn't on the market or from a trusted source, like Rovio or TweetDeck. I'm pretty sure I'm not a victim of Russian messaging viruses.

Is there an app out there known to mess with 3G connectivity???