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Thread: Droid 2 screen waking up from sleep on its own

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    Droid 2 screen waking up from sleep on its own

    I have been having this problem the last day or so. When put my Droid 2 screen to sleep by hitting the power button shortly thereafter it wakes itself back up and just sits at the lock screen. Even if its just sitting on the table doing nothing. Its been fine for up until now. Not sure what is wrong but its running my battery down since the screen is almost always on, even when in its holster. I rebooted it just in case some app was still running in the background causing it but problem is still there. Any idea why it could be happening?

    Update: I think I had found the problem. Somehow my screen timeout settings were set to never timeout so I set it back to 30 minutes. While that would explain why it wouldn't timeout by itself it still doesn't explain why it would wake itself if its already in a sleep state
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    Yeah I keep getting this issue too. I don't know if it's related by everything started after the optical wake I installed.
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    You might have some naughty app which is holding "full_wakelock"
    "Wakelock" is a feature for apps to control your Screen or CPU's lifecycle,

    There is a helper app "Wakelock Detector" which shows usage statistics of wakelocks for each app.
    just google for it
    hope it'll help !


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