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Thread: 2.0.1 broke back light on keyboard and soft buttons?

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    2.0.1 broke back light on keyboard and soft buttons?

    Can anyone else who has updated to 2.0.1 confirm this:

    Power off your phone and then power it back on. Once powered on, if you touch any of the soft butons (Menu, back, home, search) do they light up? Also check to see if your keyboard lights up when you open it.

    Mine do not have any backlighting on them after a power cycle. Only way to get them to wok properly is to press the brightness icon on the power widget. Then they come back and work properly until next time I power cycle.

    Can anyone else confirm this behavior?
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    was just going over this with some other people. you're not alone.
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    Behavior confirmed. Try turning off the lights in the room you're in. When I did, icons lit up immediately.

    It seems they have tied the icon lightup function to the light sensor.

    Probably one of the battery saving "fixes" in 2.0.1...


    You can get the icons to turn off and on simply by covering and uncovering the light sensor with your finger.

    "That's not a bug, that's a feature."
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    Quote Originally Posted by swich2mac View Post
    Can anyone else confirm this behavior?
    My bottom keys don't light up till I'm doing something with the phone, e.g., making a call. They light up then, and remain lit during the call. I have not experimented extensively with this, but I assume the buttons would light if I do other things as well. The hardware keyboard always lights up when I need it. I'll make another assumption, since I don't actually know, but the light sensor probably figures into all this in some way. It makes no sense to light up the keys if the phone is in bright ambient light, and I wouldn't be able to see the keyboard lights then anyway.


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